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December 31. 2010.
Eduardo at World of OpCode have wishes for 2011.
He will complete and release the Super Game Module and Donkey Kong Arcade.
Then will he redesign his website and put back the option to buy games.
He will also try to sell more of his prototypes he have programmed in the past, but he not feel is marketable.
Last but not least, he wishes us all a very happy new year, filled with health, happiness, love, peace and ColecoVision goodies.

December 27. 2010.
Junior from colecovisionzone.com has reopened his store at his site, so you will again be able to order games and hardware from him.
Also you'll find a Facebook logo for additional information. Click on the logo and you are in ColecoVisionZone via Facebook.

December 25. 2010.
Luc at Team pixelboy says:
It's been a long time coming, but now it's official. ! Team Pixelboy is now offering you 5 brand new ColecoVision games, with commercial-grade boxes and manuals. !
All these games are ready to ship right now. !
There were originally 6 games, but Peek-a-boo is already sold out, all copies were already taken through pre-orders.
Following ColecoVision games are available now: Gulkave, Girl's Garden, Pitfall II Arcade, Track & Field 1 including one Atari 2600 Controller and finally the game Destructor SCE.
All games in a limited edition, so first-come-first-served.
Where to order: Team Pixelboy.

December 25. 2010.
The great Emulator BlueMSX 2.8.3 for MSX, SEGA, ColecoVision and Forte II is now released for beta.
There is now added support for following: ColecoVision Super Action Controller and added support for the new Super Game Module hardware. (SGM)
Also ColecoVision Expansion Module #2 using mouse, support for Parallax ARC cartridge, for stereo PSG in MSX machine configuration.
Following fixed bugs are fixed in handling of transparent sprites, ARTRAGs VDP command engine bug, "No frequency" bug in SN76489 emulation.
And finally fixed a minor bug in Beer IDE emulation.
Get your beta here: BlueMSX.com

December 16. 2010.
Junior from colecovisionzone.com have received a reply to a letter he sent to Leonard Greenberg.
Mr. Greenberg says he is in good helth despite the age of 83.
Greenberg remembers well Coleco, but also believe life should take its course.
He is still active in Investments.

December 11. 2010.
It seems to Lord Of The Dungeon for ColecoVision now finally is ready for a true sale.
You must be fast for a purchase, the game will initially only be produced in 50 copies.
The silver cartridge includes a lithium battery that will save game features for 15-20 years whether the game is on or off.
Where to order: CollectorVision.

December 10. 2010.
Luc at Team Pixelboy says right now, that it will be Harvey deKleine aka 5-11under, there will be the one to solder the new Activision PCBs and EPROMs.
The person who should do it, do unfortunately not have the necessary time.
Harvey will solder 2 of Luc's much-delayed games, namely both Pitfall II Arcade and Track & Field 1.
Luc will then be able to assemble the cartridges and finally start selling his published games.
Luc at Team Pixelboy has namely 6 new ColecoVision games ready to order right now.

November 23. 2010.
Junior at ColecoVisionZone.com, has decided to close a part of his online site.
It's the part which involves the sale of used games for ColecoVision.

November 20. 2010.
Philipp Klaus Krause has now almost completed the last part of his SCJ trilogy: Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels 3.
You can get a demo from the game here.
SCJ 3 has two of the full version's six levels. It can be played in two-player mode.
Probably most noticeable is the addition of music (three pieces), it has been composed by Anne Steinke.

November 19. 2010.
CollectorVision will late in november 2010 release a Fishing game named Kobashi by: Desire In Envy / dvik & joyrex.
The objective is to survive as a fish by eating fish food.
Note that there will only be produced 50 numbered copies.

November 19. 2010.
CollectorVision will in 2011 release the game Lord of the Dungeon as a "Repro Kit" and a "Full Release" version for our ColecoVision.
Note that the manual, label and box are all diferent from the "Repro Kit" and the cartridge shell is silver for this one.
The Probe 2000 Manual version will be available in limited quantities for those who already own The Lord of the Dungeon cart release back awhile at Classic Gaming Expo.
For further infomations please contact:

November 12. 2010.
It is doubtful that the Team Pixelboy will reach to release its next 6 games before this upcoming Christmas.
There is a delay for Pitfall II Arcade and Track & Field 1 cartridges.
All boxes are already glued up and ready to go.
Hopefully a few of the many games will be released anyway.

November 06. 2010.
Philipp Klaus Krause says that the sdcc 3.0.0 has been released.
It brings many improvements and bug fixes over 2.9.0, including full support for the Z 80 port.
sdcc can be found at:
Also libcv and libcvu have many improvements, which are included in the newly released version 0.19 / 0.12.
libcv and libcvu can be found
here, and abc2cvm can also be found here.

October 27. 2010.
Eduardo at World of OpCode has now almost completed his opening sequence for Donkey Kong Arcade, only the sound is still missing.
The sequence includes the ColecoVision and SGM logo screen, Nintendo logo, title screen and options screen.
So DKA will as PMC be well presented with nice grahpics and the many special options the game offers.
Donkey Kong Arcade will in 2011 be the very first game released for the upcoming Super Game Module.
And the best part is that in 2011 it is Donkey Kong's 30th anniversary. It must surely be top of the cake.

October 24. 2010.
All the news from ColecoVision.dk will continue to be mirrored for members in CVForum.dk too.

October 19. 2010.
CollectorVision has started a new presentation of boxes for ColecoVision games.
The boxes are based on the CBS version, and is beautifully illustrated.
The following boxes in the new CBS look is: Zippy Race, Penguin Land, Pooyan and Burn Rubber.
Contact CollectorVision for more infomation.

October 13. 2010.
Eduardo Is now back after his holiday in Brazil.
And Eduardo is immediately started to work on SGM, he has the new ColecoVision + the SGM splash screen done and as he say, "It looks really cool".
Eduardo says: "I still have most the opening sequence to finish, though everything is pretty much already figured out".
But take a look for yourself at this video.

September 15. 2010.
Eduardo at "World of OpCode" tells on his new site that on the main menu/title screen of Donkey Kong Arcade will feature 3 options, “DKA USA”, “DKA Japan” and “Options”.
The good news is that now you don’t need to go to the options screen to select the version of DKA you want to play.
Your setting will namely be saved in the cartridge, so you don’t need to go to the options screen every time you turn on your ColecoVision.
Also Included in the optionscreen are 3 arcade settings, “Bonus Life”, “Lives” and “Coinage”, plus three exclusive extra settings.
First exclusive setting is a sound test mode, second setting is what Eduardo call the “Sprite color & flicker” settings.
The third setting may you have to wait to know until the game is released.

September 14. 2010.
"Youki" at Atomicfe.com has announced the first screenshots of the upcoming game: Smurf Challenge.
It is with some pride that ColecoVision.dk as the first to introduce you to these images.
See here.

September 12. 2010.
Retroillucid at CollectorVision notes that he did not intend to sell other game variety of Mario Brothers.
Retroillucid else had announced a classical version of the game, and a vastly improved sound would see the daylight.
But while there is also good news from the edge.
Retroillucid indicate that In the last few months, he have done/completed alot of works on his own game creations, mainly: Super Turbo Racing, 9-Ball Billard & Ninja Boy.
He have also completed and encoded graphics for the forthcoming Lock 'n Chase clone.

September 11. 2010.
Luc from Teampixelboy.com presented 21 different ColecoVision boxes, most of homebrew games.
Box art for Amazing Bumpman, Cosmic Crisis, Strike It and Reversi are drawn by:
Chris Coles.
The boxes are beautiful and accomplished and have an absolute sales potential.
Unfortunately, Luc has only made them for himself and printed them in Germany, and Luc points out that they are not for sale, and not otherwise be produced more.
Take a look for yourself here at:

August 31. 2010.
Pixelboy at Teampixelboy.com says he will publish 6 ColecoVision games before this Christmas.
Following games are: Girls Garden - Gulkave - Peek A Boo - Track & Field 1 - Pitfall II Arcade and Destructor (SCE) Standard Controller Edition.
Pitfall II Arcade have a minor problem, since the joystick support not is compatible with the ADAM Computer System.
Pixelboy working on the problem and hope that it will succeed, otherwise, he will mark Pitfall II Arcade that it only works on the ColecoVision.
Release date is probably set for late October this year.

August 11. 2010.
Pixelboy are proud to announce that the Activision PCB for Cartridges now is a reality.
"We now have a ColecoVision PCB that supports 64K bankswitching and EEPROM support for data-saving."
"It can also support regular 32K ROMs."
"And even better: Two versions of the PCB will be available, one for Activision cart casings, and the other for regular Coleco casings
More infomation about the new ColecoVision PCB can be found here.

August 06. 2010.
Eduardo the inventor of OpCode Games, has decided to close his wellknown website about games and hardware for the ColecoVision Game Console.
The former site OpCode Games is closed with regard to frustration and more disputes on rights to Eduardo's work.
Eduardo has now reopen his World Of Opcode site completely different, he will still concentrate on developing his games, and still work at the new SG Module.
Eduardo' decision is, -"he will no longer openly sell ColecoVision games".
And the good news is that Eduardo already working on DKA with tunes and sounds.

August 04. 2010.
The Void: Centauri Conflict for the ColecoVision is a new game brought to you by atari2600.com
It’s an old-school shooter, and a nice addition to any ColecoVision owner’s library.
Players guide their ship back and forth along the bottom of the screen, firing upward at four different types of attacking alien ships that move either right, left, down, or in a zig-zag motion.
Price for this game are $ 45,-

August 03. 2010.
CollectorVision' site is up and running again.

August 03. 2010.
CollectorVision has as the first homebrewer plan to selling his "after released" games via download.
The new download page is called: DigitalVision and can be found on CollectorVision' website.
"I'm planning to make all our games available for download.
To get access to a Downloadable Game, the user will have to donate/pay a symbolic sum per game, but can give more too.
With this stunning bidder will all have a new chance playing games, namely via their emulator, or via the new Cartridges on the market (AtariMax 128:1 - Ultimate SD Cartridge).
Concurrently you will still be able to purchase ordinary games on Cartridge with a box and a manual.

August 03. 2010.
CollectorVision communicate now that Pooyan for ColecoVision is ready for sale, you can order your copy right now.
The game is offered in 2 different cartidge shell, one "clear" and the other is "standard black". Take your pick which version you want.

July 30. 2010.
CollectorVision has decided to close its website so far, the reason is that a person from the internet with unauthorized use has resold others work.
The rules are so that you may not dump a game Rom unless it is no longer commercially, you must in other words not sell it with profit in mind.
Furthermore, the person it is about has not seeking the respective owners for the necessary authorization.
Homwbrew games are made with respect to the owner and the publisher with his own brand an also a brand in respect from the company that originally published the game.
The games as it comes about is games that never were designed for Colecovision in the past.
So the code as the games is developed with, must belong to the owner who is behind those new developed games.
ColecoVision.dk unconditional support for all developers of new arcade-styled games, tools and hardware for the ColecoVision console.

July 13. 2010.
5-11 under aka Harvey Dekleine has decided to make a breakout PCB board to help you create your own arcade controller(s) for the ColecoVision.
Almost everything will be included: Six foot extension cable to connect between the ColecoVision and the breakout board.
Male DB9 connector on back of breakout board to externally connect steering wheel, roller controller, etc.
About 28 or so diodes on the breakout board that are required for proper operation and much much more.
All you need to get by yourself are: Arcade joysticks and Buttons, also you need to build or buy the case.
Also create your own layout for the joystick and switches plus drill the required holes.
The PCB will be at least 2" x 4", and there'll be about 50 ft. of wire.
With the current features, the price will be about $50 each, plus mailing costs from Canada.
It will, if all go well, be on sale from medio September 2010.

July 05. 2010.
Daniel aka newcoleco has just started at his new website, simple and straightforward in fresh blue colors.
Daniel is good to inform and help others with ColecoVision programming, whether it is code or music for a game.
Daniel's blog at dev-fr.org are still down.
So here is a really good site, same host:

July 04. 2010.
Philipp Klaus Krause aka PkK state precisely that he has started a new game for Colecovision.
It shall try to represent the naval battles of the late 19th and early 20th century.
Six historic scenarios (Yalu, Ulsan, Lemnos, Coronel, Falkland, Dogger Bank) and custom scenarios (create custom fleets from 28 ship classes from 7 nations).
Cooperative multiplayer with one player controlling ship and rudder and the other controlling the artillery.
You can also toggle between steering mode and artillery mode.
The game is still far from complete and not yet named.
Read more here, and get an early demo.

June 26. 2010.
Pixelboy state now that his BasicVision project is on ice right now.
He have to complete the new box templates of Gulkave, Girl's Garden, Peek-a-boo and Pitfall II Arcade, and get them printed in time for October 2010 release.
And there's also the manual of Pitfall II Arcade that he haven't begun working on yet.
Also he is not sure if Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space will be ready in time for the final NASA shuttle launch which takes place in November 2010.
So because of all this can't pixelboy imagine finding the time to work on his BasicVision before January 2011.

June 22. 2010.
ADAMCON 22 in Canada was a success.
A new SDnet card reader for ADAM was presented.
Simply plug it in and press reset, it boots up as if it were a set of 2 disk drives, with opportunity to read and write to it.
There are multiple "sets" of disk drives into which you may put almost any ADAM file in.
It now becomes a virtual hard drive unit.
The next ADAMCON 23 2011 will since 1996 and 2001 again be in the US, namely at Cleveland Ohio.

June 16. 2010.
"Kingofcrusher" as are programmer for Pitfall 2 for Colecovision have a plan to create another ColecoVision game, the game has yet no name,
but "kingofcrusher" says: "It's not a shooter but will be an adventure game in the vein of The Immortal."
Mr. Seehorn says also: "It will probably be finished by the end of 2010".

June 16. 2010.
A new Smurf game, and the racing game Outrun are on the way, Youki who made Ghost n Zombies have 4 projects on the way for colecovision in a near future.
It will be shown on
ADAMCON 22 on June 18-20. 2010 in Canada, and it is this time newcoleco as hosts for this year's show.
2 other games will share the same engine. The 1. game using the engine is 60% done.
The 2nd game is 10% done, and this game is a remake of an old game for Amiga and Atari St , the name of this game is so far a secret.
Also kingofcrusher have a game to present on ADAMCON 22:
Raycaster playing in a 3D virtual adventure world.

May 22. 2010.
A CIB Release of Lord Of The Dungeon with save feature will soon see the daylight, because CollectorVision plans to relaunch the game.
A game that many have missed when it was first released.
It will be with a manual in color and a new overlay, also -this will be released in form of a "Kit".

May 06. 2010.
Retroillucid at CollectorVision state right now that four games will be tried released for ColecoVision before winter 2010.
The four games are following: Pooyan, Burn Rubber, Kobashi and Lode Runner.

May 04. 2010.
Phil Boland always liked the old double sided ad of an ColecoVision and some games, but hated the fact that it was split down the middle and never seemed to line up correctly.
So he scanned the ad in to his computer and spent some hours on it in Photoshop, and now it looks like a one page ad.
Since Phil scanned it in at a very high rez, he decided to have a large print made of the ad.
The ad is 20 inches tall x 30 inches wide and it is printed on photo paper by a professional photo prints shop. (No inkJet).
About Phil has decided to sell his prints is not known.

May 03. 2010.
Pixelboy tells that the stickers has been applied on all the Gulkave, Girl's Garden and Peek-a-boo cartridges, but the boxes have not yet begun to be cut, folded and glued.
Pitfall II Arcade are still in the beta-testing phase, and Yurkie has been graciously helping out.
Yurkie indicated that he found the colors of the various creatures (bats and frogs in particular) a little weird and that it would be a good idea to adjust their colors.
In other news, Pixelboy search for a 600 DPI scan of the box of Space Shuttle for Atari 5200. He wants the first-run edition of the box.

April 23. 2010.
"else", a member at AtariAge has made what he call, the Adam SD Drive....
Full Compatibility: Works with all existing Adams. It bridges to the AdamNET protocol. To the FAT16/FAT32 file system on the SD Card.
Simply plug and play, and a big Capacity, it provides up to 32 "disk" pairs and 64 "disks" total.
Programs load and save nearly instantly, and the PCB are small enough to mount inside the Adam, if desired.
Works with .dsk and .ddp
The PCB is in beta, and will in a few months to be ready for sale.
Detailed information can be obtained by writing to "else" here.

April 14. 2010.
Retroillucid at CollectorVision says he have plans for a ColecoVision encyclopedia book, perhaps in combination with a DVD.
He says he is very serious about the book, and he do not want it to look cheap, Hard Cover, Glossy Pages and simply ColecoVision stuff and alot of infos.
Retroillucid has archived stuff since 1996 for the book project, and "you would'nt believe how much stuff you'll find in this book".
Pretty much everyone can contribute to the book to make it just better.

April 13. 2010.
Eduardo have several games that he ported over the years from platforms like the MSX and SG-1000, but which he didn't see enough commercial appeal to justify a packaged release.
Therefore will he place some copies on ebay.
All games is tested to the best ability and appears 100% functional, however not all of them.
The prototypes are: Exerion - Galaga - Comic Bakery - Juno First - Sparkie - CGE 2003 Demo and maybe others.
Eduardo need some money to fund the new SGM.
So now he has something to start with, the first 5 prototypes of Exerion earned him good $ 1.762,-
And all 5 CV prototypes of Sega's SG-1000 version of Galaga, has given him: $ 1.889,-
Also all 5 sold Comic Bakery games was going for (Keep your seat belt tight) $ 2.365,- That may be a new record.

April 09. 2010.
Team Pixelboy indicates that there is a delay for the 3 CV game releases.
These are: Peek a boo, Girls Garden and Gulkave.
"The boxes for the games have been handed over to a company which will cut and crease them.
 The boxes have no bleed space and are of a very precise design, it will be difficult to make cuts and crease lines which are precise enough.
 I just don't want to deal with that stuff right now
Retroillucid at CollectorVision has promised to help him, so that he can move forward in the process.

April 01. 2010.
Eduardo from OpCode Games communicate right now he still wants his new Super Game Module must have a voice chip.
So the OKI MSM 9842 will, if it goes right be validated, and then will OpCode Games create a new Super Game Module PCB with all new components.
Supports DMA, FIFO, 8 and 16 bit, 44,1 kHz which can deliver audio in CD quality.
With this new ColecoVision Super Game Module, and the OKI chip will games like: Wizard of wor, Berzerk, Pole Posision, Gorf and many other games with synthetic sounds come to terms.

March 24. 2010.
OpCode Games informs that the deal with Coleco Holdings LLC in Chicago now has been signed.
The new ColecoVision Super Game Module is now a officially licensed ColecoVision product.
ColecoVision Super Game Module is also the name for the never released Module by Coleco Inc. back in mid 80's.
It will, perhaps create some name confusions.

March 18. 2010.
joyrex says he had to change some priorities, he have less time for hobbies nowadays.
He still working on Pooyan together with dvik, and they have a release candidate for Burn Rubber around summer 2010.

March 10. 2010.
Eduardo at OpCode Games has announced that Konami's Ping Pong for ColecoVision is ready for launch in June 2010.
Eduardo made the game back in 2004 for ColecoVision.
Now, after 6 years he perfected the game, and finally sent it in beta test.
Dale Crum has started to create artwork for an upcoming box, and to write a manual for the game.
Eduardo also says that he needs at least 50 pre-orders to launch the game.
And like Eduardo says: "This year I definitively want more than just tease you guys, I want 4 games out, and I am working really hard for that."

February 21. 2010.
Luc from Team Pixelboy has announced that he intends to produce a programming language to use for ColecoVision programmers.
Luc also says: "The first real step will be to create a language parser application."
And it will: "Definately be a long-term project, but oh so promising."

February 12. 2010.
CollectorVision says now that all Mario Bros. and all Penguin Land games will be shipped in March 2010.
So if you have ordered both games, you'll receive them both in one single box.

February 05. 2010.
Eduardo at OpCode Games says that the SEM project has been scalled down.
The name of the new Module are ColecoVision Memory Module CMM.
The new Memory expander allows more avanced games up to 16Kb. instead of 1Kb.
No Video chips, no Speech chip, no AV Out, and no BIOS for the new CMM, it will be saved for the new upcoming CV 2 in 2012.

January 19. 2010.
Eduardo has now decided to concentrate fully on developing its next unit, Colecovision CV2.
Eduardo's SE Module is perhaps on standby, and he is in full swing with the purchase of chips.
It will be a unit with a very sophisticated graphic and sound in the 80's spirit.

January 05. 2010.
Shipping of Mario Brothers will be completed this week and you will soon receive your copy.

January 04. 2010.
5-11under aka Harvey DeKleine has produced and designed a small PCB with AV Out and dual mono for the Colecovision.
There will be a possibility to adjust the colors red, green and blue independently.
The price will be $ 45 US pieces, including mailing to US and Canadian addresses.
Are you interested in a copy, contact Harvey through this thread.