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ColecoVision has 30 years anniversary
here in 2012, and
CBS ColecoVision in 2013.
I would like to celebrate this
by building myself a new
ColecoVision  Arcade.

This is my newest arcade project.
A French CBS Scart Colecovision in a self made new Arcade Cabinet.
The project was started in April 14. 2012, and expected to end around August/September 2013.
But it was first ended around 2016.

"I grew up together with the arcades!"

I was born in the beginning of the 60's
So I have followed the development through the ages.
So feeling game play through an Arcade cabinet feels more real for me.

So now I'm started on a new ColecoVision arcade project, this time is my cabinet a smaller type.
I use some of the parts from the earlier project 2, therefore will the new cabinet be same wide but only  40 cm. ( 16" ) deep. ( the old was 30" ).
The New ColecoVision Arcade is built from scratch.

What's inside:

A 19" 2005 4:3 LCD from Samsung, Syncmaster 910 MP with Scart, RGB and VGA connector.
My French CBS ColecoVision from 1983 with Scart Output (PeritÚl / RGB).
The Super Game Module (SGM) from OpCode Games.
An older 200 W. PC Power Supply, Fortron/Source.
2 x 4" Car speakers from XZound 2012, T. Hansen # 43603, 100Hz. to 20KHz.
5" Woofer, Biltema 2012 Art. # 24-000, 20Hz. to 160Hz.
2 x Arcade enablers 2012 PCBs from Harvey deKleine, Canada.
Almost the same Joysticks and buttons from Project 2.
The 2 buttons, Player 1 and Player 2 from project 2 are not mounted, because I use 2 Champ adaptors CA-340, they have all the key buttons and the option to insert overlays.

The cabinet provides also a small space, which will include the Driving module, Atari Converter, Remote control and the AtariMax SD ultra.

Extra for the new control panel is the Super Action features.
There is added 2 (4) extra fire buttons especially for use for the games Spy Hunter, Rocky and Front Line.
Also 2 buttons for the Pinball game and Sega Flipper is mounted on the each side of the cabinet.

As you can see is Roller Controller a part of the control panel.

I will later also have the opportunity to connect the driving module.
It will be a kind of an add on/off solution.

Images below.
Later in 2020 will there be bigger images to click on.

My previous ColecoVision Arcade... Here can you see the separation of the old cabinet from Project 2. The 19" 4:3 LCD Samsung I use in my project. Samsung SyncMaster 910 MP...
The new cabinet is a tight solution.
The height is 160 cm. 64" , width 57 cm. 23" and only 40 cm. 16" deep.
Everything can just fit inside, with a minimum of space. Some of the complicated drawings...
2 x Speakers from X Zound in China. # 43603/PY-IN 1012
Buttons from ArcadeShop.de
The Red and the Green button do I already had.
The Purple and the Yellow one is new, and 2 Orange buttons is for the side panel.
Best for Roller Ball and Sega Flipper.
ColecoVision Roller Controller in the middle... Here are the Roller Controller tested to see if it fits in the hole.
Roller Controller will be mounted from the bottom.
I separated the Roller Controller,
because the Roller Controller must be able to fit into my new control panel.
Almost everything on one plate...
Here can you see the Champ Keypad Adaptor mounted. Roller Controller is milled down into the wooden board, same is the 2 joysticks.
A piece of wood for the speakers. Here are the 1st Car Speaker mounted, just to see if it fit proberly in the hole.
There is two of them, and the sound is supported by a woofer.
So the sound for my new ColecoVision Arcade is really superb.
It will ferform both the SN and the AY sound in both speakers.
Assemble some of the cabinet.
I was started with one side (left) and the top for the light and marquee.
You can see the plate for the car speakers mounted.
It's going in the right direction... The Arcade cabinet is now taking shape. A sample of the new marquee.
It is placed in front of the room above the speakers.
The final design is with a black border around the text.
Electronics from Harvey deKleine in Canada.
The electronics distribute signals inside the control panel.
2 set is used each for Player 1 and 2.
Both Controller PCB's shall distribute signals to two Joysticks,
The Roller Controller, 2 Champ keypads and 10 Buttons.
So at least 36 wires to solder alone in the control panel.
DC 5V. Out and Audio Out, SN direct from the Chip.
Maybe I will have to change that again, and take the output from the inside Scart Connector.
Reason to this will be the Super Game Module.
I need combined sound or PSG sound from each speaker.
Latest: Both AY and SN sound in each speaker.
A little change in the ColecoVision PCB.
A PC power connector is mounted.
A carrying handle on the back of the cabinet. A side button for RollerBall, and Sega Flipper.
The side buttons is also used as Fire 1 and Fire 2.
The 2 player Control panel in its final layout.
There will Subsequently be mounted an acrylplate.
On the right, many wires as usual.
36 wires + 6 DB9 connectors. (2 x 3 wires).
2 from ColecoVision to Roller Controller.
2 from Roller Controller to the enabler.
2 from the Enabler to Champ adaptors.
1 for DC 5V.
And finally 1 for Reset.
The Samsung Tv/Monitor after it is painted And after removing the protection.
Started with some painting on the cabinet. Diode light (LED) for marquee.
Speaker is mounted.
Note Main Power switch and Reset on the top.
Some small side art in A4.
There is more, but this is a start.
The plexiglass is milky white for the upper marquee.


Roller Controller is now removed, and a new design for the Control panel will be updated.
Latest: I will redesign my control panel for my ColecoVision Arcade, and instead of the Roller Controller will I use the upcoming Spinner Controller from CollectorVision Games later in 2019.

The new CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System will be replaced instead of the Original French CBS Scart ColecoVision Video Game System.
But there is no analog Audio out from Phoenix to my Speakers in the ColecoVision Arcade.
So I planned this:

ColecoVision.dk found a solution on the Internet, I simply need an Audio Extractor.
I will have to remove my RGB Scart cable from my French CBS ColecoVision, which instead should be replaced with 2 new HDMI cables via the Extractor.
Also removed will be my old 4:3 Samsung Monitor and a new 16:9 Samsung will be replaced.
As you can see on the picture below, my French CBS ColecoVision is heavily modified.

Scart RGB cable will be removed.
Extern Reset will be moved from the French CBS ColecoVision to the new CV Phoenix.
+5 Volt out will be removed.
Audio left and right will be removed to the new Audio Extractor box.
No need for ColecoVision power supply, and the old French ColecoVision for now.

For my RCA / Phono analog Audio out.
HDMI pass through.
The box needs power +5V.

For my new 2019 project will I use the same Arcade Cabinet, but a new Control panel.
One new Console, this time the Phoenix Video Game System.
This system can take original ColecoVision game cartridges as well as games on SD card.
The new system is an FPGA based system and can playback almost all ColecoVision games plus a lot of Atari 2600 games via SD.
I will also use another TV as an Monitor. (Scart / VGA / RF / HDMI / RGB).
My old Samsung 4:3 had no HDMI connector so it says itself.
So I will use my other 16:9 23,8" Samsung which have HDMI and all other things input, but no Audio outputfor active speakers.
So with the Audio Extractor from ViewHD, I will could take the audio direct to my Subwoofer mounted in my ColecoVision  Arcade, which is connected to the upper Speakers.

When I have the details for the new CollectorVision Games Spinner Controller, then I will start up my new Control Panel design.


No it didn't work, still no sound.

The Phoenix console need an output update via HDMI, so the sound can work seperate together with the Audio Extractor.
So for now I have the sound from my 24" Samsung Tv. in the cabinet which I think it's not optimal.

A solution I will try is an HDMI to VGA adaptor which also have the analog audio output.
The signal is HDMI in and VGA out.
My 24" Samsung Tv. can handle VGA too.

[ picture on the way soon ]


There is no news regarding the Spinner Controller, but a working unit exist as you can see on the picture below.


I have already designed my new updated Control Panel with the spinner marked on.
And on the picture below is also mounted 2 seperate pushbottons for the Spinner.

So my new Control Panel "looks" like an Pandora's Box, but it's not. ;)
I have now changed it from a 2 player to only 1 player.

1 - ColecoVision Champ keypad.
1 - Joystick From IL Spain.
8 - Pushbottons with Microswitch.
1 - Spinner Controller, -soon.

I will work on this again from May / June 2020.

A new and maybe my last control panel design was made in May 2020.

Final ColecoVision Control Panel...
Still need a Spinner Controller for some of my games.

2020 / 2021.

Our apartment is to be completely renovated and we are to be rehoused in another apartment elsewhere in the city.
Therefore, everything has to be packed up, which was very stressful.
Received my DK3 and Opcode Vision #1 on the new address, also received CollectorVision Club 2021.
Warp Warp + Eggerland Mystery and a Harddisk crash.
That HDD crash almost took my life, it was some of the hardest you can imagine.
Luckely a part of the HDD could be saved, but I lost my major M DB and my CD DB + a lot collected CV stuff.

From November 2020 to October 2022 I have not played on my CVA at all.
We are back in our new total renovated apartment with FiberNet from Norlys, former StofaNet.
Everything is changed, also outside with a new environment.

2022 / 2023.

Only played CV games on various emulators.
But also updated the ColecoVision.dk site with a new design which took several months.
Some of the new updated pages was lost in the HDD crash and are probably not even updated yet.


I've gone into the thinking box to see if I can make a homemade Spinner Controller.
So I have separated one of my Turbo Driver Units for using the parts inside.
So let's see what i can came up with.

This is the plan I will go for ...soon...

As you can see, the hole is drilled and the ColecoVision Steering Whell with the photodisk is in place.
Also the PCB is in its place, so now I need some sort of rotary knob to test with.

The handle or knob to test with comes from a cabinet or drawer.
More to come...

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