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Key people:
Ricardo Oazem.
Eduardo Mello.
Ademir Carchano.
Ted Mayer


Opcode Prometheus Lite System...

In the near future, maybe around mid 2020, will there most likely be produced a new world novelty.
A ColecoVision cartridge clone with built in SGM.

This console will probably use a new designed case by Ted Mayer a former Intellivision case designer.

Eduardo Mello, the man behind Opcode Games, will from November 2018 present us for the new super cartridge based gaming system.
"It's a true new system that happens to run almost all ColecoVision + all SGM stuff."

Eduardo's first CV2 plan was from beginning to merge the CV plus his newest Super Game Module into a new gaming console that could handle all the ColecoVision games.
The first plan was to keep the original CV case, and just replace the PCB and the metallic front plate.
This is however not abandoned, Project Prometheus will be released like a CV + SGM version in 2019/20.

When Eduardo first seriously talked about it in 2010, was it André from Nurve Networks who helped Eduardo with technical assistance.
Eduardo suggested his ideas, and it soon became clear that the Yamaha chip V 9990 should be included in the project together with V9958.
But Unfortunately for unknown reason was André unable to help Eduardo with his project at that time.

One thing you can be 100% sure at, this new Prometheus Lite Game System will contain the SGM features.
Project Prometheus Lite is only a ColecoVision + the built in Super Game Module in one single PCB.

The main goal with the hardware is to produce a machine that is up to 95% compatible with all the ColecoVision and SGM improved software.
Prometheus Lite will NOT support your Atari module and the ADAM Family Computer System,
instead refers to the original 1982/83/84 ColecoVision.

If you will use your Roller Controller, you will need a +5V power supply in order to use it.
But you can still use all compatible Controllers.

Video output will require a VGA, RCA, and for Audio either RCA (Phono) out or at least Mini Jack.
But Prometheus Lite will not feature the F18A.

Eduardos new Prometheus Lite System is based on the mid-80s tech with dedicated chips.
The new Prometheus Lite Game System offers ColecoVision and SGM compatibility in a single solution.
The new Prometheus Lite implements Eduardos take on how he believe the ColecoVision would have evolved.

"It needs to be easy to use, easy accessible and fast."

The new Prometheus Lite Game System will run almost all regular ColecoVision games plus almost all Super Games.
It means that your Prometheus Lite Game System is backward compatible with your existing ColecoVision and SGM collection.

The new Prometheus Lite Game System will accept all the ColecoVision controllers, but also older corrected wired Joysticks.

The beauty of having more than one sound chips is that the developers can use them optionally.
Developers can create a game for the regular SN 76489 AN sound, or they can make use of the AY-3-8910.
And not only that, you can also mix both sound chips with each other.

There are already games that supports both audio chips like: Comic Bakery, Mecha-8, Mecha-9 and Konami's Ping Pong.

Prometheus Lite will like the Super Game Module and the Super Game Cartridge, be designed in Brazil and USA, but produced and assembled in China.


But what is the critics around our current ColecoVision in relation to the brand new Prometheus Lite Game System. ?
1   Power switch The old dry out and gives malfunctions.
2   Power supply The old one is big and heavy, over 35 years is a long life for such one.
3   No LED. On your current ColecoVision are you ain't able to see about your ColecoVision is turned On or Off.
4   Joysticks Current Original Controllers are really awkward and designed for large hands, furthermore poor control.
5   Joystick Connections Awkward and difficult to access inside. - The new DB9 connections will be placed on the front.
6   No easy Scroll programming Very difficult to program because Z80 CPU not have this feature built-in.
7   Flicker You can only have 2 or 3 sprites per scanline at the same time.
8   No prober AV out Built for analogue TV system with the consequent noise.
9   Monochrome sprites Not possible to build a multicolor sprite ease.
10   The Sound Is really good, but improved SGM sound is better. (Texas SN and General Instruments AY).

Primitive sound is maybe not the word to use as such in our current ColecoVision, believe me it's amazing what sound you actually can get out of the original SN sound chip.
But the Colecovision SN audio chip is limited in its frequency down to (deep Bass), but also numbers of channels and dissolution of music and sounds.

It was todays standard in the 80's but we are in a desperate need of an upgrade.
Some of the other consoles from Nintendo, Sega and Atari have improved over the years, so why not our new upcoming Prometheus Lite Game System.
"We are thus forced to take all our critic to us, and learn from our ColecoVisions past mistakes."

But we must be serious and mostly in our efforts to attain this new Prometheus Lite Game System.
All previous errors as far as possible will be aligned.
The issue is time, economy and quality, so please be patient.

Q:  So what is this new upcoming Prometheus Lite Game System ?

A:  The new upcomimg Prometheus Lite Game System from Opcode Games is an 8 bit ColecoVision console with focus on the 8 bit.
It's a new cartridge based system that can play almost all ColecoVision games.

The Prometheus Lite Video Game Console is an ColecoVision with the Super Game Module built in, that's it.
No emulation, just the real cartridge thing.

Prometheus will be presented around November 2018, and released around late summer 2019.

As Eduardo at Opcode Games stated on March 24, 2017:
"First we will show it running CV+SGM software, then concentrate on the new and improved features."

It will be a fully compatible ColecoVision console, it will include SGM functionality built-in, a beautiful new case design and packaging, at an affordable price.
Prometheus Lite will use old school hardware for maximum compatibility and authenticity, just like the upcoming Phoenix from CollectorVision Games.

And finally, Prometheus Lite will include DKA as the pack-in game, just like the original ColecoVision did back in 1982.
DKA will also be sold as a normal CIB stand alone version.
Pre-orders for Prometheus Lite will take place around first half of 2019.

The new Prometheus Lite is a © product of Opcode Games.
Promentheus Lite supports the former Toy giant Coleco Industies from the 80's.

Prometheus Lite and the SGM functionality is © 2010 - 2018 Opcode Games.

Eduardo has published some of the details above.
pecifications is still secret so far, some can be removed and others can be added.
Please note that this is only suggestions for what we can expect.

Officially announced by: Eduardo Mello from 2010 to now, and reproduced by ColecoVision.dk from 2010 to 2018.

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