Dina brand...
Dina Universal Video Game System.
Bit Corporation's Dina 2 in one.

People say it was Tsukada that original producing Othello Multivision, and SG 1000 also was the man behind Bit Corporation's Dina 2 in 1.
It was probably a simply Bit Corporation redesign of the original Chuang Zao Zhe 50.

The ColecoVision clone was in 1986 brought to North America by the American company Telegames.
Telegames changed the name to Telegames Personal Arcade, which could run ColecoVision and Sega SG 1000 games.
Dina was a redesigned version of the first version called Personal Arcade.
 Personal Arcade was a lot less than ColecoVision, it had not the clumsy Joysticks, but instead a few small spruce joypads a la Nintendo.
Behind the Personal Arcade is an expansions port, but Dina's configuration do that they will not use colecoVisions own equipment such as Turbo module.
But rumors will know that it might be possible to connect the Atari converter.

RF Out - Power - Joystick 1 and 2 - Expansionsport.

You could get a Dina via mail order for $ 40, - in the mid 80's.
If you decide to buy you a Dina today, it can sometimes recruited on e-bay.
It is also said that Dina would work fine on both TV systems, PAL and NTSC.

As seen in the image above.
There are 2 cartridges ports for both Sega SG-1000 and ColecoVision games.

Dina had a built in game, -Meteoric Shower from just the maker BIT Corp.
Meteoric Shower exist in a original Cartridge from 1983 with production number PG 903.
The cart is use for Bit 90 and ColecoVision and this game are extremely rare.

The Original Meteoric Shower Box For ColecoVision And Bit 90...    The Original Meteoric Shower Game Cartridge For ColecoVision And Bit 90...
The whole Telegames' stock of Dina 2 in 1 smoke for a stroll when a tornado crossed the spot in 1994.
Therefore are The Dina/Personal Arcade extremely rare and viewed for sale for several $, -on ebay.


Personal Arcade

Dina 2 in 1


Bit Corporation's BIT 60 og BIT 90.

The Taiwanese company Bit Corporation, was known as one of the biggest games copy pirates in the world.
They produced cloned machines and cartridges of the known, Nintendo, Sega, Atari and ColecoVision.
They even made their own little compact ADAM Computer, Bit 90.

Bit 90 was actually a Sega SG 3000 clone, but could easily run ColecoVision games.
With the adaptor on the back could Bit 90 also phase out the Atari 2600 games.
Technically, was Bit 90 equal to ColecoVision and very close to the real MSX 1 standard.
On the other hand, was Bit 60 an Atari clone who could settle the Atari 2600 games. Bit 60 was technically an Atari 400.


Collage made by: ColecoVision.dk
Newest clone found is this Chinese ColecoVision clone called "Follow Me".
The clone was made back in the 80's by a company named Enkun.
The system will not work on any western tv system.
Note the cartridge is pictured Mr. Do!, but could in fact contain more games than the displayed image.

The Nintendo styled controllers do not offer any severity.

No severity, only player 1 or 2...
The switch in the middle of the console says either player 1 or 2.
The hardware in the clone detects the following numbers 1 and 5.
If you wanna play a 2 player game, just set your switch in 2 - play before turning the game on.
The hardware detects now number 5 for a 2 player game.

ColecoVision clone - Onyx Bios...

Another ColecoVision clone was this prototyped Onyx.
It was made by MicroDigital Eletrônica Ltda. in São Paulo, Brazil.
Only a few were produced, and this was designed for their market.
MicroDigital abandoned the Onyx project, because they thought it would be too expensive for the Brazilian market.
Few exist today and has managed to get one of them to work.
MicroDigital also produced games for their ColecoVision clone, these pirate game was all original ColecoVision games which was changed to Portuguese.
reached only its test stage and was never produced and sold.

Onyx, the prototyped ColecoVision clone...

Another ColecoVision clone, also from brazil was this one.

SpliceVision looks more primitive in comparison with the Onyx.

ColecoVision Flashback By: AT Games...
ColecoVision Flashback is based on Plug 'n Play.
This device has no cartridge port for real physical ColecoVision games.
But has instead built-in 60 games.

Original releases:

Alphabet Zoo
Artillery Duel
Blockade Runner
Brain Strainers
Bump 'n' Jump
Cosmic Avenger
Flipper Slipper
Fortune Builder
Frantic Freddy
Gateway to Apshai
Gust Buster
Jumpman Junior
Jungle Hunt
Miner 2049er
Montezuma's Revenge
Motocross Racer
Mountain King
Nova Blast
Oil’s Well
Omega Race
Pepper II
Quest for Quintana Roo
Sammy Lightfoot
Sir Lancelot
Space Fury
Space Panic
Squish ‘Em Featuring Sam
Super Cross Force
Telly Turtle
The Dam Buster
The Heist
Tomarc the Barbarian
Tournament Tennis
War Room
Wing War


Bankruptcy Builder
Destructor (Standard Controller Edition)
Module Man
Monster Masher
Ms. Space Fury
Princess Quest
Schlange CV
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 2
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 3
Shunting Puzzle

Coming Soon...

Coleco Chameleon - Mike Kennedy and
CV 1.2 - Harvey deKleine
JuiceBox 2016 - Fred Kono
CV Uno - Bmack - project 1
HB Vision - Fabf
ColecoVision Phoenix Video Game System - Bmack - project 2 CollectorVision Games

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