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Bruce Tomlin lives in Austin, Texas.

Bruce is most related to old computer systems, but also to Atari and Sega Genesis, where he from 2004 to 2007 made the game "Tube".

Bruce is a clever programmer, and he can handle several OS and Applications for computers.

One of his first projects was to optimize the old Colecovision video game system.
Bruce has also made PCB boards for Atari and Genesis
Later, he among others also made a joystick tester.
Code for both can be found on his website.

Bruce was also the one who made the schematic for the ColecoVision Driving Module and ColecoVision Roller Controller.

In 2007 was he also the man who started up the big Sega SG-1000 game "The Black Onyx" for our ColecoVision.
The Black Onyx was almost ported, but some unfortunate events led Bruce to abandon the project.
Bruce went through the trouble of translating all the japanese texts to english.

Bruce posted his source code on the AtariAge forums so that anyone else could compile his port into a usable ROM file.
Team Pixelboy contacted a programmer that would do the job on condition that he remained anonymous.
Eduardo Mello at Opcode Games was first attached to the project in the past, then Stephen Seehorn.
But at the end was it Team Pixelboy with his anonymous programmer that was the one that did the actual job.

The game have now its new password system replaced together with a EEPROM savegame chip.
A read/write routine, in addition to some beta-testing and minor bug fixing.

The Black Onyx was finally released in 2013 through Team Pixelboy.

Back in 2005 began Bruce on a very big RPG project.
It promised fine but after 4 years of programming it had unfortunately no interest anymore.
The RPG game was never named.

And as Bruce said in 2009:
"And for those who are thinking the question, the chance of this ever making it to the Colecovision is pretty low.
It's not zero, since a lot of the engine code has already been written".
Screenshots from the unnamed RPG prototyped vaporware game.

So whether the game will be resumed again is unknown, but perhaps publishers will embrace it.

The newest from Mr. Tomlin's hand is a version of Girls Garden.

Girls Garden is originally a SEGA SG-1000 release.
Converted from the Japanese edition, and was published through Team Pixelboy back in 2010.

However, I am not sure if Bruce ever has programmed games for CollectorVision Games.

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