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Here at ColecoVision.dk, a lot of abbreviations are used.
Here on this page a selection has been collected.
Updated regularly.

What Do These abbreviations means?


CV = ColecoVision.
SGM or SGM1 = Super Game Module 1.
SGC or SGC1 = Super Game Cartridge / MegaCart 2.
MegaCart or MegaCart1 or MC1 = ColecoVision MegaCart.
SGM2/OMNI = Super Game Module2 / OMNI format.
SGC2 = Super Game Cartridge 2 / OMNI Format.
AA = AtariAge.
PMC = Pac-Man Collection.
DKA = Donkey Kong Arcade.
SIC = Space Invaders Collection.
CVG = CollectorVision Games.
TP = Team Pixelboy.
OPG = Opcode Games.
CPK = Cabbage Patch Kids.
BC QFT = Quest For Tires.
AE = Anti Environment.
SG = Super Game.
TWOTEF = The Way Of The Exploding Foot.
LBA = Lady Bug Arcade.
QFTGC = Quest For The Golden Chalice.
SH COD = Sydney Hunter And The Caverns Of Death.
WOW = Wizard Of Wor.
YAKF = Yie Ar Kung-Fu.
PCB = Printed Circuit Board.
DB9 = 80's Standard Joystick Port.

Last updated:

March 10, 2019.