Super Game Module 2 = Expansion Module.
Super Game Cartridge 2 = More avanced games with Digital Save Function.
Super Game Controller = Handheld Controller.

SGM2/OMNI ColecoVision Concept by: Opcode Games...

The Official Super Game Logo...
© 2019 by: Opcode Games.

Do you need an original and upgraded ColecoVision with more RAM and avanced Graphics and Sound. ?
In this case, will this ColecoVision Super Game Module version 2 be hard to come by. :)

The new Super Game Module version 2 from Opcode Games, is a new hardware for use with our ColecoVision video game console.
It is a talented team of good people in Brazil there is working together with Opcode Games.

The hardware in the first SGM1 version is basically produced under public license from River West Brands in Chicago, and therefore an official Coleco branded product under applicable law.
But it is a Opcode Games product, and therefore is SGM1 version 2 and SGM1 version 3 more basically Eduardo's product under his own label.

Opcode Games' plan is now to produce an even more advanced module, this time an independent with a new cartridge port, and its own AV out.
The new hardware from Opcode Games is almost a complete stand alone OMNI Video Game System, but this one is stripped down and can only work together with a original ColecoVision.
So this little wonder is called SGM2/OMNI, that means that this version need to be plugged in your original ColecoVision via the Expansion slot, just like SGM1.
Many newer games from Opcode Games will only work on this SGM2/OMNI format.

Opcode Games will upgrade the ColecoVision to mid-80's arcade-level quality, and will use technology consistent with the late 80's.
CThe plan is to create a natural evolution of the ColecoVision hardware, with components that are backward compatible or similar in architecture to the original ColecoVision chipset.


Also a new backward compatible co-processor, 24-bit linear address mode, 5 MIPS.
New video processor, 2 independent scrollable planes, thousands of tile/sprite patterns, 64 sprites on screen.
16 colors per tile/sprite, 256 colors on screen from 32,000 colors.
Configurable screen resolution from 256x192 to 320x240 pixels. Zoom and rotation.

High quality analog video composite, s-video, RGB and stereo sound outputs.

The new SGM2 version differs from SGM1 with RAM and custom based sound chip.
The new sound processor is an powerful and versatile synthesizer with FM, PSG and ADPCM.
Opcode Games call this for the OMNIvox Stereo Sound.

So it is a significant upgrade in terms of sound and opportunities.

And in a combination together with the new SGM2/OMNI, is a new cartridge PCB for all new and upcoming OMNI games.
This new PCB are named Super Game Cartridge 2 or just (SGC2).
SGC2 will only work with OMNI Cartridges, and only in SGM2/ONMI Expander or the OMNI stand alone video game system.
SGC2 PCB stores the main ROM, the Video ROM and also the Audio ROM.

SGC2 is powered with a very avanced Bank switching and with Save features be a lot advanced.
The Save function is based on EEPROM, with data retention of 100 years and endurance of 1 million write cycles.

With that means you are able to play the game 1 million times on average before the EEPROM fails.

First announced SGM2/OMNI games from Opcode Games is.
K.C. Munchkin, Quest for the Rings, Loonies and Rygar.
But also Moon Patrol, DKA and Zaxxon is games planned.
If things go as planned, should Opcode Games get a more balanced mix of arcade ports and Atari era classics.

Many new programmers has opened their eyes for the Super Game Module, both for version 1 and now for version 2.
They already know they can detect the 24 kb. of RAM, and the AY sound chip in SGM1 for a nice and different sound than we were used to.
Some programmers are skilled at combining the SN and AY sound chips for even more varied sound.
But the ultimate Stereo sound will undoubtedly come from the new SGM2/OMNI.

Programmers don't need to stop at the 32kb. barrier.
Is the game bigger than the 32kb., is Opcode Games ready with both the MegaCart1, (MC1) and the Super Game Cartridge (SGC1).
MegaCart1 supports both ColecoVision and the Super Game Module, but Super Game Cartridge 1 supports only the Super Game Module, and can not work with an ordinary ColecoVision.
Same for Super Game Cartridge 2, this will only work for SGM2/OMNI module, not for the original ColecoVision.
SGC and SGM is combined to each other.


SGM1 = Super Game Module 1
SGM2/OMNI. = Super Game Module 2
SGC1 = Super Game Cartridge
SGC2 = Super Game Cartridge 2

OPG = Opcode Games
TP = Team Pixelboy
CVG = CollectorVision Games

ColecoVision Super Game Titles:

Following Super Games
Following Super Games
Following Budget Super Games
Following Budget Super Games
Following Super Games 2 / OMNI Games

Zaxxon Super Game SGM 2013 TP
Dragon's Lair SGM 2013 TP
King's Valley SGM 2013 TP by: OPG
Thexder SGM 2013 TP by: OPG
Rollerball SGM 2013 CVG by: OPG
Buck Rogers Super Game SGM 2014 TP
Galaga SGM 2014 CVG
Goonies SGM 2014 TP by: OPG
Subroc Super Game SGM 2014 TP
Twinbee SGM 2014 TP by: OPG
Comic Bakery SGM 2014 TP
Zanac SGM 2015 CVG by: OPG
Knightmare SGM 2015 TP by: OPG
Spelunker SGM 2015 TP
Stone Of Wisdom SGM 2015 TP
Super Pac-Man SGM 2016 TP
Mappy SGM 2016 TP by: OPG
Rally-X SGM 2016 TP by: OPG
Caos Begins SGM 2016 TP
Majikazo SGM 2016 TP
Knight Lore SGM 2016 TP
Mecha 9 SGM 2016 TP
Operation Wolf SGM 2016 TP
Star Soldier SGM CVG 2016 by: OPG
Jumpland SGM 2016 CVG
Sasa SGM 2016 CVG
Kung Fu Master SGM 2016 CVG by: OPG
Gradius SGM SGC 2016 by: OPG
Penguin Adventure SGM SGC 2016 OPG
Monster House SGM 2017 CVG
Hole in One SGM 2017 CVG
Sparkie SGM 2017 CVG
Loco Motion SGM 2017 CVG
Juno First SGM 2017 CVG
Ghostbusters SGM 2017 TP by: OPG
Secrets Of Moai SGM 2017 TP by: OPG
King & Balloon SGM 2017 TP OPG
Children Of The Night SGM 2017 TP by: Antoni
Wizard Of Wor SGM 2017 TP by: Lemonize
Zombie Incident SGM 2017 TP
Arkanoid SGM 2018 CVG
Gauntlet SGM 2019 TP

Booming Boy SGM 2019 TP
Space Shuttle SGM 2019 TP
Yars' Revenge by: CVG
Dig Dug SGM SGC by: OPG
Donkey Kong Jr. SGM SGC by: OPG
Donkey Kong 3 SGM CVG
Pengo SGM SGC by: OPG
Uridium SGM 2019 TP
Arcomage SGM 2019 TP
Bomber King SGM 2019 TP
1942 SGM 2019 TP
Ghost SGM 2019 TP
Prisoner Of War SGM 2019 TP
Pac-Man DX SGM SGC by: OPG
Space Invaders DX SGM SGC by: OPG
Lady Bug Arcade SGM SGC by: OPG
Maze Of Galious SGM SGC by: OPG
Moon Cresta SGM SGC by: OPG
New Rally-X
Castlevania Redux SGM SGC by: OPG
Moon Patrol ?
Pole Position ?
Popeye ?
Xevious ?
Gyruss ?
Donkey Kong II ?

Warp & Warp SGM 2016 by: OPG
Bosconian SGM 2016 by: OPG
Tank Battalion SGM 2016 by: OPG
Caverns of Titan
SGM 2017 TP
Cold Blood
SGM 2017 TP
Danger Tower SGM 2017 TP
Deep Dungeon Adventure
SGM 2017 TP
Heroes Arena SGM 2017 TP
SGM 2017 TP
Shmup ! SGM 2017 TP
SGM 2017 TP
Stray Cat SGM 2017 TP
Traffic Jam
SGM 2017 TP
Txupinazo ! SGM 2017 TP
Guardic by: SGM 2017 by: OPG
Penguin Wars by: SGM 2017 by: OPG
SGM 2018 by: OPG
Yie Ar Kung Fu II SGM 2018 by: OPG
Sweet Acorn by: OPG
Xyzolog by: OPG

Door Door by: OPG
Bokosuka Wars by: OPG
Choro Q by: OPG
Mouser by: OPG
Cabbage Patch Kids by: OPG
Ghost House by: OPG
Godzilla by: OPG
Mobile Planet Styllus by: OPG
Dorodon by: OPG
High Way Star by: OPG
Bull & Mighty by: OPG

Donkey Kong Arcade SGM 2 SGC2 2021 by: OPG
Zaxxon SGM 2 SGC2 2021 by: OPG
Salamander SGM 2 SGC2 202X by: OPG
Moon Patrol SGM 2 SGC2 2021 by: OPG
Phoenix SGM 2 202X by: OPG
Galaga SGM 2 SGC2 2021 by: OPG
Scramble SGM 2 202X by: OPG
Frogger SGM 2 202X by: OPG
Berzerk SGM 2 202X by: OPG
Gradius DX SGM (1) 2 2019 by: OPG
Gradius 2 SGM 2 202X by: OPG
F1 Spirit SGM 2 202X by: OPG
Kingís Valley 2 SGM 2 202X by: OPG
R-Type SGM 2 202X by:

Note this:
Opcode Games is currently developing a new console
called Opcode OMNI.
Also and OMNI Add-on for ColecoVision called SGM2.
So the showed games above is not 100% decided.
Some will go for SGM1 and some for SGM2


Most of the games above have never been released to our ColecoVision platform before, other is upgraded for better sound.
All upcoming games from Opcode Games will be launched as expanded games, and will require at least the Super Game Module 1 to work.
All the further Premium games from Opcode Games has improved SGM 2 Stereo sound and graphics, plus the save game features.
Improved graphics means also colors like it would have been in a real Arcade machine.
And with our SGM2/OMNI is sound no longer a problem, it is a whole new world.

 Also planned Super Games is Phoenix Video Game, Kangaroo, Berzerk and Moon Cresta, but those games are long term Super Games projects together with DKA.
But common to both of them it is either for SGM1 or SGM2/OMNI.

The SGM2/OMNI must be mounted like the SGM1, in the expansions port on the front of ColecoVision.
For the ADAM Family Computer System is the Expansions port located on the right side of the Memory Console.

[ x ]

You don't have to unplug the Super Game Module from the expansion port if you don't play the Super Games.
You can safe let it be there without any problems, except for the following games: Bomb 'n Blast and GameSter81/Game on Expo.
With these two games will your SGM then have to be disconnected.

You can always play regular ColecoVision games with the Super Game Module plugged in at any time.
Prototyped SGM2/OMNI Module by: Opcode Games...
Prototype version 2.
Here are picture from Opcode's earlier work with the expansion module, which is also allowed a graphical enlargement, but no cartridge port yet.
This particular board is about 7" wide. The final module should be about 8" x 4". ~ 15cm. x 10cm.
Now this is more of a test board, sound subsystem isn't there yet, most of the board is taken by ROM sockets, and there are using a lot of DIP for easy to assemble.
Goal here is to validate and play with the new video subsystem.
Everything you see in the left half of the board will go away in the next revision.

[ x ]
This is the new start up sequence.
All new Opcode ColecoVision SGM2/OMNI Games will feature this little animation.

Eduardo decided for around 15 years ago to make the old Donkey Kong game in an strong and improved ColecoVision version, than the original 1982 ColecoVision version from Coleco Inc.
So for the best sound studied Eduardo 6502 assembly, and by consequence he was able to analyze the Famicom / NES version of Donkey Kong.

With that he have the routines he need to be able to reproduce the few analog sounds found in the real arcade game.
One set of sounds for the AY chip, and another set for SGM2/OMNI.

The DKA release for SGM1  is delayed until late 2019.
There is for now over 1000 people on the waiting list for DKA.
DKA for
SGM2/OMNI is pushed to 2021.
All new game Cartridges from Opcode Games will be produced and assembled in China.

With the new SGM2/OMNI and a related Super Game, will you have a sound you never have heard before.

SGM2/OMNI: Approximately estimated size 8" x 4", similar design to Colecoís planned Super Game Module.

Works with all ColecoVisions, NTSC, PAL and the French Scart version.

Full support and technical documentation of the SGM2/OMNI and the ColecoVision Super Game Cartridge 2 will in 2021 be available for programmers.

As an programmer you will soon have the ability to make games for the SGM2/OMNI with no limitations.
So you can soon program more advanced games, not to mention the sophisticated stereo sound.

SGM1: Expanded AY Sound and Extra RAM.
SGC1: Very big and avanced Super games, plus Save game features.
SGM2/OMNI in combination with SGC2: 8 channel Advanced Custom OMNIvox Sound Chip and Extra RAM.
Can produce or reproduce whatever sound you like including Digital speech.

Where can I get the new SGM2/OMNI ?

You can't..... Yet!
SGM2/OMNI will probably get it's release around christmas 2019.
In the meantime, you can support this new Super Game Module for ColecoVision with this link.
The link above is free and no money will be required or requested until Opcode Games are ready to go into manufacturing.
You are free to leave the campaign any time though.

The campaign membership is non-transferable.

You will receive:

When ordering the SGM2/OMNI, will the box contain following: The new SGM2/OMNI just to plug in your Original ColecoVision.
Remember SGM2/OMNI can only playing games in SGM2/OMNI format.
Remove your SGM2 and insert your SGM1 if you wish to play SGM1 games.
professionally printed box, comes with Magnetic lock, manual and a catalog with upcoming games and hardware.
The packaging mimics the classic ColecoVision packaging design from 1982/83, so it match your ColecoVision collection nicely.

DKA for SGM1 and SGM2/OMNI will probably be sold around late in 2019, and probably cost around $ 70,- each plus shipping.

You will not receive:
Opcode Super Game Controller...
The new Opcode Super Game Controller.
The new upcoming Super Game Controller will be for sale as a seperate item.
Almost 500 pieces is already pre-ordered.
new upcoming Super Game Controller will work with almost all consoles that uses the DB9.
You will later be able to order overlays for the controller.
Via this link can you pre-order your new upcoming Super Game Controller.

SGM1 and SGM2/OMNI is an Opcode Games product.
Super Game Cartridge1 and 2, SGC1 and SGC2 belongs to Opcode Games.

Note: The SGM1 and SGM2/OMNI as a psysical product, is for use with the old and original ColecoVision.
This add-on product will not work together with CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System.
CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System has the SGM1 feature built in on their system already from the beginning.

Also note: OMNI and SGM2 are same hardware.
Thus same Cartridges and same games.
The differences will have no impact in games per se (different controllers, different AV outputs, etc).

  Q: What is the planned price point for the SGM2/OMNI module ?
A: Under $150.

Q: What is the planned release date for the system ?
A: Q4 2019.

Q: Will it come with pack-in game ?
A: Will depend on final cost.

Q: Will SGM2/OMNI run all my SGM1 games ?
A: No, it will only run the SGM2/OMNI games cause another cartridge format.

Q: Will the SGM2/OMNI offer AV outputs ?
A: Yes it will. However the SGM2/OMNI AV output will only work with SGM2/OMNI games. You canít use it for legacy ColecoVision or SGM1 games.

Q: Can I use my ColecoVision RF output when playing SGM2/OMNI games ?
A: Yes, you can. For convenience you can play all your games, ColecoVision, SGM1, and SGM2/OMNI using the standard RF output on your ColecoVision console.

Q: My ColecoVision has been modded to offer better quality video output. Will I be able to leverage that when playing SGM2/OMNI games?
A: That depends on the mod you got. The general rule is, if your mod works with the Atari module, then it will work with the SGM2/OMNI.
The F18A has its own video output, so the SGM2/OMNI will not be able to use that.
However the SGM2/OMNI offers its own AV outputs, and you will be able to enjoy high quality analog video (composite, S-video, and RGB) + Stereo Sound

Q: Is my ColecoVision being only used for power supply when in SGM2/OMNI mode ?
A: Not at all! In SGM2/OMNI mode the ColecoVision becomes a multiprocessing system, with the ColecoVision CPU handling all the sound and I/O functions from the cartridge.

Q: Why canít the SGM2 use a regular ColecoVision cartridge for SGM2/OMNI mode games ?
A: For similar reasons that the Sega Genesis required a different cartridge format even though it could also run all Sega Master System games.
The SGM2 more advanced hardware needs more cartridge lines than the ColecoVision cartridge can offer.
For example, the SGM2 offers 24-bit linear addressing mode, while the ColecoVision cartridge slot barely offers 16-bit addressing.
However while the Genesis required a cartridge adaptor to play SMS games, with the SGM2/OMNI you can still use your ColecoVision cartridge slot for legacy and SGM1 titles.

Q: Does the Super Game Controllers plug into the SGM2/OMNI ?
A: No, they plug into the ColecoVision unit, just like regular controllers and can be used to play most CV legacy games that require regular controllers.

Q: If the Super Game Controllers plug into the ColecoVision, why is it so a part of the SGM2/OMNI system ?
A: While the Super Game Controllers can be used independently, we believe they will improve the SGM2/OMNI experience greatly with way more precise control and the addition of two extra action buttons.
They are completely optional though, and not included with the SGM2/OMNI console.

As opportunities are now, you will have a combined system consisting of your existing ColecoVision, as well as an expansion module.
You keep your original classic ColecoVision and with expansions like SGM2/OMNI, you will have access to all new games for that system.
Remember SGM2/OMNI is a different system that only work together with the original ColecoVision.
ColecoVision.dk has nothing to do with the sale and production of the SGM2/OMNI, nor even the Super Game Cartridge 2.
All questions should be directed to:
Opcode Games

All images and all text in this documentation is published by: Eduardo Mello, Opcode Games and reproduced by ColecoVision.dk

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