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Boxxle  ColecoVision.dk Boxxle  ColecoVision.dk
Cartridge    ---    Original Instruction    ---    Box    ---    Overlay


Game Name: Boxxle
Genre: Puzzle
Rarity Loose: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extremly Rare, Prototype
Rarity Complete In Box: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extremly Rare, Prototype
Value Traded from around: 50 to xxx U.S. $
Arcade Related: No
Year of Its Original Release: 2015
and Licenses: Pony Canyon, Sega, Nintendo, Thinking Rabbit
Original Programmer and/or Designer: Toshirou Inoue
ColecoVision Game Programmed by:
Not known, yet !
ColecoVision Sound Programmed by:
Daniel Bienvenu
ColecoVision Sound Output: SN 76489AN / AY-3-8910A / Compatible
ColecoVision Graphics Programmed by:
Daniel Bienvenu, Luc Miron
Color Compatibility: No
Original and Other Platforms besides This:
Sega, Nintendo
This Platform:
ColecoVision & ADAM Family Computer or Compatible Systems
ColecoVision PCB Size, Type and Producent: 64kb., Fred Quimby, Harvey deKleine
ColecoVision Product #: None
Free Digital Downdload Possible from Author: Yes
Sound Test or Ringtone Possible: No
ColecoVision Cartridge #, Casing and Producent: None, Standard Black Activision Style,  made for Telegames in Taiwan
ColecoVision Label Art and Design by: Sega, Luc Miron
ColecoVision Manual Layout and Design by: Dale Crum, Luc Miron
ColecoVision Manual # and Manufacturer: Revision 1.0, Canada
ColecoVision Box Art and Design by: Sega, Luc Miron
ColecoVision Box # and Manufacturer: None, Oliver Puschatzki Germany
Number of Players: 1
Required: ColecoVision or any Compatible System + Controller + Overlay
Overlay: Yes, by Phil Boland
Publisher and Year: Team Pixelboy, September 2015
olecoVision.dk Game #: 141
Purchased: June 07, 2015
Arrived: November 07, 2015
High Score / Save Game Feature: Yes / Yes, via EEPROM savegame chip or CoolCV Emulator
Pause Feature: No
More on Wikipedia regarding this ColecoVision version: No
Boxxle is based on a mix between Boxxle I and II and Soukoban, but made from scratch.

Boxxle Box, Front  ColecoVision.dk Boxxle Box, Side  ColecoVision.dk Boxxle Box, Back  ColecoVision.dk Boxxle Manual, Front  ColecoVision.dk Boxxle Manual, Back  ColecoVision.dk Boxxle Cartridge, Front  ColecoVision.dk Boxxle Cartridge, Top  ColecoVision.dk Boxxle Cartridge, Back  ColecoVision.dk
Cartridge Top
Boxxle Cartridge, Bottom  ColecoVision.dk
Box Front Box Side Box Back Manual Front Manual Back Cartridge Front Cartridge Bottom Cartridge Back


Boxxle  ColecoVision.dk

Boxxle  ColecoVision.dk

Boxxle  ColecoVision.dk


Boxxle  ColecoVision.dk



Boxxle  ColecoVision.dk Boxxle  ColecoVision.dk Boxxle  ColecoVision.dk

Boxxle  ColecoVision.dk





Manual labour has never been this much fun!

Winning the heart of the girl of your dreams is no piece of cake, especially considering the girl in question has expensive tastes.

Earn money by pushing crates inside bizarre warehouses into their intended positions.
You can only push crates, not pull them, so be careful not to push a crate into a position where it can no longer be moved.

Once you have solved all the puzzles, create your own with the level editor, and save your creations on the game cartridge!

Note: All the levels and intermissions from Boxxle and Boxxle II is included.
Also: A level editor is included, which allow the player to save level creations on the cartridge via EEPROM SaveGame feature.

ColecoVision High Score For Boxxle :

Twin Galaxies Logo  ColecoVision.dk XName: AtariAge Logo  ColecoVision.dk XName: ColecoVision.dk Logo  ColecoVision.dk XName: Ole Nielsen.

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