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Sitename:  ColecoVision.dk
Member of: Opcode Super Game Club, and CollectorVision
Experience Club.
Location:  Aalborg, Denmark, Europe.
Site Hosted at: One.Com Group AB.
Server: Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe.

Where Is Denmark Located, YouTube Video:  Geography Now! Denmark.
A Family's Report, YouTube Video:  Travelin' Young.
Living Danishly, YouTube Video:  Inspiring Ideas.

Purpose: To unite all who are interested in the old ColecoVision Video Game System worldwide.
ColecoVision.dk support and working closely together with the ColecoVision homebrew community.

If you have any questions, any news, gifts or other related, are you more than welcome to write and edit topics on ColecoVision.dk
Just send it to ColecoVision.dk, and it will be updated regularly.



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