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Bill Boutin is over 60 years old, married with three grown children and on disability.

Bill Boutin is a former electronics technician, and he have been fiddling with an old Colecovision video game and the game Burgertime off and on for some years now.
Bill built an interface that directly accessed the CPU and internal ROM through the expansion port.
He tudied the OS and used it to teach him basic Z80 programming.
So far Bill have written messages on the Tv. screen, used the controllers as inputs.
He even programmed the unit manually by entering code through the controllers and executing a simple program.

ColecoVision Interface by Bill Boutin...
One of the early interfaces.

Mr. Boutin's goal is to learn how the games are programmed by studying the Burgertime Game.
And also to be able to connect and control external devices through the expansion connector, such as simple robotics projects.

Bill is just started looking at it again after several years of sitting on the shelf, and so far Bill havenít yet got the game cartridge working.
Bill is also working on upgrading and rebuilding the interface/programmer.

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