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The Following games below were planned and some published, some protos, and again some of them was never able to hit the market.
Please still send me info about these games below, so it can be updated and better corrected.

Box. Number. Title and Copyright. Screenshots.
005 by: Coleco Inc.
Bearenstein Bears by: Coleco Inc.
    Boulder and Bombs CBS Electronics.
Announced in 1983.
Video Games Player magazine.
    Cabbage Patch Playground by: Coleco Inc.    
    Capture The Flag by: Coleco Inc.    
    Dimensional Puzzles by: Coleco Inc.    
    Domino Man by: CBS Electronics.
Announced in 1983.
Video Games Player magazine.
    Donkey Kong 3 by: Coleco Inc.
Nothing exist from them.
Opcode Games try to release a DK3 Nov./Dec. 2012 for CollectorVision.

Delayed indefinitely (2017)

  2608 Dracula by: Coleco Inc.
Only one screenshot exist and a mirrored one by J-F at CollectorVision.
Graphics and a story for the game was begun years ago by Dale Wick.

Dracula is still in progress.

  The original one by Coleco Inc.
    Dragons Lair by: Coleco Inc.
Only a ADAM Computer version exist.
Team Pixelboy released a SGM version for ColecoVision Jan. 2013.
  2442 Head To Head Baseball by: Coleco Inc.

Name changed to: Super Action Baseball.
There is provided a box for this cartridge.

    Head To Head Football by: Coleco Inc.

Namne changed to: Super Action Fotball.

  2432 Mr. Turtle by: Coleco Inc.
Never released, but Mr. Brophy will try to make the game possible to
ColecoVision, maybe around late 2015.
Leo Brophy
    Necromancer by: Coleco Inc.    
    Papa Smurf Treasure Hunt by: Coleco Inc.    
    Phoenix by: Coleco Inc.
No work was ever made by Coleco, but Scott Huggins made an unfinished version
a few years ago.

Huggins version was never officially released.

    Rainbow Walker by: Coleco Inc.    
    Round Up by: Coleco Inc.
  2436 Skiing by: Coleco Inc.
Only a TeleGames Version Exist. (not the game shown here).
CollectorVision created the new graphical screen on the right,
And they also work on some graphics for the game.
    Smurfette's Birthday by: Coleco Inc.    
2421 Spectar by: Coleco Inc.

Scott Huggins and Daniel Bienvenu both made their version of this game.
Coleco never release anything than a screenshot.



Sword And The Sorcerer by: Coleco Inc.

  2635 Tac/Scan by: Coleco Inc.
There was made 2 levels for this game.
If you have those screenshots, please share them.
  2636 The Wizard Of Oz by: CBS Electronics.
From the classic musical starring Judy Garland.
Get Dorothy and her friends to the Emerald City while avoiding Monkey Men,
And the wicked witch of the west.
Announced in 1983.
Video Games Player magazine.
2441 Tunnels & Trolls by: Coleco Inc.
Screen 1 is from the intro of the game. (Demo)
Screen 2 was from the press kit or the ColecoVision box.
Note, pink color is not possible with the ColecoVision palette.
  2421 Wizard Of Wor, Bally Midway.
Never released by Coleco/CBS
Opcode Games has plan to make this game sometime in the future.
The screenshot is from the press kit.
  Video Hustler by: Konami.
Only a prototype exist for ColecoVision.

The MSX version was renamed Billiards and released as a full version by:
Eduardo Mello for Team Pixelboy in 2011.

    9 to 5 by: 20th. Century Fox    
    Earth Dies Screaming by: 20th. Century Fox    
Fall Guy by: 20th. Century Fox
M*A*S*H by: 20th. Century Fox.
Demo exist.
Porky's by: 20th. Century Fox.
Demo exist.
Meltdown by: 20th. Century Fox
    Spacemaster X-7 by: 20th. Century Fox    
The Yolks On You by: 20th. Century Fox.
Demo exist.
Turmoil by: 20th. Century Fox
  2153 CL Air Defense by: Odyssey    
  2147 CL Caverns And Creatures by: Odyssey    
  2148 CL Flashpoint by: Odyssey    
    Pink Panther by: Probe 2000

A proven playable proto exist out there.

2149 CL Power Lords, Quest For Volcan by: Probe 2000
    Lord Of The Dungeon by: Probe 2000
Republished deluxe edition by CollectorVision in a limited numbers.
The screenshot on the right has nothing to do with the released version.
The screenshot right is from the press kit and redone by CollectorVision.
Toy Bizarre by: Activision
    Cloud Nine by: Activision    
Pathfinder by: Activision
Rocketball by: Activision
Space Shuttle, A Journey Into Space by: Activision.
By: Ty Roberts.
Space Shuttle blew up just before it was finished.

Team Pixelboy will release the MSX version in 2015/16.

Space Shuttle - ColecoVision.dk Space Shuttle - ColecoVision.dk
H 37415 Steamroller by: Activision
David Rolfe was in the 80's hired from Cheshire Engineering
to complete the game for ColecoVision.
Never released before now.
Kieth Robinson got permission from Activision to produce a limited run
of Steamroller for collectors.
Published from year 2000 by: Retrotopia/IntelliVision for ColecoVision.
Towerquest by: Activision

Smurf Play 'n Learn by: Wallace Berrie & Co.

  Mogul Maniac by: Amiga
  Phoenix by: Joseph Kollar & Scott Huggins for the ColecoVision in 2003.
60% code was done, but they could not handle it.
The game was never finished.

It says that J-F at CollectorVision has the ROM from Scott Huggins.
Not confirmed.

    Space Caverns by: Joseph Kollar & Scott Huggins for the CV in 2004.
The game was never finished and never hit the market in a cartridge form.
    Capture The Flag from 2005.
Also a game by: Joseph Kollar & Scott Huggins.
    In 2005 came also this version of Astro Invader from Stern.

As Scott says: "The game was never finished, it has many errors.
Our last version exist out there and it's playable

  Spectar, a unreleased game from Coleco's catalog.
Scott programmed this game in 2006, but never officially released.
Also Daniel Bienvenu made a version.
    ColecoVision Terra Attack from 2007.
Never released in cartridge format.
    Beyond Terra also in 2007.
Never finished.
    Frantic by: Joseph Kollar & Scott Huggins.
The game was never finished.
Several experiments for a box was created.
  Armored Assault by: Spectravideo
    Master Builder by: Spectravideo    
  Dig Dug by: AtariSoft.
Prototype exist and released (only cartridge).
  Joust by: AtariSoft.
Prototype released without Sound,
It is said that the sound exists and a guy in Holland is in possession of it.
It has never been proven.

Team Pixelboy has taken this game under his wing, and Daniel will
reprogram the sound, the game will probably be attempted released in 2012.

A new version with sound is now released via Team Pixelboy in 2014.

  Moon Patrol by: AtariSoft.
Released Prototype by: Matthew Householder.
Matt changed his graphic after the crash in 84' because of the Atari.
The game is later recorrected again by: Daniel Bienvenu and need a release.

CollectorVision released the game under Moon Patrol.

This screen is originally hacked by: ColecoVision.dk (No SELMA No IRATA)...
    Ms. Pac-Man by: AtariSoft.
Never seen any about this version for ColecoVision.
No evidence exist.
  Pac-Man by: AtariSoft.
Released prototype (cartridge only).
The story is that Atari withdrew their version,
because the version was significantly better on ColecoVision than their own Atari.



Pole Position by: AtariSoft
Never released for ColecoVision.

  2084 Robotron by: AtariSoft
Never released for ColecoVision.


Stargate by: AtariSoft
Never released for ColecoVision.
Vanguard by: AtariSoft
Never released for ColecoVision.
  2438 Chess Challenger by: Fidelity
Only a screen shot exist.

CollectorVision created the new graphical screen on the right.
The game was completed in 2011 and sold through CollectorVision in 2013.

  Horse Racing by: Fidelity
Screen 1 is from the presskit, and screen 2 is from a homebrew programmer.
Again a game never finished and released, but RT12 Production working on it.

  Number Bumper by: Sunrise.
Not originally released, but TeleGames released this game as Amazing Bumpman.
A box for Number Bumper was released in 2007 by CollectorVision.


  Wrath Of Quintana Roo by: Sunrise    
    Bruce Tomlin was in 2005 begun on a very big RPG project.
It promised fine but after 4 years of programming
it had unfortunately no interest anymore.
The RPG game was never named.

Close to: "Quest For The Golden Chalice"


PB 9860 Astro Chase by: Parker Brothers.
Screenshots is possibly from the Atari 5200.
    Babados Booty by: Parker Brothers    
    Circus Charlie by: Parker Brothers.
Parker version was never released for ColecoVision.

A MSX version was converted and distributed via Team Pixelboy in 2011.

  66013 Crash Drive by: Parker Brothers    
  Orbit By: Parker Brothers.

What the game would be, and look like was begun.
Evidence exist in pics and text.

  Chateau Du Dragon by: Daniel Bienvenu.
The game was never finished.
  Spectank by: Daniel Bienvenu
Only exist in a prototyped version. (Never finished).
  Wizard Cards Game by: Daniel Bienvenu.
Only exist in a prototyped version.
  6400 Dragonstomper by: Starpath    
  6100 Phaser Patrol by: Starpath    
    Dino Eggs by: Micro-Fun    


  Crisis Mountain by: Micro-Fun    
    Globe Grabber by: Micro-Fun.
Could have been a promising and ver wanted Pin ball game.
Never released.


  Scraper Caper by: Micro-Fun.
Help Bounty Bob, save people from the fire in buildings.

Bill Hogue:
"Sadly I don't think anyone will ever get to see the version of Scraper Caper
 as I foolishly tossed out every disk and tape I had many years ago

    Short Circuit by: Micro-Fun    
    Time Runner by: Micro-Fun.
A Space journey.
Never released.
    Apple Cider Spider by: Sierra On-Line    
    Jawbreaker by: Sierra On-Line    
    Lunar Leeper by: Sierra On-Line    


  Mr. Cool by: Sierra On-Line    
    Stunt Flyer by: Sierra On-Line    

Ice Palace by: Xonox 1984
Demo exist, Intro screen, skill level and some ice graphic. (platform).

2418 Side Trak by: Exidy
Exidy's version was never released.

The new version was reprogrammed by: Russ Kumro.
And released via CollectorVision in 2012.

2431 Rip Cord by: Exidy
Never released, but it will, CollectorVision will release it in 2013/14.

Delayed to around 2015/16/17.

    Destruction Derby by: Exidy
Never made version, but these screenshots was made by CollectorVision.
  7514 Burgertime by: Mattel Electronics in France.
Nice Ideas completed BurgerTime in 1983 for Coleco Inc.
Coleco did not use Mattel's version, they downgraded the game.
Coleco released it late in 1984/85 as an 84 game.
A small bug was never corrected.
  7575 Bump 'n' Jump by: Mattel Electronics in France.
Label: Nice Idea for Coleco Inc.
Mattel 1983 version was never distributed by: Coleco.
Coleco scaled it down, and released it late in 1984 as an 84 game.
7759 Masters Of The Universe by: Mattel Electronics in France.
Label: Nice Idea.
The game was essentially finished, just needed a little fine tuning.
Box made by CollectorVision.
The game exist, but Mattel block the release.
7760 Illusions by: Mattel Electronics in France.
Label: Nice Idea.
Mattel version was never distributed, only by: Coleco in their changed version.
  7861 Dungeons & Dragons IV by: Mattel Electronics in France.
Label: TSR.
What the game would be and look like was begun, but no images are found.
  7862 Masters Of The Universe II by: Mattel Electronics in France
Label: Nice Idea.
Eric's ColecoVision version went unfinished.
  7863 Flashlight by: Mattel Electronics in France.
Label: Nice Idea.
No one ever worked on the project.

Pizza Time by: Mattel Electronics in France.
Label: Nice Idea.
Public announcement of this game was never made.
No pics exist in public.
Pizza Time is similar to Burger Time, this is just with Pizzas.

7865 Magic Carpet by: Mattel Electronics in France.
Label: Nice Idea.
Public announcement of this game was never made.
No pics exist in public.
7866 Hydroplane by: Mattel Electronics in France.
Label: Nice Idea.
Very little was done before Mattel Electronics closed.
  2631 Wild Western by: Taito
Was only in beginning phase.
Screenshots made by Eduardo Mello at World Of OpCode.
Demo ROM version by Opcode exist.
Never released as a full game.

Escape From The Mindmaster by: Epyx
Silicon Warrior by: Epyx
    Summer Games by: Epyx    
    Aquatron by: Interphase    
    Pogo Man by: Computer Magic    
    Journey Escape by: Data Age    


  Bung The Juggler by: Sydney Development    
    Grog ! by: Sydney Development.
Released as Grog's revenge or B.C. II
    Dot To Dot Zot ! by: Sydney Development.    
    Spook Maze by: Sydney Development.    

Wizard Of Id's Adventure by: Sydney Development.



  Wiz Lab by: Sydney Development.    
    Wiz Music by: Sydney Development.    
    Wiz Type by: Sydney Development.    


Wiz Words by: Sydney Development.
Wiz World by: Sydney Development.
    Galaga by: CollectorVision.
Never released version exist by: dvik & joyrex.
Box made a few years ago, just need a release.

A new MSX version is released to ColecoVision by: CollectorVision Games.
And 2 different boxes exists.

  Into The Void by: CollectorVision
No work make, only the box.
    Blue Print by: CBS Electronics.
Another game lost.
  80013 Domino Man by: CBS Electronics    
  80122 Maddenness by: CBS Electronics.    
    Satan's Hollow by: CBS Electronics.    
    Solar Fox by: CBS Electronics.    
  80062 Wings by: CBS Electronics.    
    Moon Patrol from Irem.
Eduardo Mello has made a close to arcade demo in late 2010.

CollectorVision Games released a version of Matt Patrol to Moon Patrol and then
finnished the game.

    Konami Sports Collection Vol 1 by: Opcode Games.
Never finished.
No box, manual and label was ever made.
The game would include 7 sports games.
    Comic Bakery by: Opcode Games.
Only 5 protos sold for ColecoVision.
No box and label was ever made.

A new version is released via CollectorVision Games in January 2015.
In the new version is the color of the baker's pants changed to Magenta.
And a high score board is added.

    Exerion by: Opcode Games.
Only 5 protos sold for ColecoVision.
No box and label was ever made.
    Galaga by: Opcode Games.
Only 5 protos sold for ColecoVision.
Note: No bonus stage in this version.
No box and label was ever made.
    Track & Field 2 by Opcode Games.
Only 5 protos sold for ColecoVision.
No box and label was ever made.
    Champion Ice Hockey by Opcode Games.
SG-1000 version released as a ColecoVision proto via Team Pixelboy.
Only 5 protos exists.
Champion Ice Hockey - ColecoVision.dk

Thanks to retroillucid and Eduardo for some of the boxes and screenshots.
Also thanks to few Atariage members who is willing to continue to update this page.
Soon: ( Pacar - Star Command - Horse Racing - Bubble Bobble - Wizard Siege - Monster Bash - Arabian - Shifted - K.C.'s Mega Maze - Mr. Do's Wildride - The Castle - Hang On - Super Tank - Kangaroo ), and many others.

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