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ColecoVision repairs.
Most common reason for failure is first your power supply,
then the VRAM, and probably the On/Off switch.
Failure can also be U 18 and U 19 (Joysticks).
But if you're really unlucky then check your VDP.
Look at these repair tips
in this docx dokument.

ColecoVision Video Game Console PCB...

Power connection for CBS ColecoVision. LM 318 PDF. Power for Roller Controller.




Joystick connection from DB 9.
This version with 2 independent fire-buttons.
ColecoVision Version.
Scart connection pin for pin.
Only for the 1983 French AV Out version.
This version are Original, but different colored.
CBS ColecoVision Scart connection pin for pin.
Only for the 1983 French AV Out version.
This version is originally colored and confirmed by ColecoVision.dk

DB 15:

Pin 1 > RGB Red

Pin 2 > +5 Volt RGB

Pin 3 > RGB Green
Pin 4 > RGB Blue Pin 5 > +12 Volt Pin 7 > Composite Video
Pin 8 > Ground / Earth Pin 15 > Sound, low  

The I/O sound from the French CBS ColecoVision is not located at the same place as the ordinary ColecoVision.
French I/O sound is located on pins 19 / 42.
For higher SGM sound volume, try to pull a cord directly from the scart plug audio output inside your French CBS ColecoVision and place it directly to the CR5 Diode.
It works for ColecoVision.dk, but remember, this is at your own risk and ColecoVision.dk disclaims any liability.


Project Joystick, March 2005.

Here is a case from TEKO in Italy

Here is an old Joystick from an used
Arcade machine from the 80's.

The final result.
With laminated cover.


ColecoVision power supply labels.

This is the European version.
Almost the same as those on the Right.
This one is branded CBS Electronics.
Note: This is 50 Hz. 220 - 250 Volt.

Coleco's original Power unit was big
and heavy as a rock, and have a weight for that too.
Here is input power 60Hz. 120 Volt.
Output power is the same for all 3.

The French PAL Version.
All 3 supplys are with same volt output.
EU : 19 mA 50 Hz.
US : 25 mA 60 Hz.
FR : 15 mA 50 Hz.



The ColecoVision Bios: VTI / TI  R72 114 A.

ColecoVision CPU: Zilog Z 80.
3.58 Mhz. for ColecoVision.
Todays standard in c-mos are the eZ80 at 50 MHz.

Size: 344 Kb.

The TI Sound-chip for ColecoVision is SN 76489 AN.
Has 3 Sound channels on
5 oktavian and 1 white noise, Mono output.

AY-3-8910 A

This is the GI sound chip for the Super Game Module.

Size: 2.885 kb.

ColecoVision's graphic chip was the most
common graphic chip in the 80's.
It have a palette with 15 colors and 1 transparent.
Resolution is 256 x 192 and up to 16 K VRam.
Composite Video for TMS 9918 and RGB for TMS 9929

Size: 125 Kb.

Data Sheet for the OKI MSM 9842 stereo voice chip.
Can deliver audio in CD quality (44.100).
Will maybe be used for the later ColecoVision CV 2. (2018/19).

The main-board for the expansions Module # 2.
The Steering Wheel.

On the left: The steering Wheel main-board.

PCB # 55888 Rev. D.
Click for larger Image.

The Steering Wheel electrinocs.
Click for larger Image.

If you buy your own 3rd party steering wheel for your system.
You'll have to use this electronic or develop something yourself.


Here can you see what's behind your Roller Controller.

Here are the Roller Controller inside.
It's a kind of reverse mouse.
But the ball are on top, so the name is: Trackball.
Click for larger Image.

If you use your own 3rd party trackball for your system.
You'll have to use this electronic or develop something yourself.


The Daughter Board / CBS PAL TV-Tuner Board.

This is the Tv Tuner Board from the old CBS ColecoVision.
It's a Daughterboard inside in the left side of the CBS ColecoVision.
The Tv Tuner  transmitting the signals from CBS ColecoVision over to this tuner.
Tv and Audio mixes to a one single standard HF/RF out.
The channel on this board is typical 3 or 4.

Male Phono (RCA) and DIN Tv connector for analog connection between CV. and TV.
On the Astec PAL Tuner can you adjust picture and sound separately
with these two screws (be very careful, soft black ferrit).
We're talking about millimeters.

So if you get an unclear screen, or your sound is weak,
then will these 2 screws solve the problem.

Astec International: UM 1285 E 3/4
PAL Tv. Tuner board, CBS version.

This is without connector. (earlier 1982 version).
As you can see, the wires are directly soldered into the PCB. from the CBS CV.

PAL Tv. Tuner board, CBS version.

With Connector (newer 1983 version).
Connects directly into the male connector from the CBS ColecoVision.
it can not be reversed incorrectly.
There may be color differences between the wires.
In this example, is it the brown wire (+12V).


Atari Converter Connector board CBS ColecoVision Version.

ColecoVision Atari Converter Connector board - ColecoVision.dk ColecoVision Atari Converter board for the expansion interface.

Connector on the back on the Atari Exp. board.
Connects the expansion interface on the front of ColecoVision.
The showed is CBS Atari Converter do not work with The French CBS Scart Version.

Added with permission. This attempt are on your own risk...

Warning This AV-PAL modification above are on your own risk.

  Click for larger image...
A newer Atari Converter inside.
Click for bigger image.
Rev. ?
  A older Atari Converter inside.
Click for bigger image.
Rev. A
Pins for Atari Converter Hand Controllers .docx

ColecoVision Toy Shift Knob details.
PDF provided by Todd Scheele.
Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

How to use the Wico
Command Control.
For your ColecoVision.

ColecoVision Power Plug... CBS ColecoVision Power Connection...
Wire connection between the power supply and ColecoVision.
Only the White and Red wire er straight.
The two others wires change from Blue to Yellow and from Black to Blue.
This connection is from the CBS ColecoVision PAL version.
ColecoVision Power Connector...


This is the complete solution for a "total connetion".

How to change your ColecoVision Power Switch.

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