Super Game Module 2 = Advanced Expansion Module 2.
Super Game Cartridge 2 = More avanced games with Digital Save Function.


You can say, do I need an original and upgraded ColecoVision with more RAM and avanced Graphics and Sound. ?
In this case, will this new and upcoming ColecoVision Super Game Module version 2 be hard to come by. :)

The new Super Game Module version 2 from Opcode Games & Electronics, is a new hardware for use with our ColecoVision video game console.
It is a talented team of good people in Brazil there is working together with Opcode Games & Electronics.

The hardware in the SGM2 version is Eduardo's product under his own label.

Opcode Games' plan is now to produce an even more advanced module, with HDMI out.
HDMI out is not just for SGM2 compatible games, but for ANY ColecoVision game.

The new hardware from Opcode Games is almost a complete Video Game System, and VSC1 is the first custom-designed chip designed specifically for the ColecoVision in SGM2, and can only work together with a original ColecoVision.
So this little wonder is called SGM2, that means that this version needs to be plugged in your original ColecoVision via the Expansion slot, just like SGM1.
All upcoming games from Opcode Games will work both on ColecoVision and Phoenix VGS format.
The game automatically detects your hardware and adjusts video and audio features accordingly.
Upcoming games from Opcode Games is SGM2 Supported, which means you can still enjoy them using your SGM1, and when you feel it is time to upgrade, you will already have a sizeable collection of SGM2 compatible games!

Opcode Games will upgrade the ColecoVision to mid-80's arcade-level quality, and will use technology consistent with the late 80's.
The plan is to create a natural evolution of the ColecoVision hardware, with components that are backward compatible and similar in architecture to the original ColecoVision chipset.

AVDP Graphics and APSG Audio:

Super smooth scrolling being generated from the hardware.
Two sprite modes, legacy and the new Arcade Sprites.
Arcade Sprites mode offers twice the color depth, allowing for three colors per sprite.
Twice as many sprites onscreen are now possible in Arcade Sprites mode, doubling the sprites from 32 to 64.
Limitation in number of sprites per scan line was addressed and removed from both the new Arcade Sprites mode and the legacy sprites modes, so ALL ColecoVision games can now be enjoyed free of sprite flickering!
Color selection has been vastly improved. Now up to 80 different colors can be display onscreen simultaneously, selectable from a range of 4096 available colors.
The new Video Processor Unit VPU, a kind of graphics co-processor, can change video settings on the fly based on scan line or column positions.

The VSC1 also includes a robust Advanced Programmable Sound Generator APSG.
Not only is it expanded from three to nine channels, but, for the first time, each channel can be programmed with a different waveform in order to simulate distinct instruments such as drums.
Expect wall-rattling explosions and even crisp, clear digitized voice!

So it is a significant upgrade in terms of sound and opportunities.

And in a combination together with the new SGM2, is a new cartridge PCB for all new and upcoming games from Opcode Games ready.
This new PCB are named Super Game Cartridge 2 or just SGC2.
SGC2 PCB stores the main ROM and the Save Game Feature.

SGC2 is powered with a very avanced Bank switching and with Save features be a lot advanced.
The Save function is based on EEPROM, with data retention of 100 years and endurance of 1 million write cycles.

With that means you are able to play the game 1 million times on average before the EEPROM fails.

Many new programmers has opened their eyes for the Super Game Module, both for version 1 and now for version 2.
They already know they can detect the 24 kb. of RAM, and the AY sound chip in SGM1 for a nice and different sound than we were used to.
Some programmers are skilled at combining the SN and AY sound chips for even more varied sound.
But the ultimate Stereo sound will undoubtedly come from the new SGM2.

Programmers don't need to stop at the 32kb. barrier.
Is the game bigger than the 32kb., is Opcode Games & Electronics ready with both the MegaCart1, (MC1) and the Super Game Cartridge (SGC1).
MegaCart1 supports both ColecoVision and the Super Game Module.
Same for Super Game Cartridge 2, this will also work for the original ColecoVision and the Phoenix VGS.

Eduardo at Opcode Games has already ported several games from the previous MSX1 and Sega SG-1000 titles, and some of those are already available for our ColecoVision for years.

Previous games released under the Opcode Games label is: Space Invaders Collection, Sky Jaguar, Yie Ar Kung-Fu I and II, Magical Tree, Road Fighter, Pac-Man Collection, Gradius and Penguin Adventure.
They are all hard to come by, but you don't need to fear.

From now on, all Opcode Games releases will support the SGM2.

The entire back catalog from Opcode Games will also be re-released with support for the SGM2 features.

There are also plans for a Remasters series, upgrading those original ColecoVision classics to support the new SGM2 features.
Remasters series games will be offered as perks exclusively to Opcode Club members. You can also expect some 3rd party support to be announced soon.

Non released, but originally planned was new versions of: Galaga, Super Hang On, Hyper Rally, Time Pilot, Lady Bug, Frogger, Popeye, Pengo, DKA, Pac-Man DX, Space Invaders DX and Track & Field 2.
Eduardo do also convert games for CollectorVision Games and Team Pixelboy.
Some with the SGM features, and also many before the SGM came out, those will also be re-released with SGM features.


SGM1 = Super Game Module 1
SGM2 = Super Game Module 2
= Super Game Cartridge 1
= Super Game Cartridge 2

OPG = Opcode Games
TP = Team Pixelboy
CVG = CollectorVision Games

ColecoVision Super Game Titles, requires at least the SGM1 or Phoenix VGS.

Following Super Games
released by:
Following Super Games
Following Budget Super Games
released by:
Following Budget Super Games
Following Original ColecoVision
Super Games Released:
Following Original ColecoVision Games
Planned For Super Games:
The Remaster Series. (RMS).

Zaxxon Super Game 2013 by: TP
Dragon's Lair 2013 by: TP
King's Valley 2013 TP by: OPG
Thexder 2013 TP by: OPG
Rollerball 2013 CVG by: OPG
Buck Rogers Super Game 2014 TP.
Galaga 2014 CVG
Goonies 2014 TP by: OPG
Subroc Super Game 2014 TP
Twinbee 2014 TP by: OPG
Comic Bakery 2014 TP
Zanac 2015 CVG by: OPG
Knightmare 2015 TP by: OPG
Spelunker 2015 TP
Stone Of Wisdom 2015 TP
Super Pac-Man 2016 TP
Mappy 2016 TP by: OPG
Rally-X 2016 TP by: OPG
Caos Begins 2016 TP
Majikazo 2016 TP
Knight Lore 2016 TP
Mecha 9 2016 TP
Operation Wolf 2016 TP
Star Soldier CVG 2016 by: OPG
Jumpland 2016 CVG
Sasa 2016 CVG
Kung Fu Master 2016 CVG by: OPG
Gradius SGC 2016 by: OPG
Gradius SGC2 2021 SGM2 by: OPG
Penguin Adventure SGC 2016 OPG
Monster House 2017 CVG
Hole in One 2017 CVG
Sparkie 2017 CVG
Loco Motion 2017 CVG
Juno First 2017 CVG
Ghostbusters 2017 TP by: OPG
Secrets Of Moai 2017 TP by: OPG
King & Balloon 2017 TP OPG
Children Of The Night 2017 TP
Wizard Of Wor 2017 TP
Zombie Incident 2017 TP
Arkanoid 2018 CVG
Gauntlet 2019 TP
1942 2019 TP
Uridium 2019 TP
Booming Boy 2019 TP
The Cure 2019 TP
Ghost 2019 TP
Prisoner Of War 2019 TP
Donkey Kong 3 CVG
Arcomage 2019 TP
Bomber King 2019 TP

Space Shuttle 2019 TP
Dig Dug SGC by: OPG
Donkey Kong Jr. SGC by: OPG
Pengo SGC by: OPG
DKA 2021 SGM2 by: OPG
Moon Patrol ?
Pole Position ?
Popeye SGC by: OPG
Xevious ?
Gyruss ?
Donkey Kong II ?
Lady Bug Arcade SGC by: OPG
Time Pilot Arcade SGC by: OPG
Frogger Arcade SGC by: OPG
Pac-Man DX SGC by: OPG
Space Invaders DX SGC by: OPG

Warp & Warp 2016 by: OPG
Bosconian 2016 by: OPG
Tank Battalion 2016 by: OPG
Caverns of Titan
2017 TP
Cold Blood
SGM 2017 TP
Danger Tower 2017 TP
Deep Dungeon Adventure
2017 TP
Heroes Arena 2017 TP
2017 TP
Shmup ! 2017 TP
2017 TP
Stray Cat 2017 TP
Traffic Jam
2017 TP
Txupinazo ! 2017 TP
Pacar 2017 TP
Champion Pro Wrestling 2017 TP
Guardic by: 2017 by: OPG
Penguin Wars 2017 by: OPG
2018 by: OPG
Yie Ar Kung Fu II 2018 by: OPG
Sweet Acorn by: OPG
Xyzolog by: OPG

Door Door by: OPG
Bokosuka Wars by: OPG
Choro Q by: OPG
Mouser by: OPG
Cabbage Patch Kids by: OPG
Ghost House by: OPG
Godzilla by: OPG
Mobile Planet Styllus by: OPG
Dorodon by: OPG
High Way Star by: OPG
Bull & Mighty by: OPG
Bank Panic TP by: OPG
Circus Charlie TP by: OPG
Front Line SCE TP by: OPG
Ghostbusters TP by: OPG
Golgo 13 TP by: OPG
Gulkave TP by: OPG
King & Balloon TP by: OPG
King's Valley TP by: OPG
Knightmare TP by: OPG
Konami's Ping-Pong TP by: OPG
Mappy TP by: OPG
Mopiranger TP by: OPG
Ninja Princess TP by: OPG
Rally-X TP by: OPG
Secret of the Moai TP by: OPG
Star Force TP by: OPG
The Goonies TP by: OPG
Thexder TP by: OPG
Track & Field 1 TP by: OPG
TwinBee TP by: OPG
Wonder Boy TP by: OPG


The SGM2 releases in late 2022 at an estimated retail price of less than $130,-
DKA will probably be sold around late in 2021, and probably cost around $ 70,- each plus shipping.

As opportunities are now, you will have a combined system consisting of your existing ColecoVision, as well as an advanced expansion module.
You keep your original classic ColecoVision and with expansions, you will have access to all new extended ColecoVision Super Games.

ColecoVision.dk has nothing to do with the sale and production of the Super Game Module 2, nor even the Super Game Cartridge.
All questions should be directed to:
Opcode Games

The SGM Module 1 and 2 belongs to Opcode Games & Electronics.
All images and all text in this documentation is published by: Eduardo Mello, Opcode Games and reproduced by ColecoVision.dk

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