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Thexder  ColecoVision.dk Thexder  ColecoVision.dk
Cartridge    ---    Original Instruction    ---    Box   ---   Overlay


Game Name: Thexder
Genre: Shooter / Action
Rarity Loose: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extremly Rare, Prototype
Rarity Complete In Box: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extremly Rare, Prototype
Value Traded from around: 60 to xxx U.S. $
Arcade Related: No
Year of Its Original Release: 1985
and Licenses: 1986 Game Arts Co. Ltd.
Original Programmer and/or Designer: Hibiki Godai, Satoshi Uesaka
ColecoVision Game Programmed by:
Eduardo Mello, Opcode Games
ColecoVision Sound Programmed by:
Game Arts, Eduardo Mello
ColecoVision Sound Output: SN 76489AN / AY-3-8910A / Compatible
ColecoVision Graphics Programmed by:
Game Arts, Eduardo Mello
Color Compatibility: No
Original and Other Platforms besides This:
NEC PC-8801, MSX
This Platform:
ColecoVision & ADAM Family Computer or Compatible Systems
ColecoVision PCB Size, Type and Producent: 32kb., Harvey deKleine, Harvey deKleine
ColecoVision Product #: None
Free Digital Downdload Possible from Author: Yes
Sound Test or Ringtone Possible: No
ColecoVision Cartridge #, Casing and Producent: None, Standard Transparent Dark Blue Style, Moldex Canada
ColecoVision Label Art and Design by: Game Arts, Luc Miron
ColecoVision Manual Layout and Design by: Dale Crum, Luc Miron
ColecoVision Manual # and Manufacturer: Revision 1.0, Canada
ColecoVision Box Art and Design by: Game Arts, Luc Miron
ColecoVision Box # and Manufacturer: None, Oliver Puschatzki Germany
Number of Players: 1
Required: ColecoVision or any Compatible System + Controller + Overlay + Super Game Module
Overlay: Yes
Publisher and Year: Team Pixelboy, December 25, 2012
olecoVision.dk Game #: 109
Purchased: December 28, 2012
February 12, 2013
High Score / Save Game Feature: Yes / No
Pause Feature:
Yes, press:
More on Wikipedia regarding this ColecoVision version: No

Thexder Box, Front  ColecoVision.dk Thexder Box, Side  ColecoVision.dk Thexder Box, Back  ColecoVision.dk Thexder Manual, Front  ColecoVision.dk Thexder Manual, Back  ColecoVision.dk Thexder Cartridge, Front  ColecoVision.dk Thexder Cartridgge, Top  ColecoVision.dk Thexder Cartridge, Back  ColecoVision.dk
Cartridge Top
Thexder Cartridge, Bottom  ColecoVision.dk
Box Front Box Side Box Back Manual Front Manual Back Cartridge Front Cartridge Bottom Cartridge Back


Thexder  ColecoVision.dk

Thexder  ColecoVision.dk

Thexder  ColecoVision.dk

Thexder  ColecoVision.dk

Thexder  ColecoVision.dk


Thexder  ColecoVision.dk

Thexder  ColecoVision.dk Thexder  ColecoVision.dk Thexder  ColecoVision.dk

Thexder  ColecoVision.dk





The private war of a lone space soldier is about to begin.!

No one on Earth knows from what sector of our galaxy the deadly alien drone armies came from.
Only one thing is certain: They are bent on our destruction.

As the pilot of an advanced Hyper Dual Armor mech, you were part of a squadron on a mission to penetrate the enemy's central computer base and destroy it.

The base was heavily fortified, and your squadron was decimated, except for you.

You are now trapped, alone...

Inside the computer complex, you must traverse 10 levels against merciless automated defense systems, in an almost hopeless effort to complete your mission.

While the battle rages on outside, in the deadly vacuum of space,
you are about to begin your own private battle, the outcome of which may very well turn the tide of this interplanetary war.!


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