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Phoenix Arcade
Dead Tomb

Monster Bash
Venture Super Game
BC's Quest For Tires

"For use only with the Phoenix Video Game System."
 Game development for Phoenix VGS is no longer a limited development.
Detailed documents and instructions will be available for developers at CollectorVision Games.
Functionality will ongoing be added to the Lilith (Spartan 6) Emulator.

Here will be showed which future games that only will work on the Phoenix console. (Expanded Audio, RAM, Colors), versus our ColecoVision.

Game Wafer Pack Series:

Venture DX for Phoenix Video Game System.
Venture Super Game.
One game you can be 100% sure at, is this game above.
Venture DX in a special version for the Phoenix Video Game System.
Development is in full swing.

Other games that will be developed to Phoenix VGS.

Dead Tomb.
Monster Bash.
BC's Quest For Tires.
Mind Controlled / Frenetic / FrenetiX.

"There are some games in development to take advantage of the Phoenix but it is a little too early at this point to discuss."
Brian Burney.

So we will have to wait with the Phoenix games only a little while.

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