Z 80 Assembly Programming Course




This ColecoVision MegaCart was produced by Eduardo Mello's regulations.





    Ademir Carchano
    Albert Yarusso
    Alfonso D. C.
    Andy Key
    Anthony Henderson
    Arnold Hendrick
    Arturo Ragozini
    Au Nguyen
    Benjamin Heckendorn
    Bill Boutin
    Bill Loguidice
    Bill Rose
    Bob Lennes
    Bruce Tomlin
    Bryan Edewaard
    Charles-Mathieu Boyer
    Charles Morgan
    Chopeta Lyons
    Chris Derrig

Here is a lot of info about many ColecoVision homebrew projects and the people behind.

Are you one of those 140 people in the left menu ?.
Some of you worked for Coleco Industries, others private, for fun, as a Hobby and very serious in your work.

Are you involved in programming, manufacturing of ColecoVision games, graphics, hardware, software production of boxes, manuals, labels or other related.

Would you like to share it. ? Please send your story to ColecoVision.dk.
ColecoVision.dk will be more than happy to publish it.

Please include a photo of yourself, screenshots of your Coleco / Adam work(s), and tell about and how you have contributed to the Coleco related stuff.

ColecoVision.dk is simply trying to unite your all in a local place, with the ability to contact each other and see each other's work.

It will be updated continuously while the data comes in.

The list in left is shown in alphabetical order.

Thank You !

Ole Nielsen.
ColecoVision Denmark.


If you think you no longer will be on this Homebrew Section, please contact ColecoVision.dk so you can be deleted.
Also, please contact ColecoVision.dk if there is something that needs to be corrected and
/ or clarified.

This Homebrew Section was made long before the Social media and many of these sites here are no longer updated.

Last updated June 05, 2018.

    Chris Coles
    Chuck Woolery ?
    Claus Bækkel
    Dale Crum
    Dale Wick
    Dan Boris
    Daniel Bienvenu
    Daniel Kruszyna
    Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Vik
    Dave Johnson
    Dave Stern
  David Hwang
  David Schultz
  Debra Martorelli
  Debra Lazarus
    Dennis Sustare
    Eduardo Mello
    Eric Bromley
    Florent Bedoiseau
    Frank Emanuele
    Frank Lam
    "Fred The Fred"
    Fred Quimby
    George Kiss
    Gerry Brophy
    Guy Foster
    Harvey deKleine
    Howard Eglowstein
    Jay Tilton
    Jean-François Dupuis
    Jean-Michel GIRARD
    Jean-Philippe MEOLA
  Jeff Frohwein
  Jennell Jaquays
    Jeroen Van Schaik
    Jess Ragan
    Jim Martinez
    Joe Angiolillo
    Joe Grand
    Joe Santulli
    John Dondzila
    Joseph Kollar
    Joshua Bence
    Keith Erickson
    Ken Legace
    Kevin Horton
    Laurie Shifrin
    Larry Cole
    Lawrence Schick
    Leo Gray
    Leo Olbrych
    Luc Miron
    Ludovic Jacomme
    Marat Fayzullin
    Marcel De Kogel
    Marc Oberhäuser
    Mark Callahan
    Mark Mazure
    Mary Higgins
    Mathieu Boyer
    Mathieu Proulx
    Matthew Hagerty
    Matthew Householder
    Michael Doherty
    Michael Dullum
    Michael Green
    Michel Louvet
  Mike Ward
  Nathan Kozlowski
    Neal Danner
    Nicolas Campion
    Noam Chomsky
    Norman Nithman
    Oliver Puschatzki
    Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez
    Patrick Aubry
    Paul Ahrens
    Paul Jaquays
    Paulo Silva
    Phil Boland
    Philipp Klaus Krause
    Randy Green
    Richard F. Drushel
    Ricardo Bittencourt
    Ricardo Oazem
    "Revival Studios"
  Rob Jepson
  Rob Schenk
    Robert Bessel
    Rolland Rizzo
    Russell Kumro
    Sam Overton
    Sandra Tirone
    Sean Kelly
    Sebastian Mihai
    Serge Èric Tremblay
    Stephen Seehorn
    Steve Bégin
    Steve Margison
    Steve Perlman
    Stuart Russell
    Sylvain De Chantal
    Toby St-Aubin
    Toby Corey
    Todd Scheele
    Todd Spangler
    Tom Fulton
    Tony Cruise
    Ventzislav Tzvetkov
    Vincent Godefroy
    Vincent van Dam
    Yannick Proulx
  Walter B
  William Hicks Jr.
    Zachary Smith