SGC2 = Super Game Cartridge 2.
The New 2021 Version.


In the year of 2021 Opcode Games chose to manufacture a completely new design for his new ColecoVision PCB for his new upcoming ColecoVision Cartridges.

This new little wonder is his latest and present PCB.
The new 2021 version replaces the previous 2016 version which was also named SGC2.

After Eduardo at Opcode Games dropped its big project SGM2 / SGM PRO / Prometheus / OMNI, he started designing a new PCB for his new cartridge shell.

OMNI was Opcode Games big Console project with teams, investors and developers leaded by Victor Trucco.
SGM2 was a downscaled project on an advanced tier, with improved graphics and sound.
So no F18A graphics and no thundering bass, mesmerizing music, and crystal-clear digitized voice.

Many games were then also planned to be able to work on the SGM2.

For example:

DKA, Pac-Man DX, Moon Cresta, Moon Patrol, Time Pilot Arcade, Popeye Arcade, Gradius, Galaga, Lady Bug and Mr. Do!.

So Eduardo at Opcode Games dropped also the SGM2 and started all over again.

The new PCB design.

Inside in your ColecoVision game cartridge from Opcode Games is there a little Printed Circuit Board mounted.
This little Printed Circuit Board inside this cartridge stores or contains your game.
Opcode Games call this Printed Circuit Board for their new upcoming ColecoVision games for Super Game Cartridge or shortened to SGC.

This new SGC is powered with a very avanced Bank switching and with Save features be a lot advanced.
Save functions is based on EEPROM, with data retention of 100 years and endurance of 1 million write cycles.

With that means you are able to play the game 1 million times on average before the EEPROM fails, so no need for battery at all.
The new ColecoVision Super Game Cartridge can also be used with regular ColecoVision games.

So with this new Cartridge design and this new 2021 PCB, will this together with SGM1 from Opcode Games now have integrated these functions.
And all future ColecoVision games from Opcode Games will require the Super Game Module 1 and the use of the new Super Game Cartridge.
These 2 things belongs together if the game itself is from Opcode Games' own label.

New and upcoming games for this new Gray Cartridge with related PCB with Saving Features is:

DKA - The Goonies - Popeye - Phoenix - Knightmare - Pac-Man DX - Lady Bug - Amidar - Moon Cresta - Time Pilot - Gradius - DKA Jr.

Also Opcode’s back catalog that includes more than 40 games including Color Line titles, are planned to be gradually brought back with all the new features.

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Last updated:

February 10, 2024.