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January 03, 2022.
Source: AtariAge.com
Côté Gamers will later this year be ready with another ColecoVision game from Jean Philippe MEOLA.
This new upcoming game is a platformer called: Casimodo.
The game is a 32kb. game, has more than 30 levels, many traps and you play against time.

January 02, 2022.
Source: AtariAge.com
Tony Cruise at Electric Adventures says his ColecoVision Berzerk version will get its release this year.
Berzerk can be purchased via CollectorVision Games when the time is right.
But Tony has more games he are working on.
Pyxidis, a space shooter, but also a multi cartridge with 3 games, namely: Lunar Rescue, Depth Charge and Stunt Cycle.
But there are more yet to come from down under: Sea Quest, based on the Atari 2600 version, Kangaroo Arcade by Atari and last but not least: Tron Arcade by Disney.

January 01, 2022.
Source: AtariAge.com
Team Pixelboy says:
"My goal is to release Space Shuttle, Utopia and Arabian for ColecoVision on Christmas Day 2022. I'll be working throughout the year to make that happen.

January 01, 2022.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
CollectorVision Games has opened up for their 1 year membership club.
Get your secret cartridges and rom games by signing up, read more about it here.
It have to be fast, it ends on January 31, 2022.

January 01, 2022.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ColecoVision.dk wish you all a Happy New Year.
ColecoVision.dk will still be updated, albeit not at the same pace as I wish.