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December 31. 2011.
F-Cycles / Québarium has contacted me about upload videos longer than 10 min.
The videos taken on June 19th, 2010 at AdamCon.
You can see a Team Pixelboy presententation here, ther are also other videos from the AdamCon 2010.
"If you have a youtube account and wish to download the video to keep it in your archives, I would recommend to download RealPlayer."
"If you want to convert the .flv file into another format... you can use avidemux (
http://avidemux.berlios.de/) which is free too."

December 30. 2011.
Philipp Klaus Krause's programming tool has been updated.
"You can read much more here, and as usual, everything can be found here".

December 25. 2011.
Eduardo at OpCodeGames is back!
The brazilian ColecoVision programmer Eduardo Mello tells that he is back in U.S. again.
Eduado will immediately repeat the work he did not get finished.
Why he was gone in just over 4 months were personal problems.

December 25. 2011.
Luc at Team Pixelboy is now ready to sell following ColecoVision games:
Circus Charlie, Star Force, Golgo 13, Ninja Princess, Konami's Ping-Pong and finally Bank Panic.
If you wish to order all 6, or just a few of them, please just contact him via his website.

December 12. 2011.
CollectorVision reveals what we can expect published next year from them.
First in February 2012: "I'll start to taking pre-order for Burn Rubber, Side Trak, Chess Challenger and Zombie Near."
Then: "Release my own top secret special 30th anniversary project. The anniversary project will contain 2 games cartridges in one beautiful box."
"These 2 exclusively made games will be only available in this package."
"I can say, the second game in the package is a clone made from a very popular and fun arcade game."
"Spring 2012 will mark the release of the Arcade Quality Controller."
"2012 will also be the grand opening of:
Coleco Industries.com"

December 07. 2011.
CollectorVision is now ready to take pre-orders for following ColecoVision games:
A.E. (Anti Environment Encounter), Armageddon and The Way Of The Exploding Foot.
All games will be shipped in January 2012.

December 02. 2011.
CollectorVision wish to delay shipment of the latest 3 games released with another week.
The games was Bomb 'n Blast, Chack 'n Pop and Ozma Wars.
"Starting next week. ! -MOST of orders should be out before xmas".
Shipment will begin on December 09. 2011, if not CollectorVision yet again exposes the shipment.

November 19. 2011.
Luc at Team Pixelboy is now ready to take pre-orders for following ColecoVision games:
Circus Charlie, Star Force, Golgo 13, Ninja Princess, Konami's Ping-Pong and finally Bank Panic.
The Team Pixelboy releases will officially be announced December 25. 2011, but Luc is open for pre-orders now.
All games will be shipped in January 2012.

November 08. 2011.
Marat Fayzullin has updated his ColecoVision Emulator for Android again.
"The main change in this version is the experimental portrait mode support.
In order to enable it, press the Android MENU button, go to Settings->Video->Orientation and choose the desired screen orientation.
The fast-forwarding feature has been finally fixed and can now be invoked with Android's dedicated SEARCH button.
As pretty much every Android device has this button, you should now be able to skip over slow intro sequences easily.
I have also optimized assembler rendering routines for portrait mode resolutions and fixed crashes on Samsung Galaxy S2.
The Col-Em for Android just gets better and better.
Get the newest Ad-free version here.

November 03. 2011.
Michel Louvet aka bfg.gamepassion is now started to program Nintendo's game "Helifire" from the 1980 to ColecoVision.
The box is made, and coding is already started.
According to the screenshots will the game be very close to the original.
Mr. Louvet uses a method where he transfers the sprites and graphics directly onto "newcoleco's" new DEVkit.

October 30. 2011.
Did you know that:
Youki the programmer that brought us Ghost 'N Zombies and Smurf Challenge has made a nice little Halloween Video ROM.
Use your AtariMax SD Card or an ColecoVision emulator for settlement of this Zipped ROM file (Halloween_2011).
Press left fire button repeatedly at the end for credits screen.
The idea was from Yurkie at AtariAge, and Youki got the permission to freely distribute the ROM file.

October 29. 2011.
CollectorVision has now released 3 completely new games for ColecoVision.
The 3 games are following: Bomb 'n Blast - Ozma Wars and Chack 'n Pop.
As something new, you can now choose between NTSC or PAL boxes.
All games can be ordered from the CollectorVision site.
CollectorVision will start shipping and handling in November - December 2011.

October 27. 2011.
Good news from Team Pixelboy's games releases.
Luc at Team Pixelboy tells now that it all goes in the right direction.
The removing infinite lives from the beta version of Ninja Princess was successful, and all the PCBs for the other 5 games are ready.
Also all the boxes from Mark in Germany are received.
"The only real problem that remains is my Activision-style cartridges."
"I'm hoping this issue will be resolved soon."
"And I'm now confident that I will be able to release my next batch of six games on Christmas Day 2011, as planned."
Luc will make an update on his site in december, and will post a news bulletin on the AtariAge forums, on January 1st 2012.

October 11. 2011.
CollectorVision will start programming his ColecoVision version of Nintendo's Legend Of Zelda.
But not before he have his PCB WaferCart ready.
"I made and finished ALL graphics for The Legend of Zelda .... some routines has been made too".
So if the WaferCart is ready in 2012, then can we perhaps expect Zelda for our ColecoVision in 2014.
And if the game supports OpCode's Super Game Module with extra RAM and improved sound, will we have a fantastic super game in wait ahead.

October 11. 2011.
Team Pixelboy has a plan to launch 6 brand new ColecoVision games before the end of 2011.
But in this moment there are technical problems with the PCB electronics for the cartridges.
Also, Eduardo at OpCodeGames is completely MIA since late August.
He need to fix a small bug in the software in addition to removing infinite lives from the beta version of Ninja Princess.
Also Albert is hard to get in touch, he have Team Pixelboy's Activision-style cartridge casings for the games, and there are a need at least 400 of them.
"If the Ninja Princess carts are not ready in time, I will delay the release of all six games until ALL carts are ready".
But there is also good news: "The boxes are now all printed, so they should be in my possession before the end of the month".
Also: "The manual templates are being worked on, so everything is on schedule".

October 08. 2011.
Yurkie from the AtariAge Forums have som pretty wild plans for ColecoVision fans:
"I would like to offering installing a 40 pin socket in place of the VDP, and then installing a video card for output VGA instead".

October 08. 2011.
Marat Fayzullin has just updated his ColEm for Android.
He says to ColecoVision.dk:
"I have released a new update 2.6.7 to ColEm (my ColecoVision emulator) for Android.
The updated ColEm will save game state on exit, to let you restart the game where you left off.
It also changes the virtual joypad layout, moving fire buttons to the top-right corner
You can get an Ad-free version from the Android Market here.

October 01. 2011.
NIAD aka Jim have received some good news for ADAM Computer fans.
Dale Wick sent him "some possible projects... most likely long-range at best.":
Dale would like to make an AdamNET < > usb adaptor for serial over AdamNET. Also a USB adaptor for reading disks from an AdamNET disk drive.
A AdamNET adaptor for supporting USB 3.5" floppy drives on the Adam, and an AdamNET adaptor for supporting disk images stored on a SD card on the Adam.
Last but not least, make a PC adaptor for accessing an AdamNET tape drive directly.
As Dale Wick says: "Possible methods that I'd like to work on in the vague future some time".

September 24. 2011.
Luc at Team Pixelboy says:
"I'm just waiting for Eduardo to fix one small sprite-related bug in the ROM, so that Ninja Princess for ColecoVision finally can reach release-candidate status".
Deadline is in fact set to December 25. 2011.

September 20. 2011.
Did you know that :
No more rumors about the programmers at Coleco made bad games to VCR 2600th, because:
Gary Kitchen (Activision) was the programmer behind Coleco's version of Donkey Kong for the Atari VCR 2600 platform in 1982.

September 12. 2011.
Jean-Philippe Meola says:
"I'm just preparing something special for the 30th anniversary of the ColecoVision".
"-But it is too early to talk about".
There was no sneak peak, we'll have to wait a little longer before he may choose to reveal which game it is.

September 12. 2011.
Marat Fayzullin has just announced an updated version for his emulator for Android.
He says to ColecoVision.dk:
"I have just updated ColEm (my ColecoVision emulator) for Android".
"You can get it for free from the Android Market".
The update includes: Fixed sync frequency computation for more precision. Fixed TV scanlines effect that got applied to more pixels than needed.
Fixed accidental crashes when exiting emulation. Fixed the About dialog so that it does not reappear on screen rotation.
Fixed file selector so that screenshots do not shrink too much in portrait mode.

September 10. 2011.
There is possibly something happened.
Daniel aka newcoleco wrote:
"I'm not gonna work on any coleco project for the next 2 weeks or so... talk to you later !".
He has not elaborated on it, and we are all waiting for a response after 2 weeks on what that drove Daniel away from his hobby.

September 07. 2011.
There has been a little quiet around what Philipp Klaus Krause doing at the moment.
"I'm working on improving the sdcc compiler, which I and others use to write ColecoVision games".
"The upcoming 3.1.0 release will give a substantial reduction in code size over 3.0.0".
"I'm still working on Search for the stolen Crown Jewels 3, Bankruptcy Builder and Shunting Puzzle".

September 06. 2011.
The game Joust from AtariSoft was never completed, at least in audio terms.
Joust was almost ready for a release when the game crash came to.
And the topic has been discussed for several years.
The game was programmed by AtariSoft in 1983, but was released as a prototype with the sound muted.
Not all sounds is in the game and the title-screen is missing.
Youki asked Daniel about fixing the sound, and if it can be done, will Luc at Team Pixelboy publish it maybe already in 2012.
Luc will make a nice box with manual, an alternative box may also be produced.

September 03. 2011.
CollectorVision.com says now that they have following ColecoVision games to be released before the end of the year 2011.
The games are: Chack 'n Pop - Bomb 'n Blast - Ozma Wars - Burn Rubber - A.E. - The Way Of The Exploding Foot - Zombie Near - Chess Challenger - Armageddon and Side Trak.
The games will probably get released over 2 times each with 5 different games to choose from.

August 26. 2011.
Daniel aka Newcoleco has updated his Devkit.
"I'm experimenting to add back SuperAction controllers support".
"I want to catch the spinner ticks and decode the 3rd and 4th fire buttons".
"I've cleaned up the source code and modified at least one thing : screen_mode_2_text() and screen_mode_2_bitmap() no more set screen ON by default".
"I'm also planning to program a new version of CCI3 which will allow using the full potential of the SDCC compiler".
"which means the possibility to program games using driving module, roller controller and superaction controller without a problem".
You can download the new updated Devkit version here.

August 21. 2011.
ColecoVision.dk have been contacted by a Dane named Claus Bækkel.
Claus converted a game on a Memotech MTX back in 2001 called: Astromilon.
Astromilon is original programmed by Andy Southgate from England, and released by Continental Software in 1984 to Memotech MTX.
He has now finally after years finished the game with score, high score and number of lives left.
"After many years, it finally did for me to convert this game for ColecoVision".
"Mostly for fun, the game is nothing to boast about, but fun, it has now been".
"I attaching a screenshot, the game looks good, just need a little intro screen, etc."
The game is only emulated, but will soon be tested on a real ColecoVision.

August 20. 2011.
CollectorVision will present another game in 2012 or 2013.
The game is a freeware game for the MSX called: Zombie Near.
The game is ported back to ColecoVision.
"The author of Zombie Near Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez has contacted me to launch his game for Colecovision, and here is it".

August 20. 2011.
CollectorVision has finally presented his Arcade controller for 2012.
"In 2006-2007, I planned to make my own Arcade Controller for ColecoVision".

"So I contacted 5-11under to help me making a professional PCB interface".
"It will be avalaible as a complete unit or a DIY Kit where you'll be able to build your own arcade controller or even your own ColecoVision Arcade Cabinet".
The price for a complete unit: "Around $200 to $250 for a 2-Player Controller".

August 19. 2011.
J-F from CollectorVision.com has made a very nice upcoming logo for the ColecoVision 30 year anniversary in 2012.
The logo is changed slightly from Nintendo's original anniversary logo.
The new logo will be used for all Team Pixelboy, CollectorVision and OpCode games releases in 2012.
ColecoVision.dk will use the logo from Januar 01. 2012.
It will be a hell of a party with lot of games, which among others include Armageddon, Chess Challenger and Donkey Kong 3 from CollectorVision.
But also Donkey Kong Arcade and Wonder Boy will be available in the new year.

August 19. 2011.
Eduardo at OpCode Games now confirms the game's name for ColecoVisions 30 year anniversary.
"It isn't a secret anymore that I am working on a port of Moon Cresta for the ColecoVision".
A star field and the startup sequence is already done.

August 07. 2011.
Side Trak will soon be released, and Russ Kumro aka RKGames has decided to start up a new game for ColecoVision.
The game is  the 1982 Monster Bash from Sega, not a well known game. Monster Bash is not converted to other gaming consoles.
"it's very challenging (but not impossible) to play".
The game consisting of three unique stages featuring some of the most popular movie monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula and The Wolfman.
The game will probably see the daylight in May, June 2012.

August 04. 2011.
Eduardo promise now reveal little of what he will bring in 2012 with Luc Miron from Team Pixelboy.
Besides launching Donkey Kong Arcade and the new Super Game Module is there still more games to come.
"Two arcade ports that don't require the new Super Game Module., and something really cool that I am working with Pixelboy, something that is also turning 30 next year."
"Yes, E.T. will be returning for a new game".
"And since we didn't want anyone to feel left out, we have decided to also include another fan favorite that is turning 30 next year, -The Wrath of Khan (Star Trek II)".
"Right now it requires a ton of sprites and is very flickery, but we are working hard to improve that".
Around the second game says rumors that it may very well be talking about the arcade version of Moon Cresta. A star field is already made.

July 29. 2011.
The fighting game: The Way Of Exploding Foot is now added to CollectorVisions site as an upcoming game for ColecoVision.
The game is programmed by: Jean-Philippe Meola (Youki), graphics by: Vincent Godefroy (ColecoVision Boxart) and finally sound by: Daniel Bienvenu (Newcoleco).

July 29. 2011.
Team Pixelboy have some good news.
On December 25th 2011, will he release six new Team Pixelboy games for ColecoVision.
The games will be Circus Charlie, Star Force, Golgo 13, Ninja Princess, Konami's Ping-Pong and Bank Panic.
"All the games have passed the beta-testing phase and the cartridge electronics are currently being soldered/assembled by Harvey deKleine".
"I have not begun working on any of the manuals yet, I will be doing that this fall".
But Team Pixelboy has more: "Some months ago, Daniel gave me the source code to his Bejeweled game".
"I rewrote the entire software, and I plan to release it in 2012 under the name "Jewel Panic" with a few interesting differences, and my own Sudoku will be included as a bonus".
The game Wonder Boy will have to wait until 2012.

July 27. 2011.
NIAD aka Jim has presented a "new" game called: "Anti - Environment - Encounter".
It's normally a game for the former ADAM Computer Family System.
The game was included in a Digital Data Pack called "Best Of Brøderbund".
It is fortunate, that NIAD bought several boxes of coleco related things from a former employee at Coleco Industries.
And between all this was A.E. in a prototype version for the ColecoVision Video Game System.
"Everything seems to be in order with the exception of a sound effects bug (enemy ship explosions) that are corrected after you lose a ship".
A CV ROM Image is created, "but in the conversion some further issues have arisen (corrupted graphics, sounds and lock-ups)".
These issues will be fixed by Daniel Bienvenu, and CollectorVision stands for cartridges complete with box and manual.

July 23. 2011.
Eduardo, Dale and Bia (Eduardo's wife) has spent some time discussing the new Super Game packaging.
And Eduardo (OpCode Games) said: "We have a box template that is just out of this world, a true collector dream".
"We will be getting a tool to cut and fold the new box in the next few weeks".
"I decided that I also want the Super Games to look a little more modern, like late 80s stuff".
"It isn't a secret that I never liked the Coleco packaging template, be it the box, manual or label. They all looked cheap IMHO".
"So all new games packaging will have its own personality, It will look more modern, more important and more professional".
"So we decided on a set of elements what each label, manual and box should include, without forcing anything".

July 22. 2011.
TeleGames UK. goes farmer !.
TeleGames has change their site, and their official address.
They are now placed in south west of England in Colliford Tavern near Cornwall, long away from Leicester where they had their base since the 80's.
The new TeleGames site is made by: Grosvenor Media in Pendlebury, North West Manchester.
Whether it is a one man enterprise is not known.

July 16. 2011.
Daniel Bienvenu reports from the ADAMCon 23: "Today, Daug Slopsema talked about his project of a circuit for a mass storage device for the ADAM Family Computer.
Dale Wick talked about programming various jump physics, and already started a small source code based on his upcoming Sheep game from 2006, namely 'Jump Gunnar, Jump'.
Jim aka NIAD was talking and showing about a revision 84 for SmartWriter software also for the ADAM Family Computer, the Ultimate AtariMax SD card, and of course a lot of games.
All those games was: Side Trak, Bomb 'n Blast, Lock 'n Chase, Ozma Wars, Puzzli, Chack 'n Pop, Ghost 'n Zombies and the long awaited Donkey Kong Arcade.
We also talked about hardware which among others, featured the new ColecoVision 'Super Game Module' from OpCode Games
The 21 min. "hardware" video from Eduardo at OpCode Games can you see here.

July 14. 2011.
Marat Fayzullin has just announced an Emulator for Android.
He says to ColecoVision.dk:
"I have just released an Android version of my ColecoVision emulator, ColEm.
It is free for everyone to use, although you will have to supply your own COLECO.ROM file on the SD card.
The ColEm-Android has pretty much the same functionality as other ColEm ports.
If interested
", check it out here.
"As it is just an initial version, I would appreciate any bug reports".

July 04. 2011.
Silicium.org presents on their website a new MultiCart called CoColeco.
It comes with a professional printed box and manual.
The cartridge will contains a collection of 27 carefully selected titles and: The Final Test Cartridge (which may be useful for our ColecoVision over 30 years).
The CoColeco MultiCart will be ready this summer 2011 for a price of 45 .
Members of Silicium.org can acquire Cocoleco at a price of 35 €. All included.
Pre order your copy now, 50 numbered copies will be available.

July 04. 2011.
Did you know that :
Victor Coleiro was lucky enough to win the Australian ColecoVision championship, when he was 14.
This YouTube link is the TV coverage of the event back in the early 80's.

July 01. 2011.
CollectorVision and NIAD has together founded a new site : Coleco Industries.com, the site is a kind of a museum.
The site will be filled with almost everything from the former Coleco Industries, you'll see many protos and never released stuff.

July 01. 2011.
CollectorVision.com has recently added Bomb 'n Blast, Chack 'n Pop and Ozma Wars to his upcoming ColecoVision games.
The games Bomb 'n Blast and Ozma Wars is programmed from scratch by: Michel Louvet.
Chack 'n Pop is a reprogrammed Sega SG-1000 version by: Eduardo Mello.

June 30. 2011.
Youki has at the request of Vince from (ColecoBoxart.com) almost made a new fighting game.
The game is recreated from scratch.
It's a mixture of International Karate, Ikari Warrior and Exploding Fist.
Youki was not quite like the idea because of technical ColecoVisions limitations, but Vince sent Youki a set of sprites and immediately began Youki to test animations.
Youki have chosen two scene decorations among many made by Vince for the game.
The soundtrack is an adaptation made by Daniel Bienvenu, taken from IK+ on C64 by Rob Hubbard.
Vince has also already designed a professional box with changed name: The Way Of Exploding Foot.
When the game sees the light of day is not yet known.
Youki also says that Out Run is on hiatus, while he unveils Ghost 'n' Zombies 2 as well as something to ColecoVisions 30 year anniversary in 2012.

June 28. 2011.
CollectorVision is no longer a part of ColecoVision.dk
It now have its own site, visit at CollectorVision.com

June 28. 2011.
Eduardo from OpCode Games says that it might become Arkanoid who becomes the successor after Donkey Kong Arcade.
"The game is like 70% done anyways..."

June 14. 2011.
Eduardo at World of OpCode has decided to use his old name again for his website: OpCode Games.
Eduardo's site needs so much to be updated.
As Eduardo says:
"Next year is the CV 30th anniversary. I MUST have something to release myself, and so far the only option is DKA + Super Game Module.
 And that makes me a little anxious.
 I hope to have the damn game finished by fall, then use the winter and next year to complete/test the SGM.
DKA requires at least 4K of RAM so DKA need the SGM to work. Certainly for sale sometime in 2012.

June 07. 2011.
CollectorVision has a plan to launch a wild game called "Super Car".
Behind the game is Keith Erickson, a Cartoonist, Animator, Game designer and a Humorist.
The game is launched in Flash and imitated a real ColecoVision game.
But retroillucid at CollectorVision ask Kieth for his permission to use the whole concept for a real ColecoVision game, and he got a yes from him.
In the first stage you drive your car around in a cemetery and must knock down as many tombstones as possible.
2nd. stage are you under a sea, here you must hit as many mermaids as you can without getting hit by the fallen anchors.
In 3rd. round are you out into the big Grand Canyon, here you must jump from peak to peak to get some points.
After that will you in your car goes to the outer space, here you must shoot down spaceships in large numbers, then race against none other than Haley's comet.
At last you pass a black hole and come back in time, here you have to run over in your car giant dinosaurs of the past.
But be careful not to get hit by glowing lava from nearby volcanoes.
I think this Flash game will hit a Cartridge soon, and be for sale late this year or in beginning of 2012.

May 24. 2011.
Eduardo at World Of OpCode have a future idea about starting a programming school in Z80 assembly language.
"Like a lesson a week or something".
"I know that a lot of CV programmers use C, and I have nothing against it, but it would be cool to have some more people using assembly too".

May 11. 2011.
Eduardo at World Of OpCode got nominated to the Players' Choice Awards 2011, in 3 categories , including favorite homebrew artist, and best ColecoVision game.
A total surprise because Donkey Kong Arcade hasn't been released yet.
Eduardo's wife left the laptop opened with the power turned off. "No big deal if I had saved my work before".
So for now I am basically redoing the stuff I lost while I was in Brazil".
I also resumed work with Dale Crum on the game packaging, and as I have been saying for a while, we plan to raise the bar a few notches with the new box and label we have planned".
Eduardo is close of having Donkey Kong Arcade completed, "
the main intro is the only major missing piece."
But focus is also on other projects, like Pengo and Moon Patrol, all games will be published and distributed through Luc at Team Pixelboy.
About the Super Game Module. Last year Eduardo completed the design, which means he included all the tweaks he wanted after the first prototype.
"Additions included the ability of replacing the BIOS with RAM, a couple of extra lines to the parallel port and ADAM compatibility".
Eduardo still need to order the prototype for that, which he has plan to do after Donkey Kong Arcade is done.
"Besides I am more concerned about the SGM case and manufacturing than prototyping at this point, as the main design has already been validated".

May 07. 2011.
Coleco Intertainment Corp. in New Jersey U.S. says now on their website that the old handheld game,
Coleco Electronic Quarterback soon will be available on your BlackBerry phone.
For this 80’s classic you still only need your two thumbs.
"Use the control stick to select pass or run plays, then use the arrow keys to control your LED".
"Enjoy the soundfx and button controls just like you remember from when you were a kid"

March 29. 2011.
It is now official that it will Team Pixelboy which becomes distributor of Eduardo's ColecoVision version of the game: Ping-Pong which also includes the game Video Hustler (billiards).
The game has been a long time coming, actually started Eduardo from World of OpCode on it sometime in 2004.
The game was completed in march 2010 but never released.
The ColecoVision port is based on the MSX version, which is close to the original, and "there are also added a few small improvements to make it closer to the arcade game".
The 2 in1 cartridge includes "the mythic never released Coleco game Video Hustler only found in prototype form".
"The included version has been re-converted from scratch to make sure it works 100% fine though".

March 28. 2011.
Sylvain De Chantal aka Sly DC has decided to take a break from the ColecoVision scene.
"For some personal reasons i won't explain, i've decided to take a "break" of video game community".
"This may be for a couple of months (maybe even years), just depends how things will work out in the future."

March 26. 2011.
At the beginning of March, Eduardo contacted Pixelboy and offered him some SG-1000 and MSX ports for ColecoVision.
It is better to sell them in full version under Team Pixelboy label, instead of being sold on ebay as prototypes.
Pixelboy accepted and the publishing deal includes several games as follows:
Circus Charlie - Ninja Princess - Champion Ice Hockey - Bank Panic - Golgo 13 - Wonder Boy and Mopiranger.
Also Star Force - Super Hang On II and Hyper Rally is Planned to be ported.
See more here which games that will be selected in the future for ColecoVision.

March 25. 2011.
Michel Louvet aka bfg.gamepassion is now working on another big project, namely: Lock'n Chase also for 2 players.
The game is a most wanted game, and is a real arcade classic.

March 16. 2011.
Daniel Bienvenu says: "The annual ColecoVision and Coleco ADAM convention ADAMCon 23, will be held from July 14 until Sunday, July 17.
This year's event held at Grand Rapids Michigan
Jim aka NIAD points out:
"One of the highlights is the opportunity to see and test OpCode Games' version of Donkey Kong Arcade (DKA), and the prototype of the new Super Game Module (SGM)".
Read more about the event on this document here.

March 09. 2011.
Michel Louvet is now working on another project: Puzzli Fighter for 2 players.
But this one is double sided as previously Kevtris, see more on his YouTube channel.
Puzzli Fighter is on standby, but his game Bomb'n Blast will be the one which will be created first.
It's a clone of Bombliss a former puzzle game for the NES system.
Until now have been made 4 stages with a pretty good graphics and sound made by the sound-master himself: Daniel Bienvenu.

March 06. 2011.
Kiwi aka Chuck Woolery has again played with Bienvenu's graphical tools.
This time he's made graphics from the NES game: Milon's Secret Castle and convert it to ColecoVision.
Kiwi also has plans to draw the indoor section for the game.
For fun, or whether he is running the line out, we know nothing about yet.

February 23. 2011.
Michel Louvet aka bfg.gamepassion has started up a new game for ColecoVision based on Banpresto's arcade game Puzzli.
The guy was inspired by Youki's ColecoVision programming and decided to try it out using the ColecoVision tool d
eveloped by NewColeco.
It will be CollectorVision that will handle the sale.

February 10. 2011.
CollectorVision communicate right now that Smurf Challenge for ColecoVision Video Game System is finally released !
The game is programmed by Youki who also stood behind the game: Ghost 'n' Zombies.
Every copies has already been assembled and is ready to go, shipping will begin February 21. 2011.
If you're interested to get a copy, contact CollectorVision.

February 07. 2011.
Eduardo says he are working on two arcade ports for the upcoming SGM, namely: Pengo and Moon Patrol.
Pengo is a good deal done, perhaps 30%, while Moon Patrol is more of a tech demo right now.
Daniel aka NewColeco has redone the AtariSoft version of Moon Patrol around 2009.
But Daniel never launched the game in cartridge format, like others do for Atari Pac-Man and Atari Dig-Dug.

February 07. 2011.
Eduardo says he still are working on the upcoming SGM.
The hardware was revised and is mostly complete now, and Eduardo still need to finish the new bankswitch cartridge that is required for most arcade ports.
There is also the case, the plan is to have the new SGM as wide as of the CV expansion port, but about the same height as the CV.
It is also depends on Donkey Kong to be completed before Eduardo can release anything.

January 30. 2011.
Eduardo at World of OpCode has decided to sell 5 of his prototypes of Track & Field 2 on ebay.
It is a port from the MSX version to ColecoVision.
The reason for auctioning those games is still to raise money to keep funding the new upcoming Super Game Module.
And also for some other cool pieces of ColecoVision hardware, what could that be ?...
Again, all five Track & Field 2 games gave Eduardo $ 1.569,-

January 24. 2011.
Kiwi aka Chuck Woolery has after some initial difficulties decided to release a Text Adventure game.
He is using the ColecoVision programming book made by Newcoleco in 2005 as a guide, also Newcoleco's tools are used.
It's a simple adventure game where you have to chose a choice to win the game.
Wrong pick and you will lose the game.
The Text Adventure game Is not completed, but Kiwi think it's enough to release for now.
The game has no background music and Kiwi do not have it as top priority. "If there's space left over. Then there shall be music".
The previous game "Radiant: I Will Murder Your God" has no information yet on how far into programming kiwi is with this one.

January 23. 2011.
Daniel aka NewColeco presented a guy, completely unknown for many ColecoVision fans all over the world.
His name is Russ Kumro aka RKGames, Russ is a programmer and have programmed several games for especially iPhone iPad and iPod touch.
In 2005 he started to program an unreleased game for ColecoVision, namely Side Trak.
"I found some really crazy things in the old code and i'm really glad i decided on a rewrite of that chunk of code back from 2005."
Daniel already knew Russ as a programmer, and he did artwork for John Dondzillas Game Star Fortress.
It will now, thanks to Russ become published via CollectorVision.
My bid will be once this fall 2011.
But as Russ say: "All i ask is be patient, it will be worth the wait".

Russ got some super cool bonus stuff planned for the game, including an arranged mode with new levels / backgrounds.
Russ still got alot of retooling, coding and graphics to do for the final game".

January 18. 2011.
Luc at Team Pixelboy notes that things have mostly gone back to normal.
Luc would like to have been started on his BasicVision now, but the truth is, he is really tired after processing all his Team Pixelboy orders, and he need a break.
So BasicVision will have to wait until March.
Luc says also the programmer Stephen Seehorn continue will be working on The Black Onyx.
But he is busy with school right now, so Luc say: that he can use the rest of the year if it needed.
Stephen just needs to find the time.
What is missing for The Black Onyx: mainly replacing the password system with some savegame chip routines, and also some other minor stuff.
Bruce Tomlin has already done the most of the programming and converting from the old Sega version to ColecoVision.

January 14. 2011.
Max is back !. The guy who work at Milano Metalli in Italy.
He still have a lot of New Sunrise games for sale.
But this time he said he have a plan to sell Parker Brothers games later this year, possibly already this summer.
But as he said: "I need to have some space more before i can open the Parker boxes for ColecoVision".
So he need some U.S. sellers and also a few from Europe to first sell his Sunrise games, and then after the upcoming Parker Brothers.
The games are possibly all new and maybe from the same former importer in Italy.
Max will also start up sale of Starpath Supercharger hardware for Atari 2600.
The Starpath Supercharger will expand a normal Atari 2600 with extra 6K.

January 07. 2011.
CollectorVision is reached ahead with its Super Turbo Racing project which he started on a few years back.
However, missing the completion of a new circuit board which should be inside the cartridge called: WaferCart.
The WaferCart will use bank switching and saving feature, so you can save your high score in the game for up to 15 to 20 years.
In fact, Super Turbo Racing will be a huge game for ColecoVision, which includes various types of weather, nitro, jump, "Story Mode " and "arcade mode".
All this is possible for both 1 or 2 players mode.
Sometime in 2012, should this pretty and wild ColecoVision project be possible...

January 07. 2011
Harvey deKleine has now decided to remade one of his old game namely: JETP4K from 2006. also known as JET Block.
It was a fairly simple side-scrolling game, where you have to avoid the coming rocks to stay you alive, and gather diamonds to sustain life.
The game is greatly improved compared to the previously released in 2006.
A newly redesigned jetpack player and variety of rocks, also added a smart bomb feature (credits added when "hitting" the diamonds).
A couple of bugs have been fixed, the gameplay has been improved, a pause feature has been added, collision detection has been fixed, and the graphics have been updated.
Things that need to be included: tweaking the difficulty ramping, adding difficulty levels, adding visual effects for number of lives and number of bombs on hand.
Also improving collision detection so very minor hits won't hurt, fixing up the opening screen, and adding additional sound effects.
Harvey deKline will in addition to download the game also offer the game with his own PCBs.
Harvey will then sell the assembled PCB and a label.
Purchaser shall then himself acquire a cartridge, e.g. an extra Donkey Kong cartridge, pull the label off, replace the PCB, and put on the new label.

Januar 06. 2011.
CollectorVision said just now that he remaked at least 15 unreleased game boxes in 2007.
Now is his plan to make them printed for his own pleasure, but also propose them to people interested in getting them.
If everything goes right, will he let them be printed around April and May 2011.
If you're interested in getting them, contact CollectorVision.
The game boxes are for upcoming games in the future like: Side Trak, Destruction Derby, Rip Cord, Tunnels & Trolls and Skiing.
Also Slither, Turbo and GhostBlaster boxes will be printed.
Other news from CollectorVision is upcoming games this year.
Smurf Challenge will tried to be released at the end of January.
Burn Rubber will be released later this year, but actually have a problem with a bug.
Lode Runner should be released this year too, but a date is not down yet.

January 03. 2011.
An old game has now been digged out from its hiding since the mid 80s.
The game: "The Cat S.O.S. game: Caterpillar scheduled oil sampling game", was given to every Cat dealership in 1983 to support the S.O.S. program.
The game was made by the company Nuvatec. Nuvatec has programmed several games to ColecoVision.
Nuvatec has among other also programmed Cosmic Avenger for Sega to use for ColecoVision.
The Caterpillar game was never sold commercially.
The game consists of a bulldozer that rides around and pushes dirt. Each dirt pile represents a "job".
To keep from exploding you have to send in oil samples to the Cat dealership, then you will be told if the oil is good or bad.
If you fail to do this occasionally your oil will go bad and your bulldozer will explode.
The owner of the possibly last Caterpillar game in the world, has not yet announced whether he will sell it or let it dump.

January 01. 2011.
Luc Miron at Team Pixelboy indicate that there's a nasty little bug in Pitfall II Arcade, which can cause the game to freeze up in a very specific spot within the game.
It's a totally avoidable bug, fortunately.
The programmer tried to fix it, but it was too complicated to fix properly without turning the source code upside down.
It will be included in an addendum to the manual to explain how to avoid it.
The addendum will feature a portion of the game map and a clear indication of where the bug occurs.
From there, it's only a question of remembering this special spot whenever you play.
Luc Miron will have this addendum printed right away.
So after that, will Luc be able to send Pitfall II Arcade and the other games off.

January 01. 2011.
ColecoVision.dk needs a little facelift, starting from today.