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Phoenix Video Game System is a brand new Video Game Console from CollectorVision Games.
1st run: Early Access Beta buyers was released in August 2019.
Also a 1st batch run: Non-early Access units will be shipping in the end of October 2019.
CollectorVision Games will need to have a minimum number of pre-orders (50) from the 2nd batch before they can do a second production run.
So it is unclear exactly when the 2nd production run will start (2020).




     Status  100% (90%)

No 10% Box for the System.
10% Power Supply.
10% HDMI Cable.
10% Boxed Pack-in Game.
10% Console PCB.
10% Manual For The System.
10% Face Plate Labels.
10% Case for the System.
10% Firmware.
10% SD Card.





Phoenix Video Game System and Phoenix logo is and by:
CollectorVision Games, Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A. and Montreal, Quebec Canada.
2016 - 2019.