By: Harvey deKleine

CV 1.2 -a replacement.

As we all know, our ColecoVision reaching the age of 30 years.
Therefore, there will now be developed a circuit board that will replace the old one which is by now well worn.
This is still a ColecoVision and Harvey call it CV 1.2. It's a regular ColeoVision with some improvements.

Because in the near future, maybe around 2017, will there most likely be produced a new world novelty.
A brand new ColecoVision replacement board, and the maker Harvey deKleine call it CV 1.2.

Eduardo, the man behind Opcode Games has already a state of the art version in the bakery for those who want a next generation Super Game System.
Opcode's version will have the Super Game Module Pro built in and MSX capabilities + a 3rd sound chip.

Harvey's version is a replacement where you have your normal ColecoVision with brand new components with the possibility of connecting your own expansions equipment.
Atariconverter, Turbo Module or the Super Game Module.

Harvey has following improvements for CV 1.2 :

  Component (YPbPr) video output - both RCAs and 1/8" (3,5mm) jack provided.
  VGA (pure analog) video output)
  Audio output - (Dual mono).
  Static RAM for VDP - instead of DRAM.
  Extra keypad support. - Not confirmed.
  Easily replaceable controller input chips.
  Single +5V input - either via standard CV power supply or a smaller/efficient adapter. (Maybe is a USB charger a possibility).
  Output voltage for Roller controller - via standard CV power jack.
  Power on LED.
  Alternate BIOSes - standard U.S. 10s delay, 3s PAL delay or 10s/fire delay, etc.
  Pause button - Not confirmed.
  24K RAM - for SGM.
  All new parts, except for VDP and audio, which use NOS (New Old Stock) parts.
  Fits in a standard ColecoVision case - existing holes in back of the CV will likely line up with A/V output and power input.
  PCB will support the F18A VGA solution. (640x480).

The features listed are meant to improve the quality of play of the system, for instance by adding proper video outputs, extra controller/keypad inputs and pause switch.
The reliability of the system is improved by using static RAM for the VDP.
This allowing a standard 5V power adapter to be used (this should also make the power switch less finicky), making the controller input chips easy to replace, and using brand new parts.

Unfortunately, this isn't going to be cheap.
As usual, Harvey will do his best to make it as affordable as possible.

The main goal with this new replacement PCB is to produce a mainboard that is almost fully compatible with all the ColecoVision games.

The best thing is, you can still have your classic ColecoVision, but with a new PCB which also includes new improvements.

.Harvey is villing to change the CV 1.2 PCB so it fits in a regular ColecoVision Flashback.


But what is the critics around our current ColecoVision in relation to a new replacement CV 1.2 ?

1: Power switch.- Dry out and gives malfunctions. - A new one will be added.
2: Power supply. - Big and heavy, 30 years is a long life for such one. - The new PCB from Harvey will onlyuse 5 volt either via a smal Jack or USB.
3: No LED. - You ain't able to see about your ColecoVision is turned on or off. - A LED will be added.
4: Joystick Connections. - Standard DB9.
5: No prober AV out. - No more fuzzy screens. - YbPbPr will be added or analog VGA, either via TMS9929 or F18A.

ColecoVision replacement proto 3 PCB.ColecoVision replacement proto 3 PCB with components.

As you can see from version 3, the picture above has a lot of components.
The empty socket is for the TMS chip.

Tests from the 3rd prototype says: both Controllers are working.
Also the Driving controller on both inputs (with Burn Rubber) works nicely, with the F18A and with non-functional expansion slot.
Next steps: Fix the 3rd prototype with some extras.
After that, will issues with the expansion module be fixed.

Note: This is for testing, so the goal for version 4 is to get something working, and working well.
SGM capabilities may be added too. We'll see (it still has 24K RAM, by the way).

The issue is the time, Harvey only working on this when he have time, he has also a number of other projects to take care of.

Minor vaporware update: "The prototype board is in production, and should arrive late in January 2017. Hopefully I'll get some time to work on it when it arrives."

Harvey has published many details.
A few
specifications is not published yet.
This is so far what we can expect.

"At this point I'm not adding functionality that would make it a CV2. I will add 24K RAM, and possibly SGM capability, but basically it's a replacement for a CV."

Idea by: Harvey deKleine from September 2013, and reproduced by ColecoVision.dk
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