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December 23. 2009.
Retroillucid at CollectorVision says now that the games Pooyan, Penguin Land and Mario Brothers, are delayed until 2010.
The reason is the lack of PCB's from the original supplier, and the solution is to buy PCB's from another one.

November 12. 2009.
Eduardo at OpCode Games announced that the new design for SEM will be shrinking with SMT components.
Simultaneously says Eduardo that the Oki MSM 9842 speech chip now will be supplied in the future version.
Eduardo hope to have a beta board before the end of 2009.
The final SEM will in Summer 2010 in collaboration with Nurve Networks LLC., be manufactured in China, tested and assembled complete with Box and Game.

November 07. 2009.
Super Expansion Module Prototype #2 is now assembled with all the chips, and Eduardo from OpCode Games are now also ready to start testing the MegaRAM and SaveRAM.

November 06. 2009.
Eduardo at OpCode Games says: Donkey Kong Arcade, Knightmare and Goonies will all be released sometime in 2010.
He want all 3 games to be out in the space of 6 months in the worst case.

November 04. 2009.
Doubledown's Site vikingvideogames.com are offline at the moment.
It was hosted on Yahoo's GeoCities server, which they shut down at the end of October.
Doubledown are in the process of deciding on a new server, but it will probably take a couple months before he will find another one, and layout a design for it.

November 03. 2009.
ColecoVision.dk is starting changing the site to a widescreen format, expected to be completed February 2010.
The site will then best be displayed at a resolution of 1280 x 800 (16:10).

November 01. 2009.
CollectorVision communicate, that as soon as all Penguin Land PCB's are assembled, will they all be sent at the end of November 2009.

October 31. 2009.
CollectorVision taking this opportunity to mention that Mario Bros now is finally done.
All 100 Red copies will be sent in the beginning of December 2009.
Then will CollectorVision starting a Black Cartridge Edition Reservation List, with a Green Box, a Black Cartridge, and a Green Label. 75 will be available.
An extra different Classic box version with a Black Cartridge will also be available, limited to 25 copies only.

October 28. 2009.
Daniel Bienvenu, Newcoleco's site are down.
Daniel's very good and useful site is down, because geocities free web hosting are closed.
His new site is this:
ccjvq.com/newcoleco, or you can catch him at: newcoleco.dev-fr.org

October 27. 2009.
An Italian guy has contacted me via e-mail and ask me for help selling 2000 brand new Sunrise games.
Max bought in December 2008 the entire stock from the old Sunrise Italian importer.
Max have all 5 titles in silver boxes, namely: Campaign '84, Gust Buster, Mountain King, Quest For Quintana Roo and Rolloverture.
All carts are packed in a small cartboard box that contain 6 games of the same title.
All boxes are boxed in a bigger cartboard box that includes 24 of the smaller boxes.
All shipped from Dallas in Texas via JFK to Italy Rom area July 1984.
Max is working at MM Milano Metalli Srl. and can be contacted here: milanometalli@msn.com

October 26. 2009.
"Junior" has in cooperation with newcoleco added internal documents from the Coleco Company to his site.
You can find all the documents on colecovisionzone.com

October 22. 2009.
Team Pixelboy are now a reality.
Luc Miron from Canada is now ready to start up with two games for ColecoVision.
Gulkave will probably be the first one to be released.
Take a look on:

October 18. 2009.
CollectorVision has just announced that the Mario Brothers will be ready for sale in November 2009.

October 13. 2009.
Philippe from atomicfe.com which has made the game Ghost n Zombies communicate through CollectorVision, that Ghost n Zombies now finally are on the way out to all users.
Ghost N Zombies will arrive in your mailbox very soon.

October 09. 2009.
Eduardo from OpCode Games has created a second prototype of his Super Expansion Module for ColecoVision.
The 2nd. prototype PCB is now sent to the factory.
The module allows you to access the extended game, and a distinct improvement in sound.
Whether the SEM Module will include AV Out and the Oki MSM 9842 speech chip is not quite in place yet.

September 29, 2009.
Albert from AtariAge says, that all games of GhostBlasters by Daniel Bienvenu will be sent with mail tomorrow, so the game should be on the road.

September 05. 2009.
CollectorVision are now taking orders for the game Pinguin Land from Sega SG 1000.
The game is converted to ColecoVision by Steve Bégin and launched through CollectorVision.
A friendly greeting goes to "The man behind", Luc Miron from Team Pixelboy.

September 01. 2009.
ColecoVision.dk presents a new section on the site, namely: ColecoVision News.