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Claus Bækkel are born in 1973, he got his first computer in 1987, which was a Memotech MTX 512.
He first messed with many other computers, such as Spectravideo 328, MSX1, MSX2 + and Turbo-R.
Claus collect small retro computers and consoles.

It all started when he found his old Memotech in the attic approx around year 2000, and it had to life again.
Many of the games were away then he found out you could transfer them via a PC with RS232 and some clever programming in Qbasic and Basic + Assembler on the Memotech.
Later, he thought there might be other systems which resembled the Memotech in Hardware and came up with Colecovision.

Claus surfed around a bit and found that John Dondzilla, had released a couple of homebrews.
Claus was allowed to get the source code (assembly language) for his version of Space Invaders, and Claus got it converted to his Memotech.
It was shown in 2001.

Claus had no good emulator for his Memotech, so he had to use crossassembler on PC and send via RS232 to the Memotech.
It took some time to find bugs that way.

After Space Invasion, this was a bit quiet for approx. 2010, then he via Facebook found a lot of other Memotech fans, and Andy Key began to make a really good Memotech emulator.

Now, Colecovision have given little to Memotech could then Memotech probably also give a little to the Colecovision.

So from 2011 to 2013 disassembled Claus whole 5 Memotech Games.
The 4 of them: Kilopede, Mission Alphatron, Astro-Pac and Astromilon are on the "Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Vol.1" for Colecovision.
ROM takes up approx 30kb and has a classic Memotech blue screen in Text mode and the character set are also stolen from the Memotech.
You even get the classic "Ready Prompt" and the flashing cursor.

In parallel with this project, Claus have also managed to convert 3 more MSX games for the Memotech and one more for Colecovision.
The one more for Colecovision was Super Minefield.

Claus work with a U.S. Colecovision and Harvey's 32kb PCB for Colecovision.
A test socket is soldered on, so you can easily switch eprom on it.

Claus using an EEPROM (a chip that can be flashed many times, without the use of ultraviolet light), as well as a cheap eprom burner from China.

Claus is Danish, Grew up in Nord Falster in Denmark, but now resides in Ekeby, Skåne in Sweden.
Claus has his work in Denmark.

Claus is married Chinese and have 2 active kids.

And as Mr. Bækkel says about his hobby: I have the same problem like many other retro guys.
Therefore, he has following priority.

His family and his two kids as priority number 1.
2nd. came his Work, leave around 07:15 in the morning, and back again around 19:00.
And then his hobby.

Claus has reprogrammed following games for ColecoVision.


Memotech MTX vol. 1
Memotech MTX Vol. 2
Super Mine-Field
Comic Bakery
Super Pac-Man
Jump Land
Hole in One
(Surprise game 2017/18)


Webpage : Memotech MTX World
Youtube page: CrazyBossDK
To get in touch with Claus, try this: e-mail.