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ColecoVision Game Shells.

Will be updated with pictures later in 2014.


1st. original U.S. version same as Canadian version exept for the "Made in".
The "Made In" is located from 3 places, USA, Canada, Taiwan.
That also include the OpCode Games version. OpCode games has his own Logo/Brand and Black, dark Orange and Yellow cartridges exist.
Team Pixelboy also use the cartridge shells from OpCode Games without the OpCode label on the back.
Mainly Black carts, but also many other colors, including several transparent colors.

2nd original version is the Telegames version. Only Black cartridges exist.

Sierra On-Line, Epyx Inc., Sunrise, Fischer Price and Bally Midway use the same version. Only Black cartridges exist.
Fischer Price do also use another version.

There is only 1 original CBS version. Black only.

Activision original version is the same as some from Team Pixelboy.
There is no Logo/Brand on the Team Pixelboy version. Only Black cartridges exist.

Parker Brothers version with the triangled label exists only in Black.

Imagic version.

Micro Fun version.

Bit Corporation

SpectraVideo Original version, two labeled version, in black.

CollectorVision Version uses the 1st. original U.S. version.
They are anonymous, but manufactured in Canada. (Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, tranparent.)

Philipp Klaus Krause.
Use his own creation different from all others.
Team Pixelboy and Telegames has used these cartridges for projects.

Atarisoft original version, two labeled version, in black.

Interphase Version with a hole in the top of the cartridge, only black cartridges exist.


One of the largest manufacturers of Cartridge shells for ColecoVision games is Deico Electronics in Sunnyvale, now Fremont California USA.
Deico made also cartridge shells for Atari and Commodore together with a large number of other products for the Plastic and Electronic industry.

Deico Electronics made also PCB's for many Atari and Commodore games.

Last updated: March 19  2014.