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The CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System is made and manufactured by: CollectorVision Games Inc. U.S.A. / Canada.
The Super Game Module™ is a trademark of Opcode Games and the way it works is used for CollectorVision Games Inc. with permission.

CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System is developed by Brian Burney as the originator in cooperation with: CollectorVision Games Inc.
CollectorVision Phoenix Development Team is: Brian Burney, Matthew Hagerty, Erik Piehl and William Brantingham.

The Phoenix logo above is a fair use for this fan site and used with permission from CollectorVision Games, and do not violate the owner.

CollectorVision Games Inc. supports the former toy giant Coleco Industries.
© 2016 - 2020 CollectorVision Games Inc.

Officially announced by: CollectorVision Games, and reproduced by ColecoVision.dk from 2016 to 2020.


Phoenix Video Game System can handle ColecoVision games via access for Cartridges and SD. ?
The Cartridge access is for original ColecoVision and ColecoVision SGM game cartridges.
Also Atari2600 games can be played via SD.

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Phoenix Video Game System was released in August 2019.

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