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Guy Foster


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Guy Foster is from Montreal, Canada.
Guy is a member of Adamcon.
He started first to program on the ColecoVision by writing really small programs in order to learn about the graphics modes.

A demo for the Adamcon meeting at July 2005.

Guy wrote a bunch of small graphical demos, and the Adamcon was actually a mix of several of demos all into one.
He had planning on doing some scrolling effect at the bottom with different colors rotating in and out, but instead was it letters and numbers in a waveform.

He also wrote a few other demos which probably haven't been showed.

Guy's first game was: Space Hunter.

Space Hunter was actually a game Guy programmed 24 years ago when he was 12 years old on a Timex Sinclair 1000.

When Guy started programming for the Colecovision, he was a bit nostalgic about the good old days of the Coleco and 8-bit CPUs.
So Guy decided to rename his Coleco game to "Space Hunter", as a tribute to his first ever game that he programmed.

The game above is reprogrammed by a Dutch programmer in 2013 and released as CIB via CollectorVision.

Gulkave By Sega.

Guy worked really hard at Gulkave for ColecoVision, but it was never completed.
It was supposed to be a port from a SG-1000 game, but he was over his head with it, it was too complex and Guy's ressources were limited.

Gulkave is a space shooter game.
It's filled with action and very hard and fast to play.
In 2005 was is 98 % done.

After negotiations with Luc at Team Pixelboy and OpCode Games, they all agreed about to complete the development of the game.

Luc makes a deal with Guy Foster for the right to make Gulkave complete and launch the game to the market.

Gulkave was released complete in box in 2010 via Team Pixelboy.

Another game he worked on from 2008 was: Boxed-In.

Also a ColecoVision compatible controller board, was in his mind, but no news about it.

He also bought an arcade Gorf machine which he intends to restore as a sort of techie project.
The Gorf cabinet was hacked, re-painted, and changed so it ain't original at all.

Guy got back into Coleco programming by starting Boxed-In, but he never completed it due to family obligations...
"A full-time job, a full-time wife who doesn't share the same passion, also 3 kids, so the time is hard to come by", but Guy do his best to be as efficient as possible.

Guy Foster can be hard to contact, but try via AtariAge.
Youtube Channel: