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Armageddon  ColecoVision.dk Armageddon  ColecoVision.dk
Cartridge    ---    Original Instruction    ---    Box


Game Name: Armageddon
Genre: Shooter
Rarity Loose: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extremly Rare, Prototype
Rarity Complete In Box: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extremly Rare, Prototype
Value Traded from around: 30 to xxx U.S. $
Arcade Related: No
Year of Its Original Release: 2011
and Licenses: Unknown, CollectorVision Games
Original Programmer and/or Designer: Unknown
ColecoVision Game Programmed by:
Still Unknown, CollectorVision
ColecoVision Sound Programmed by:
ColecoVision Sound Output: SN 76489AN / AY-3-8910A / Compatible
ColecoVision Graphics Programmed by:
Color Compatibility: No
Original and Other Platforms besides This:
This Platform:
ColecoVision & ADAM Family Computer or Compatible Systems
ColecoVision PCB Size, Type and Producent: 32kb., Harvey deKleine, Harvey deKleine
ColecoVision Product #: 9919
Free Digital Downdload Possible from Author: No
Sound Test or Ringtone Possible: Yes
ColecoVision Cartridge #, Casing and Producent: 4L2012 / CC201102, Standard Black U.S. Style, Moldex Canada.
ColecoVision Label Art and Design by: Vincent Godefroy
ColecoVision Manual Layout and Design by: Vincent Godefroy
ColecoVision Manual # and Manufacturer: None, CollectorVision Games Canada
ColecoVision Box Art and Design by: Vincent Godefroy
ColecoVision Box # and Manufacturer: None, CollectorVision Games Canada
Number of Players: 1
Required: ColecoVision or any Compatible System + Controller or Roller Controller
Overlay: No
Publisher and Year: CollectorVision Games 2012
olecoVision.dk Game #: 93
Purchased: December 10, 2011
Arrived: April 11, 2012
High Score / Save Game Feature: Yes / No
Pause Feature: No
More on Wikipedia regarding this ColecoVision version: No
Armageddon os based on the 1980 game: Missile Command

Armageddon CBS Box, Front  ColecoVision.dk Armageddon CBS Box, Side  ColecoVision.dk Armageddon CBS Box, Back  ColecoVision.dk Armageddon CBS Manual, Front  ColecoVision.dk Armageddon CBS Manual, Back  ColecoVision.dk Armageddon CBS Cartridge, Front  ColecoVision.dk Armageddon CBS Cartridge, Top  ColecoVision.dk Armageddon CBS Cartridge, Back  ColecoVision.dk
Cartridge Top
Armageddon CBS Cartridge, Bottom  ColecoVision.dk
Box Front Box Side Box Back Manual Front Manual Back Cartridge Front Cartridge Bottom Cartridge Back


Armageddon  ColecoVision.dk

Armageddon  ColecoVision.dk

Armageddon  ColecoVision.dk

Armageddon  ColecoVision.dk

Armageddon  ColecoVision.dk



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Aliens from the planet of Krytlov have begun an attack on the planet Zondar.
The Krytlovians are warriors out to destroy and seize the planet of Zondar. Zondar is the last of the peaceful planets.
The Zondarians are skillful and hardworking people. Their cities are built-up and rich in resources. It is truly a planet void of crime and violence.

Zondar has built a powerful defense system. Several antiballistic missile bases have been established within the cities of Zondar.
The Zondarians are ready for this attack, and are prepared to fight to save their cities.

As base commander it is your responsibility to protect and defend six cities on the planet of Zondar.
The Krytlovians have begun firing interplanetary ballistic missiles.
They are aiming at your cities and missile bases. Your only defense is to fire back with antiballistic missiles.

But watch out, the Krytlovians are sly. They also have multiple head missiles, smart bombs, airplanes and satellites.
Use your antiballistic missiles (ABMs) to stop the enemy before your happy and harmonious planet is destroyed.


ColecoVision High Score For Armageddon:

Twin Galaxies Logo  ColecoVision.dk XName: AtariAge Logo  ColecoVision.dk XName: ColecoVision.dk Logo  ColecoVision.dk XName: Ole Nielsen.

XScore: 0 - XScore: 0 - XScore: 2.645 - November 29, 2014.

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