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This was a big arcade project.
An CBS Colecovision in a rebuild Arcade Cabinet.
This is not an Emulator, but the real stuff.
The project was started November 2006.


   I bought this old Cabinet from a dealer called OK Automater here in Denmark
   In the cabinet was there a Neo Geo PCB with Samurai Shodown III and Goal Goal Goal.
   They were removed before I bought the cabinet.
   The InterVideo monitor from Italy did not work, and the associated motherboard.
   Compu Game in Denmark produced this cabinet way back in the 80s.
   The name of the cabinet was called: Luxus II.

Click for larger images below, resolution in HD 1920 x 1080 For 16:9.

Here can you see the Compu Game control panel.
You can see there are 2 Joysticks, 9 push buttons and 2 player buttons.
And these are all working, But i removed them for another types.

So i started to disconnect all the push buttons and the two joysticks.
The top-marquee and the big door in the front.
This wass a work that took a lot of time.

Then the broken Intervideo monitor from Italy, and the associated PCB mainboard.
However, I later regretted that I discarded the large mainboard.

Here can you see a almost empty cabinet, now it just needs cleaning around.
You can see a Samsung Tv. in the left side, this is the one to be insert as the new Monitor.

Here are the Samsung Tv removed from its own cabinet and mounted in the cabinet from Compu Game.
You can accurate see the Samsung mainboard.

The little lamp was later replaced with a fluorescent.

As you can see, here are some new push buttons i ordered from Arcadeshop in Germany.
The two white buttons was for
"Player 1" and "Player 2".
The reds for
"Jump/Bomb", and the green for "Fire".
The Blue one is for
"#" and the Gray for "", the Microswitches is spare parts.

Here are the top marquee "CG Video" (Compu Game) mounted back to its place again.
The Samsung mainboard is mounted, and the "Smoke" front glass are on its place again.
The speaker are connected too.


The ColecoVision has taken place in the mid-lower cabinet.
My first plan was to take Colecovisions own PCB and install it in a special way, but it must be in a later update.
I knew in advance that it would work with an arcade joystick, I had already tested that before in the mid 80s.


Here are two shelves for all my cartridges, and in the lower room in the cabinet there are also a place for the
Steering wheel and the Roller-Controller.

Since I now have over 100 ColecoVision games, have i been obliged to involve the square on the bottom shelf.

A lot of wires for the control panel.
Here is it Player 1 and 2 (white), Joystick 1 and 2 and Fire buttons A (red) and B (green) for Player 1 plus
A and B for Player 2.

Oh my god...

All the wires back, are for the two Coleco Controllers.
Some games can't be used when i do it on this way, (Turbo - Slither) and so on.
But in the future will i maybe update with the Steering Wheel and the Roller Controller.

In this picture can you see how some of the wires are soldered on the Coleco Controller.
10 wires, 5 for directions and 3 for Fire and Jump, and 2 for Player mode.
That's for 1 Controller.
It will be re wired again in the future.


Here are a picture with some of the buttons, and the two joysticks in a closed and total edition.


Player 1 and Player 2 works fine.
A test of
Konami's Roc'n Rope and  Cosmic Avenger in a 2 player mode.


As you can see in this test of SEGA's Carnival and Space Invaders Collection, it run just fine with the Samsung Tv.


The beginning of my new marquee, a version of the european brand with the CBS first.
The right side of the picture is from the Ben Heck site on the internet.
The CBS brand do i have to made up at my self.
The two brands are first printed on two A4 transparent films.
Back light will then pass through the colourful brand and the black foil shall surround it.




This picture are from 2006 and shown only around 40 cartridges...

As you can see, Space Invaders Collection from Opcode Games is running.

It was planned to create a larger control panel that would include 2 x Champ pads and the ability to use the steering wheel and accelerator plus the Roller Controller.
It was planned to be available in a single machine.

I built this machine in the good old-fashioned way and it was absolute the most expensive way.

It was also planned to only use a single Cartridge, namely AtariMax 128:1, then you are free to constantly switch between many of the CV games.

A third option was: Build a PC in the cabinet, and installing an emulator. For example BlueMSX. You don't even need to own a ColecoVision at that way.

Steering wheel for optical use, you will have to use the electronic from your Expansion Module #2...     
With this solution you will need to use parts from your Expansion Module # 2
Shifter with a single Microswitch, returns to center...          
Here do you need signals from your Joystick, 3 wires  (up - down - negative).
There are different versions of the gear shifters, this version is returning to the center position. Just like your ColecoVision Controllers.

Foot Pedale with a single Microswitch...                 
With this solution you are close to plug and play, the two wires from the ColecoVision pedal, just soldered directly to the microswitch in the new foot pedal.

Last updated: January 15, 2016.