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Internal ColecoVision Power supply.

Ikrananka have in 2010 built and tested an internal prototype power supply unit and it was then working great.
Is much lighter than the standard external ColecoVision brick and has the advantage of only requiring a standard household power cord to connect the ColecoVision to the mains supply.

Unfortunately, the cost of the power supply is more than $40 + shipping and so this mod is not cheap, particularly when you add in the cost of the other parts plus the time to complete it.

Ikrananka was in the process of documenting how to do the mod, along with a complete parts list, for those that wanted to do this for themselves.

This is still a work in progress and slipped down to Inkananka's priority list of things to do - so it is still incomplete.
That said, Ikrananka WILL finish this document by the end of the 2013.

Ikrananka have another three of these power supplies in the house and will be modding his other ColecoVisions.
Personally Ikrananka love his mod and he do not miss the brick at all.

ColecoVision Moon Patrol.

Ikrananka was in 2013 involved in the remaking of Matthew Householders Moon Patrol version.
Ikrananka was involved, together with others with the Title Screen, the Game Select Screen, Gameplay Status Area, updated Character Set and the updated Rocks.

The ColecoVision ROM Update Project.

Also in 2013 Ikrananka commenced a project to redump ALL of the commercially released ColecoVision cartridges (including publisher and regional variants).
It is a known fact that many of the ColecoVision ROM files and ROM file collections available in the public domain are a mess.
They include major inconsistencies, multiple incorrect versions, missing versions, bad dumps, overdumps, underdumps, etc.
The project seeks to rectify this situation by compiling the definitive ColecoVision ROM package for all titles that were commercially released throughout the 1980s.

In 2014 was this a reality.

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