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Isn’t 200$ expensive for a ColecoVision console ?
A While we understand it may not be for everyone out there, we also think there’s more than enough ColecoVision fans out there willing to make a project like this to happen.
Q Will it come with any new ColecoVision controller(s) ?
A No, we prefer to focus first and foremost on the console itself and make it completely right.
Q Are you ever going to make a new controller available ?
A Definitely! We are going to start designing a brand new comfortable & reliable controller as soon as the console is available.
Q Why the ColecoVision ?
A Unfortunately the ColecoVision systems today can be unreliable, and with the original RF connections are not ideal for today’s gamer.
Q Is the CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System an open source ?
A Yes, anyone can add ANY features/enhancements to it!
Q Is the CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System in ANY way affiliated and/or authorized by River West Brands ?
A No, The CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System is not affiliated and/or licensed by River West Brands. It is designed & manufactured by CollectorVision Games Inc.
Q What is the F18A Video Enhancement ?
A This provides an improved video output as well as several extra features like eliminating sprite flicker, improved color palettes, and hardware scrolling capabilities.
Q What is the Opcode Games SGM (Super Game Module™) ?
A This provides the extra RAM, and doubles the ColecoVision Sound capabilities with 4 additional sound channels.
Q What is the SEX7264 “COURTNEY” Wavetable Sound Generator (WSG) ?
A SEX7264 “COURTNEY” is an expanded Wave Sound Generator module to provide even more sound capability that can be added to new games.
Q Do you have any experience at all with injection mold tooling ?
A Yes, in fact, we do own an injection mold tooling for ColecoVision cartridge shell for about 10 years. We have also been providing brand new cartridge shells to other homebrewers for years.
Q Will the system be cross compatible ?
A We're developping our own system so we can freely make the games we want.
Q Will the system be backwards compatible and different going forwards ?
A Yes, correct, this system is focused more on giving the community a better more reliable way to play primarily colecovision games as well as other systems.
Q So it's an FPGA based board isn't it ?
A Yes, it is FPGA based.
Q Will the MSX, SMS etc "support" be in the form of accepting SD cards with ROMs or cartridge slots (or both) ?

ColecoVision have a cartridge port and you can still load games from the SD card. The other systems will load games from the SD card only, so no cartridge port.

Q Will the system provide connectors for SMS, Atari 2600 and MSX cartridges ?
A The plan is to only have one cartridge slot for ColecoVision. The other systems will play games off of the SDcard.
Q Will the system come with controllers? If so, what kind ?
A It will not come with controller(s), although, we're working on brand new controller.
Q Will it work with standard CV controllers ?
A Yep, will works with original CV Controllers.
Q There is no expansion port for Expansion module #1 Atari 2600 adapter ?
A You don't need the Module #1 Atari2600 Adapter since it's already built-in the console via SD card.
Q Will it be compatible with the Atari 2600 paddle controllers when the Atari 2600 is added to the FPGA core ?
A If it support the Driving Module, it will works with out Paddle Controller.
Q Why selected a PS/2 interface for keyboard input when all modern keyboards are USB ?
A The PS/2 interface was used since there was already support for it built in. In order to keep the costs down we decided not to use the USB.
Q My question is how the plug for the Roller Controller will be handled ?
A The plan is for the Roller controller and driving module to be supported although it may require the power input harness from a donor ColecoVision to provide power to the Roller Controller.
Q Does or could this future console have some sort of pause button ?
A We don't think there is a plan to have a physical button for pause for this system.
Q Regarding the Spinner. How will the Standard Controller be attached for keypad control, will the keypad controller go in port 2 ?
A That is correct, you need a controller plugged into the controller port #2
Q Is Moldex involved! do they working on the enclosure designs ?
A Moldex is only going to make the casing, not the design itself, it's done by us.
Q Can I still use my original controllers ?
A Yes Original controllers will still work.
Q Since it is more powerful then the original 1982 ColecoVision one might want to call it a "ColecoVision II" ?
A The official name was: ColecoVision HD Video Game System. The new name is CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System.
Q What does the HD stand for ?
A HD refers to the High Definition Output = HDMI.
Q Can I use a regular SNES controller ?
A Yes, you will be able to use a standard SNES controller.
Q Finding 100% functional PS2 keyboards in the wild is going to be hard ?
A It's not that hard to find a brand new PS2 keyboard nowadays.
Q Is there ESD protection for the Controllers ?
A There is ESD protection for the controllers is on the bottom of the PCB board.
Q Is it okay to change cartridges with the system still powered on ?
A I wouldn't change the physical cartridge with the system power on.
Q Will Phoenix VGS come with a Box and Instructions ?
A The system will have a manual. We would like to have a box, but due to cost constraints it will probably be some sort of stretch goal.
Q Just curious, will the Phoenix VGS also fix the flicker in Atari 2600 ROM games ?
A  It's pretty unlikely to fix the flicker in 2600 ROM games on the Phoenix console.
Q Will there be any warranty or support for this product ?
A We give a limited warranty which is only for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.
Q Is the Limited ADAM Edition molded in grey or is it just a black standard console painted in grey ?
A The Limited Edition is molded with the ADAM colors. It is not painted.
Q What's the DB25 for ?
A That's the Expansion Port.
Q About the Expansion port. Is it the same as the original ColecoVision signal-wise or something else ?
A No it is not the same pinout as the original ColecoVision. The expansion port provides +5V, +3.3V, GND and 21 FPGA IO pin access. This allows us to use the expansion port for many different options.
Q Will the original colecovision Expansion module #1 work with the Phoenix ?
A No, the EM #1 Atari Adapter not work with the Phoenix, but we will make a Atari2600 Cartridge Adapter for the Phoenix if there's enough interests.
Q Will this system require separate SD cards for Atari 2600 and ColecoVision or can one mix both system roms in one SD card ?
A You will only need 1 sd card. You won't have to switch back and forth.
Q What about Arcade sounds, and how close to exact Arcade sounds could you get ?
A Our custom chip support everything Arcade can do, and more, and his include in-game speech like Gorf, Wizard of Wor etc...
Q Will Phoenix VGS basically have MAME inside of it ?
A No the arcade implementation isn't MAME. The arcade cores are recreations of the arcade circuits in the same way the phoenix recreates the Colecovision.
Q Are you guys building your own Arcade core from scratch ?
A Yes, we do.
Q Will the Phoenix be a product that continues to be available for purchase for the foreseeable future ?
A We might have to do pre-orders with batches being made after the produced systems run out.
Q Will the Phoenix come in a box with artwork ?
A No we will not have a "box" for the system. It is something we can look into offering at a later time though if there is enough interest.
Q How many games will be available at the launch of the Phoenix ?
A The system comes pre-loaded with 10 Homebrew ColecoVision games and 1 physical pack in game.
Q Do most ColecoVision games have flicker on original hardware ? I know the F18A takes care of that, but just curious if it was pretty common.
A I would say there are a good amount of games that flicker. Some of the bad offenders are BurgerTime, Tapper, and Roc 'n Rope.
Q Does the Phoenix with the F18A option fix the flicker ?
A As long as the game itself isn't programmed to explicitly flicker. If the game is programmed to only have 4 active sprites vs changing the order of the visible sprites, then the F18a wouldn't fix the flicker.
Q Is the Intellivision core based on Kevtris' work ?
A No, there are no open source Intellivision cores at the moment.
Q My lazy ass would love a wireless solution ?
A The system is compatible with the 8bitdo SNES retro receiver, so you should be able to use all the controllers that are compatible with it.
Q How many units were sold in the first round ?
A A fully functioning released game console that looks and plays fantastic, sold out first run of nearly 500 units.
Q I really hope not many TVs have issues with the 480p of the Phoenix.
A The video on the ColecoVision core is actually 640x480 at 59.94Hz, which is why some TVs are having issues.
Q Will there be enough orders for a second run, If not will my payment get refunded ?
A If we ended up not doing a 2nd run, we'll fully refund everyone. So if you're considering getting a unit, this will the final batch.
Q Will the Phoenix console have injection-molded plastic enclosures ?
A Yes the early access will have injection molded parts.
Q Is the SNES port only meant to be used with the NTT Data pad ? How do you hit the number keys with a regular SNES pad ?
A The way it is setup on the Phoenix is the Controller ports, PS2 keyboard, and SNES controller are all active at the same time. So you can use all 3 at the same time to control player 1.
Q The caracteristic you put for the Phoenix, are the one coming directly from the F18A ? Or it is something additional ?
A Yes, it's coming from F18A, and Yes, it can display 256x240.
Q I know we got Atari 2600, any plans to support Atari 7800 ?
A I guess you can say it's on our checklist.
Q What is ''Game Wafer Pack'' series ?
A Game Wafer Pack are enhanced ColecoVision games, with enhanced graphics, music and more screens, features and extra levels.
Q Is FPGA emulation ?
A FPGA is truly hardware, it is not "emulation" or "simulation" like you think of with software emulators.
Q Will Phoenix VGS run all of the Super Game ROM images from an SD card ?
A It depends on the game size. The Phoenix only has 500K SRAM. Also some games have no known dumps. But it should run all games from cartridge.
Q I think a newer configuration or update of the HDMI output is needed ? I can by no means split the audio signal to analog output.
A We are working on an update to the video output to make it more compatible. Unfortunately it isn't a simple change, but we are working on it.
Q Great news about the intellivision core. Would we need original controllers or would a SNES or ColecoVision controller work fine ?
A The controller we'll design is going to be a solution for both ColecoVision and Inty, -even 2600.
Q What size is the SD card that comes with the Phoenix ?
A It is 2GB, but you can always swap out the micro SD card if you want more.
Q Why can't I get any picture on my screen. ?
A Not all screens are the same, try to use another one, also you might be sure your SD card is pushed all the way into the adapter.
Q I would like to do some testing of PS/2 keyboards with my Phoenix and I was wondering what keyboard keys/functions can be tested with the Phoenix and the cores in their current form ?

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