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Arnold C. Greenberg
President and Chief Executive Officer

Leonard E. Greenberg
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Executive Officers Melvin Y. Gershman
Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer
J. Brian Ckarke
ExecutiveVice President and Chief Operating Officer
Morton E. Handel
ExecutiveVice President + Administration and Finance
Philip Cohen
Senior Vice President
Martin E. Ehrlich
Senior Vice President
Martin S. Schwefel
Senior Vice President and General Counsel; Secretary
Paul C. Meyer
Vice President + Finance
Charles H. Murphy
Operating Executives
Coleco, United States.
Michael A. Appel
Vice President + Production Control
Marvin Berger
Vice President + Sales, Toys & Games
Eric D. Bromley
Vice President + Devopment
Alvin R. Brown
Vice President + Far East Operations
Frank Dempsey
Vice President + Purchasing
John J. Driska
Vice President + Manufacturing
Paul A. Dwyer
Vice President + Transportation
Douglas L. Glaspie
Vice President + Manufacturing
Lawrence H. Hewitt, SR.
Vice President + Distribution
Alfred R. Kahn
Vice President + Merchandising
Lawrence J. Karam
Vice President + Operations Planning, Electronics
Michael V. Katz
Vice President + Marketing Services
Michael R. Kirsch
Vice President + Sales, Water Products
Robert H. Leff
Vice President + Sales, Toys & Games
Ralph R. Ligouri
Vice President + Administration
James J. Pasquale
Vice President + Management Information Systems
John A. Passante
Vice President + Human Resources
Victor J. Ragusa
Vice President + Industrial Relations
Bert L. Reiner
Vice President + Product Development, Ride-Ons
Raymond H. Ringston
Vice President + Marketing Planning
Perry P. Rosenweig
Vice President + Sales Administration
Sidney Silverman
Vice President + Sales, Water Products
Charles B. Steeley
Vice President + International Marketing
Jerry D. Wood
Vice President + Preliminary
Mark L. Yoseloff
Vice President + Product Operations
Dino G. Zampini
Vice President + Electronic Manufacturing
Operating Executives
Coleco, (Canada) Limited.
J. Brian Clarke
Georges Dussault
Vice President + Operations
Gene M. Florio
Senior Vice President + Finance
Philip Harrison
Vice President + Markting
Michael F. Richards
Vice President + Sales
Pierre Rouette
Vice President + Engineering
M. U. (Rich) Tanner
Vice President + Materials Management
Operating Executives
Costal Industries, Inc.
Charles T. Schaub
Kenneth Cecil
Vice President + Sales
Lionel Frank
Vice President + Administration/Finance
Frank Miguorino
Vice President + Traffic & Warehousing
Morris Tarlow
Vice President + Sales
Bruce Rindzuner
Vice President + Sales
Frederic S. Rosenfeld
Vice President + Merchandising
Howard Uhde
Vice President + Production
Dr. Henry Young
Vice President + Technical Services
Corporate Headquarters.
945 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut 06105
(203) 278-0280
Manufacturing Facilities
And Distibution Centers
21 West Main Street
Mayfield, New York 12117
Coleco Park
Mayfield, New York 12117
80 Lincoln Street
Gloversville, New York 12078
Operations Center
2 Park Street
Amsterdam, New York 12010
10 Park Street
Amsterdam, New York 12010
37 Prospect Street
Amsterdam, New York 12010
50 Park Street
Amsterdam, New York 12010
31-35 Willow Street
Amsterdam, New York 12010
50 Willow Street
Amsterdam, New York 12010
Coleco (Canada) Limited
4000 St. Ambroise Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4C 2C8
Costal Industries, Inc.
190 Jony Drive
Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072
Company Sales Offices.
New York
200 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10010
4825 North Scott
Schiller Park, Illinois 60176
Los Ageles
1201 Bell Avenue
Tustin, California 92680
4000 St. Ambroise Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4C 2C8
5149 Bradco Boulevard
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4W2A6

Out of the company was also Bob Greenberg, another member of the Coleco family.

He worked for MicroSoft and left MicroSoft again in 1981, after helping the company with the development of a new version of BASIC.

When he left, he went on to help his family's company, Coleco Industries with development of the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, which became a huge hit.

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