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Here is informations about some of the people behind this video game system.

Key people: Brian Burney, Matthew Hagerty, Madonna Mark III, Erik Piehl and William Brantingham.


Brian Burney:

Brian is an Electrical Engineer that has been working in several fields for the past 13 years.
He has worked on wall climbing robots, autonomous underwater robotics, and pharmacy automation robotics.
He has worked in several aspects of product development from printed circuit board design, 3D modeling and printing, and embedded controller programming.

Matthew Hagerty:

Matthew is an autodidactic electronics and retro-computer enthusiast, engineer, and maker.
Having grown up in the "golden era" of home computers and video arcades, he enjoys mixing retro computers with new technology to breath some new life into classic systems.
He is the creator of the F18A video enhancement board that is a drop-in replacement for the TMS9918A VDP used in many retro computer and gaming systems.
When not working on an FPGA SoC or a new board design, he can be found playing with his three children and two dogs, reading, and spending time with his wife.

Madonna Mark III:

Madonna Mark III is a programmer, composer and chip/type designer with over 30 years experience in the 8-bit world.
Co-founder of Matra Computer Automations (Sex Bomb Bunny, Moskow 2024, Ark-a-Noah, Don’t Cock It Up!) and Video Hazard (Retaliot —with Jonathan “Joffa” Smith—, Litter Chaos).
Partnerships with Kralizec (MajiKazo), True Video (Alien 99) and a few secret affairs.
Founder of Guzuta (Sink-King, Seleniak). Now serving in Silicon Sex (Junkwall, Lilith, Messiax, Sex Machine, Courtney) as purveyor of technology perversions.

Erik Piehl:

Erik has worked high-tech startups throughout his career - 25 years by now, starting from software development to business development to CTO and CEO roles, managing companies in Finland, USA and Japan.
As counterpart to daily management and business tasks he enjoys sports - and building electronics and FPGA projects in his spare time - and feels privileged to be part of teams that get things done.
He has five patents and holds a M.Sc.EE degree from Helsinki University of Technology.

William Brantingham:

William is a machinist, industrial designer, and the owner/operator of Sabine Speed and Specialty Co.
He has designed products from automotive accessories to commercial displays and is always dreaming up something new to create.
In his spare time he enjoys vintage automobiles, electronics, and listening to punk.



Do you have additional information about the crew behind Phoenix VGS and related.

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