HB Vision
ColecoVision Phoenix Video Game System
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HB Vision FPGA Video Game System...


HB Vision is engineered with an FPGA engine.

February 2017 : Fabrice built together with a friend a special cardthat was able to run an improved version of Belavenuto MSX1FPGA project.

June 2017: Belavenuto ColecoFPGA project was adapted by Fabrice to this card.

August 2017 : Fabrice decided to make a Coleco Proto with a cartridge port because itís fun (at this time Fabrice didnít know anything about Colecovision).

October 2017 : The prototype is ready and presented to Alchimie fair in France.

Here met Fabrice Youki (the well known programmer) and he gave Fabrice some tips to improve the prototype.
They decided to give it the name "HBVision": the project was born.

January 2018 : The first prototype is build for testing.

HB Vision Video Game System:


225x175x45 mm.

Technical Specifications:

FPGA based on the Altera Intel 2.5Gb. Cyclone IV EP4CE6.
32 KB RAM external.
BIOS internal.
VGA output, scanlines can be disabled.
VRAM internal.
1 Cartridge slot.



Compatible with all ColecoVision game cartridges.
Region: NTSC 60Hz.
Power Supply: +5V.


VGA. Scanlines On/Off


Supports SN76489 + YM2149

Special Features:

Original ColecoVision DB-9 Controller Ports.
HB Vision start-up screen.
Bold Font from HB Vision BIOS.

Other Features:

Some more great features coming.


1 HB Vision Video Game System.
1 Instruction Manual.

More information on HB Vision will be provided when information comes in.

A target price would be less than 150 Ä.

HB Vision Video Game System is made and manufactured by: Fabf.



Early 2019.


HB Vision, FPGA ColecoVision...HB Vision, FPGA ColecoVision...

Officially announced by: Fabf, and reproduced by ColecoVision.dk from 2015 to 2018.

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October 05, 2018.
September 21, 2018.
August 19, 2018.

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