The fastest fun in home video enjoyment is just a spin away with Coleco's new Roller controller!
Plug it in to your ColecoVision console game ports, and you're ready for the kind of lightning-fast game control and speed that could previously only be found in the arcades.

In games specialy designed for the Roller controller, its free-rolling control ball gives you a 360 field of movement in any direction you choose.

The ball speed is directly linked to the motion of game characters or the target sight.

You can use the Roller controller with any ColecoVision cartridge that normaly is played with a joystick, or even plug it to the Atari 2600 VCS.

4 seperate fire/action buttons in easy reach lets you shoot up or down for additional fun!.

Bonus Slither Game Cartridge Included!

Another new arcade favorite that really gets the adrenaline floating! It's an unforgetable encounter with deadly snakes and other dangerous creatures!.
You must elude them by maneuvering all over a colorful desert landscape.
And as you snake away from your serpentine pursuers, you must blast them before they corner you.
You can fire eiter up or down.
Test your best moves with Slither.

This free-rooling control ball gives you
a 360 field of movement.
  Fire/action buttons.
Two sets of dual buttons conveniently
located in both sides of the console.
  Mode switch.
Lets you select the appropriate play mode
to suit the cartridge either roller or joystick.
  Hand Controller wells.
Conveniently locate your CBS ColecoVision
joystick hand controllers for easy access.


One of my own.
Showed without Controllers: S/N #: 14074.

The roller controller was original released with the game: Slither.
But mine came with the CBS version of Victory.

Roller controller is a loose unit, like an old reverse computer mouse.
With this module you can rotate 360 around on your screen.

For playing the games you must place your 2 joysticks in the 2 cavity, player one on the left and player two in the right.

Note that there is no CBS label on front of my showed above Roller Controller.

But the package was with the CBS brand.
I have one more, also bought in France also that one have the U.S. label on it.
In the beginning Coleco packed their items in different packaging and put different labels on their hardware.

It's like the last of Colecovision games, why do 3 or 4 different packages and labels, when the games are the same.
So there is no need to go PAL and CBS when the ColecoVision console do not care.
So in the end it became only one illustration per package / box.

The rare CBS label...
Here is a rare label with the CBS brand.
Do not be fooled, it's the same electronics inside.
NTSC or PAL versions, there's no difference.


My Roller Controller package.
A CBS package.

Owners Manual For
The Roller Controller.

The European manual for
The Roller Controller
in 10 languages.


Prototyped versions of roller controller.
Some protos are out there among former employees


For several years ago I modified the original connector from Roller controller, like I also do with the Turbo unit.
I simply cut the connector off and soldered instead a DC jack at the end of the cord.

On the back of my ColecoVision have I installed a DC 5 volt out connector for chassis.
It's somthing I already made in the mid 80's.

It's fun to use the Roller Controller, in the game Slither, you have to move quickly, because those snakes can split up in many pieces.

Known games for ColecoVision that can be played together with Roller Controller:

Omega Race Mindwalls Slither


Victory Centipede
Arkanoid Armageddon  

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