CBS ColecoVision Expansion Module # 2

Expansion Module No. 2 is a driving module consisting of dashboard unit functional steering wheel and accelerator pedal.
The multi-screen Turbo game cartridge is included with the module.

Each feature of the driving module is fully functional, and has to be, to enable you to drive your speeding vehicle through the many hazards included in the Turbo cartridge.

The race starts with a green light and you swifty accelerate away using foot pedal and gear changes (The Joystick control becomes a gear lever).
As your speed increases you face moving obstacles in the form of other cars, oil slicks which can throw you out of course and environmental hazards - snow, ice, night-driving.

During each stage of the race you have a time limit and target to archieve.
As you notch-up more points the cars become faster and the obstracles more treacherous.

More games will soon be available which also will make use of the Expansion Module # 2.

                        How to...

Expansion #2 box

Serial number on my third Turbo module.

Manual in 10 languages

The Turbo Module from Coleco Industries is made in Hong Kong such like some
PAL ColecoVisions, Atari Converter, Roller-Controller, Super Action Controllers and few things for ADAM.

Well, the Steering Wheel was, in that time in the 80's a fine working product, very simple build up.
There's no variation in the speed limits, it's full power or nothing.
For variation you have to move your foot up and down from the footpedal (on/off).

The game Turbo from Sega was the first game to play with your expansions Module # 2.
The Turbo game is fine and there is some variation, but it's a kind of monotonous and trivial.

Known games for ColecoVision that can be used together with the Expansion Module #2, The Steering Wheel:

Turbo  -  Bump'n'Jump  -  Destructor  -  The Dukes of Hazzard  -  Pitstop  -  Zippy Race  and many more.

If you don't want the job of replacing batteries all the time.
So do as I did in the mid 80s.

DC jack.

I modified the Turbo Module, I drilled a small hole behind the Turbo module above the battery cover.
 2 wires are then brought into the PCB and is soldered to +5 v. (red) and - minus / earth (blue).
And at the other end of the cord I have simply soldered another connector, a DC jack.

On the back of my ColecoVision is there a DC 5 volt out connector for chassis.
Either for the ColecoVision Roller Controller or the Turbo Module.

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