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Pippols  ColecoVision.dk Pippols  ColecoVision.dk
Cartridge    ---    Original Instruction    ---    Box


Game Name: Pippols
Genre: Maze
Rarity Loose: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extremly Rare, Prototype
Rarity Complete In Box: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extremly Rare, Prototype
Value Traded from around: 60 to 195 U.S. $
Arcade Related: No
Year of Its Original Release: 1985
and Licenses: Konami Industry Co., Ltd.
Original Programmer and/or Designer: Unknown
ColecoVision Game Programmed by:
ColecoVision Sound Programmed by:
Konami, Unknown
ColecoVision Sound Output: SN 76489AN / AY-3-8910A / Compatible
ColecoVision Graphics Programmed by:
Konami, Unknown
Color Compatibility: No
Original and Other Platforms besides This:
This Platform:
ColecoVision & ADAM Family Computer or Compatible Systems
ColecoVision PCB Size, Type and Producent: 32kb., Harvey deKleine, Harvey deKleine
ColecoVision Product #: 9952
Free Digital Downdload Possible from Author: No
Sound Test or Ringtone Possible: No
ColecoVision Cartridge #, Casing and Producent: None, Standard Green U.S. Style, Moldex Canada
ColecoVision Label Art and Design by: Vincent Godefroy, Coleco Master
ColecoVision Manual Layout and Design by: Vincent Godefroy, Coleco Master
ColecoVision Manual # and Manufacturer: 099052, CollectorVision Games
ColecoVision Box Art and Design by: Vincent Godefroy, Coleco Master
ColecoVision Box # and Manufacturer: 9952, CollectorVision Games
Number of Players: 1
Required: ColecoVision or any Compatible System + Controller
Overlay: No
Publisher and Year: CollectorVision Games, April 2014
olecoVision.dk Game #: 129
Purchased: March 17, 2014
April 29, 2014
High Score / Save Game Feature: Yes / No
Pause Feature: No
More on Wikipedia regarding this ColecoVision version: No
The Green Cartridge is Collectors Edition

Pippols Box, Front  ColecoVision.dk Pippols Box, Side  ColecoVision.dk Pippols Box, Back  ColecoVision.dk Pippols Manual, Front  ColecoVision.dk Pippols Manual, Back  ColecoVision.dk Pippols Cartridge, Front  ColecoVision.dk Pippols Cartridge, Top  ColecoVision.dk Pippols Cartridge, Back  ColecoVision.dk
Cartridge Top
Pippols Cartridge, Bottom  ColecoVision.dk
Box Front Box Side Box Back Manual Front Manual Back Cartridge Front Cartridge Bottom Cartridge Back







You are Pippols, a brave boy, who is seeking the Holy Gem to bring back light to the world.

Watch out as the fairies of darkness will try to stop you in your journey across the various countries of the world of Magic.

ColecoVision High Score For Pippols:

Twin Galaxies Logo  ColecoVision.dk XName: AtariAge Logo  ColecoVision.dk XName: ColecoVision.dk Logo  ColecoVision.dk XName: Ole Nielsen.

XScore: 0 - XScore: 0 - XScore: 46.000 - May 03, 2014.

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