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Donkey Kong 3  ColecoVision.dk M
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Game Name: Donkey Kong 3
Genre: Platform
Rarity Loose: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extremly Rare, Prototype
Rarity Complete In Box: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extremly Rare, Prototype
Value Traded from around: xx to xxx U.S. $
Arcade Related: Yes
Year of Its Original Release: 1983
and Licenses: R&D1, Nintendo Of America Inc.
Original Programmer and/or Designer: Hirokazu Tanaka
ColecoVision Game Programmed by:
(Chris Derrig 2013 or Eduardo Mello)
ColecoVision Sound Programmed by: ?
ColecoVision Sound Output: SN 76489AN / AY-3-8910A / Compatible
ColecoVision Graphics Programmed by:
(Chris Derrig 2013 or Eduardo Mello)
Color Compatibility: No
Original and Other Platforms besides This:
Arcade, Nintendo Consoles, PC-88, Sharp X1
This Platform:
ColecoVision & ADAM Family Computer or Compatible Systems
ColecoVision PCB Size and Type: xxkb., MC1 (MegaCart) or (SGC)
ColecoVision Product #: N/A
Free Digital Downdload Possible: No
Sound Test or Ringtone Possible: No
ColecoVision Cartridge #, Casing and Producent: N/A, Standard Black U.S. Style, Moldex Canada.
ColecoVision Label Art and Design by: N/A
ColecoVision Manual Layout and Design by: N/A
ColecoVision Manual # and Manufacturer: N/A
ColecoVision Box Art and Design by: N/A
ColecoVision Box # and Manufacturer: N/A
Number of Players: 2
Required: ColecoVision or any Compatible System + Controllers
Overlay: No
Publisher and Year: CollectorVision Games Inc. 2018/19
olecoVision.dk Game #: 17x
Purchased: N/A
High Score / Save Game Feature: Yes / No
Pause Feature: No
More on Wikipedia regarding this ColecoVision version: No

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Donkey Kong 3


Donkey Kong has taken refuge in his greenhouse.
 It is now up to Stanley to stop Donkey Kong from stirring up any more insects that will soon destroy his flowers.

Stanley must protecting five plants at the bottom of the screen from being carried off by the various insects.

ColecoVision High Score For Donkey Kong 3 Normal Mode:

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