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December 31. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.Com
Vincent Godefroy, well known as his boxarts has created some very nice ColecoVision wallpapers.
You can get them on CollectorVisions "Member" website.

December 31. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.Com
Tobie at CollectorVision says that the boxset with Computer Space and Pong will be delayed until 2nd week of January.

December 25. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Team Pixelboy is now ready to let you order following ColecoVision games:
Buck Rogers Super Game, Module Man, Battle of Hoth, Mecha-8 and finally The Black Onyx.
There will be produced between 75 and 100 copies of each game.
All games are delivered almost anywhere in the world complete with box and manual.

December 03. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
It seems to CollectorVision is working on 3 ColecoVision games: Skiing, Pong and Computer Space as independent games.
But they are "work in progress", so no coding is completed.
Skiing is an old waporware, and the game was never released by Coleco.
For Pong and Computer Space, these two games will be released in 2014, either as a box set or individually.

November 11. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
The MTX game Super Mine Field and Memotech MTX Series Vol. 2 is now ready for its release in a ColecoVision version.
For pre-ordering these games, please take contact to Tobie at CollectorVision.com

November 06. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Surround sound for our ColecoVision is what Ralf from Germany now offer.
It increases the sound output quality dramatically adding Surround sound and near Stereo effect.
Sound is similar to arcade quality. Old games with a new sound experience as the sound is pumped up in frequency and intensity, too.
A small PCB board in about 5x3 cm size containing AV-Mod and Sound output.
Ralf offer also a smaller version with sound only for the RGB version.
Ralf says also that he found a source for power supplies and he now offer to mod them directly into the ColecoVision.
You'll get a normal European connector at the back (replacing old connector) with built in power supply.
"This mod is also combined with pause key and blue power led on your device". Power supply is industrial and delivers all required power voltages.
Last, but not least. A joystick adapter with built in Keypad and also an adapter to connect generic PS3 stearing wheels for Turbo are in Ralf's planning.

October 31. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Team Pixelboy confirm just now that the MSX port of the game TwinBee not will be available for Christmas 2013.
The ColecoVision version of TwinBee is delayed until sometime in 2014.
But Team Pixelboy can confirm that The Black Onyx will be released on this forthcoming Christmas.
This also applies Buck Rogers Super Game, Module Man, Battle of Hoth and Mecha-8.

October 11. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.Com
Claus Bękkel are almost done with the Memotech MTX Games Collection Vol. 2.
The upcoming cartridge contains 3 games, namely: Nemo, Star Command and Obloids.
Also the game: Super Minefield has passed final tests, and should be ready in near future.

October 11. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Justin Braun want to share a song he composed with Coleco sounds and video.
Justin has made it for YouTube. -enjoy...

September 25. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
CollectorVision is now ready to re-release another round of their old ColecoVision games.
Some complete in box and others in cartridge only.
New for CollectorVision is a re-release of Galaxian from 1983 and a brand new version of Lode Runner.
The games Rip Cord, Ninja Densetsu and Mr. Do's Wild Ride are getting closer.
Ninja Densetsu and Mr. Do's Wild Ride have almost all the graphics done.

September 25. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
CollectorVision is proud to present Pong and Computer Space as a box set.
Some of the first arcade games ever.
100 copies will be made, 80 in yellow cartridges, and 20 in black cartridges.

September 12. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Nicolas Campion aka Nicam Shilova gives you 3 free ColecoVision games to try.
The games is: Haunted Caves, Knight Quest and Quatre.
All 3 games is small test games.

September 03. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Rumors say that CollectorVision in 2014 will publish a homebrew game called: Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death.
The game is created by: Keith Erickson and is a retro-styled platformer that does it's best to emulate the look and feel of a classic game.
"Sydney must navigate dark caverns while avoiding bats, ghosts, hot lava and other obstacles."
If you can survive all 10 caverns, you will be able to win your freedom.

September 03. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Harvey deKleine aka 5-11under says: he will make a new drop-in replacement PCB for the ColecoVision.
Harvey will call it CV 1.2 and say It's a regular CV with some improvements.
Component and Composite video output, dual mono audio output, 24K RAM and Static RAM for VDP.
Also the opportunity for a Pause button and alternate BIOSes.

September 01. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Luc at Team Pixelboy says he will recode Jewel Panic again to change some features. (Better animate falling jewels).
Whether the game can be completed in this year is not known.

August 29. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
A story is told by Larry Cole, a former Coleco employee to ColecoVision.dk
This is small true stories that will be updated from time to time.

August 28. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
The Godfather of ColecoVision Daniel Bienvenu has in record time programmed a ColecoVision game for adults.
The name is Strip Poker and Daniel will guarantee that the game will include: "Kick-ass music, Lovely graphics, Human-like opponent, Humor, And Poker variation 5-card draw classic".
You can order the game immediately, and you can choose from 2 different cartridges, standard black or standard blue.
Box and manual will be sold separetely, probably by Dale Wick.

August 24. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Guy Foster points out that his game Space Hunter for ColecoVision from 2005 not is reprogrammed, but instead disassembled.
"The title screen was modified (removing the name of the original author), a few bytes changed here and there and then re-released as an original game."
Guy also says: "Space Hunter can have the claim to be the first ColecoVision home-brew game to have a bootleg copy of it!"
Space Hunter aka Earth Defend 2083 will be released with Guy's permission as a CIB version.

August 15. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Claus Bękkel aka CrazyBoss, the man behind Memotech MTX Games Collection Vol. 1 has a lot of news for all us ColecoVision fans.
Right now is Super Minefield under beta test, it could be a christmas game, but let's see.
Claus is also working on Memotech MTX Games Collection Vol. 2, called "The Keys" by Andy Key.
This time will Vol 2 include 3 games. 2 of those is already named namely: Nemo and Star Command, the last one is unknown at the moment.
Claus can assure you that there also will be a Vol. 3. Collection too in 2014.
Memotech MTX Collection Vol. 3 is named: "The EH Collection".
Last but not least, Claus is also working on a few MSX titles, but this is a bit secret for now.

August 10. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Get a free membership from CollectorVision.com and get 9 ColecoVision homebrew games for free.
The games is available as download, and works with an Emulator or your AtariMax.
More games will be added over the time, and opportunity to participate in beta testing of any future ColecoVision games.

August 06. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
CollectorVision.com has just added four extra ColecoVision games in the list of upcoming games.
The first game "Earth Defend 2083" is a "old" game in new pixels.
The game is reprogrammed from the old "Space Hunter" by: Guy Foster.
The game is a vertical shooter where you move from left to right while you shoot.
The programmer is new in the ColecoVision homebrew scene, the name is: Jeroen Van Schaik.
The second game is the long waiting "Lode Runner" with 150 levels.
The 3th game are the old well known Pong game, great move.
The 4th is Computer Space from 1971, one of the first space shooter in the world.
As for rumors is a Members section a reality, and new ColecoVision Controllers is planned.
The games will be annonce in pre-sale very soon.

August 04. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc Miron at Team Pixelboy says the Super Buck Rogers game now is ready to be placed into MegaCarts, 100 games will be made ​​on a first-served basis.
This game and least 6 others are ready for sale from December 25 this year.
And remember what Luc said: "I don't take pre-orders for my games."

July 29. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
There appear sometimes games up in boxes that have never been opened.
Many games are packed in time from 1982 to 1984 and has been stored away for several decades.
For few years ago was it Sunrise games which had laid on stock in Italy for over 25 years.
Now is a new stock been found in Belgium, Europe.
A mother load of ColecoVision and Adam parts, maybe a whole container packed with ColecoVisions and ADAMS, as well as a whole lot of parts.
The person who bought the store from CBS Electronics in the mid 80's have saved this huge remaining lot on a ceiling near Belgium.
The good news is, all of it will be channeled back into the market again.

July 22. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc Miron at Team Pixelboy plans to realize new game types.
The return of the double enders or flip-carts if you like.
The new cartridges will allow you to flip over to a new game in the other side.
Including for these games is the possibility of approach to a brand new menu system.
Luc says also that The Black Onyx will be ready around spring 2014.
The Black Onyx have a special Save Game feature, namely via EEPROM.

July 21. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Daniel Bienvenu confirms now that the game Flora and the Ghost Mirror is completed, and will soon be ready for sale.
Only missing is the Manual.
The game will be released in a nice box with a dark blue cartridge.

July 13. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Tobie at CollectorVision is proud to present 3 new ColecoVision games: ElectricAdventures Classics, Helifire and Memotech MTX Games Collection Vol. 1
CollectorVision will also republish: Mr. Chin in a U.S. box together with Bomb 'n Blast also in a U.S. box.
Also AtariSoft Galaxian in a U.S. box will finally see the daylight.
It is expected that the games can be pre-ordered around August 1013.
See the upcoming games on CollectorVision.com.

July 04. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Kiwi is working on a new ColecoVision game called: 4th of July .
4th of July is a working title for Happy Independence Day.
Kiwi says: "Basically, what you do is find a way to open the box."
Also: "The game itself will be expanded, since there's content inside of the box, that give you clues to figure out, what the contents in the box suppose to represent."
"Then you would have to input the answer. If you guess right, you'll on to the next puzzle."
The game is on a early stage and a demo of the game is out there.

June 30. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo at OpCode Games are back again from Brazil "earlier than expected".
He will going to catch up with everything, "reply to emails, start shipping SGMs, and send confirmation to all 2nd run pre orders."

June 28. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
J-F at CollectorVision Newsletter, points out, that the following four games are available from this summer.
HeliFire, Lode Runner and ElectricAdventure Classics which include 3 minigames (Meteor Swarm, Birds of Orion and Munchmania).
Also Memotech MTX Collection Vol.1 from a Dane living in Sweden has 4 minigames (Kilopede, Mission Alphatron, Astro-Pac and Astromilon).
And for the late summer later this year will a nice version of the first videogame ever, namely Computer Space and the 1972 game Pong have its release.
For the Winter 2013 says J-F: "We are also working on an ADAM project to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Coleco ADAM."
The tricky is: "I think even the non ADAM fans (aka the CV fans) will want those..."

June 28. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
CollectorVision.com is again available on-line.
Only missing is the page about Mario Brothers.

June 22. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
CollectorVision.com is down at the moment.
There are "certain formalities" which must be in place before the site can continue.
And like J-F says: "It will be back online very soon ;)".

June 17. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Regarding ROM files for the ColecoVision.
J-F the former owner of CollectorVision says following 4 ROM files is released.
Mario Bros watermarked: NOT FOR RESALE, Mr Chin, Kobashi , Pyramid Warp / Battleship Clapton, all 4 is freely available.
J-F says also that they are ready to release 5 more ROM files very soon: Pooyan, Zippy Race, Burn Rubber, A.E. and finally SOS Caterpillar.

June 16. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Ren Bortignon (Pink Panther Proto) has contacted ColecoVision.dk again, Ren says now he also is in possession of what he call: "The second generation proto titled War Room".
And finally he have: "A boxed, pre-production salesman sample of War Room, and also a ColecoVision proto of Power Lords, Quest for Volcan by Steve Ortney".
"I am going to sell these either via GameGavel or ebay".

June 15. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Jean-Franēois Dupuis the founder of CollectorVision has decided to let Tobie aka Coleco Master take over CollectorVision and the site CollectorVision.com.
J-F says: "I took the decision to let Toby handle EVERYTHING about CollectorVision for now".
Also: "I'm only a man and I don't have much time to put into it, but I will continnue to help and maintain relationships with programmers and society itself.".

June 12. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Robert at RT12 Production, would very much like to complete a never released ColecoVision game Horse Racing.
Horse Racing by Fidelity with the production # 2442 was planned, but never programmed.
Robert have many details to add the game, which will include an box, overlays and a related manual.
The game was originally started by "else" but nothing has happened for 2 years.
"Else" and RT12 Production have partnered on this project.
As Robert says. "Else will still do the heavy duty programming, but now with my input".
The Horse Racing will takes action in: Fidelity Electronics Park and 8 horses will be ready for start.

June 07. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
CollectorVision has unveiled what we can expect of games from them.
A kind of Taito Legends which include following 4 games: Lock 'n Chase, Chack 'n Pop, Elevator Action and a hack of Jungle Hunt.
Jungle Hunt will inklude a few changes, and will be renamed: Jungle King.
You will also be able to buy Jungle King as a stand alone version.
Other ColecoVision games are: new versions of Galaxian, Dig Dug and Moon Patrol, but also Escape From MindMaster will be rereleased.
All upcoming games are complete in box with a handsome manual.

June 04. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Claus Bękkel has released a ColecoVision cartridge with 4 mini games.
All 4 retro cassette tape games is converted from the Memotech MTX 512, and can now for the first time be played on our ColecoVision.
The 4 games is: Kilopede, Mission Alphatron, Astro-Pac and Astromilon. 50 copies are planned.
All classic shooters, -screenshots here.
Claus has also a joker for our ColecoVision, another MTX game are on the way.
Super Minefield is an old MTX tape game from 1983 converted by Claus Bękkel.
A demo is showed on Youtube.

June 04. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
A guy named Ren Bortignon claims that he is in possession of the Pink Panther cartridge made as a prototype for ColecoVision.
He also say: "I also have one hand labeled SAT Defense. The provenance is very good. These came directly from Odyssey HQ in Knoxville, TN."
Also: "This was the first version of what became to be known as War Room".
The Pink Panther proto game is confirmed to ColecoVision.dk, through the images seen both closed as well as open cartridge.
Pink Panther is dated June 1st. 1983, and there is worked a lot with it, as several of the pictures show different screens.

May 31. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc at Team Pixelboy says he will release a version of Front Line where you don't have to use your Super Action Controllers for playing the game.
Front Line SCE (Standard Controller Edition) is the new name.
Luc says: "The game itself will be the same, the only difference will be that it will be playable with regular stock controllers".
75 copies will be made, after that will the ROM be released for free use.

May 25. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Telegames in UK has started a new production of ColecoVision Boulder Dash from the 80's.
For just £ 80,- will you have a nice new CIB Boulder Dash for your ColecoVision.
Pete at Telegames says: "It is new manufactured box, cart and label."

May 23. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo at OpCode Games says he will be in Brazil in June 2013 to complete a course.
"I have closed shop for the time being, won't be selling any more games for the next couple of months."
So in August 2013 will Eduardo again open his store and sell Games and Super Game Modules.
The RGB version of the SGM will also be available for August 2013.

May 20. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, the man behind the game Zombie Near, points out right now that the upcoming game Mecha 8 will have some extras.
"Mecha-8 for Colecovision will have exclusive two new enemies in levels 4 and 5 (the game has 6 levels).
Extra graphics for the final boss and an extra graphical screen based in box for the attraction mode
The game will have its release on December 25 2013.

May 01. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
JRLS / Scorpion Software has done it again.
This time is it a smart hacked ColecoVision version of Venture.

April 20. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
gameblabla the man behind Super Sonyk Arena and Sonic RPG has made a triology for ColecoVision
The series he currently working on is Role Parody game 1, 2 and 3.
The game works until now only through BlueMSX.
gameblabla will try to reproduce Role Parody Games to work on a real ColecoVision.
The games is programmed in C for the curious who want to know.

April 16. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
An insane ColecoVision version of Mouse Trap has been done.
The game is hacked by a Dutchman: JRLS / Scorpion Software.
Look at the video, the game is a whole new game.

April 12. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo at OpCode Games says: "I have decided to offer to ship the SGM now..."
"I will be shipping with nameplates from our previous printer."
"I will contact 20 or so people at time, by order date, so please be patience as the whole process should take a couple of weeks."

April 10. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
CollectorVision is proud to present 4 new games for May/June 2013.
Mario Brothers Final Edition Including Overlays, Mindwalls a kind of a Breakout game, S.O.S. Caterpillar a construction game.
And finally the SGM game: Rollerball.
All games can be ordered from now on.

April 09. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
After an XP computer crash at ColecoVision.dk will some pages still have irregularities.
Hope Intel i5 3570K, 8 Gb RAM, Win 7, GT 630 and a new MSI H77 mainboard will help.

April 08. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Eduardo indicates that the French version of the Super Game Module not will be ready along with the regular version in April 2013.
"I will need to leave the French SCART version of the SGM for the 2nd run."
"I plan to start testing that as soon as the first run is shipped."

April 03. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo states that the ColecoVision 2 prototype will be ready at the end of this year.
"On the other hand, that doesn't mean the console would be out this year, since we would need an extra year to properly test it, design a case, etc."

April 01. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
CollectorVision says now we should be able to order Rollerball and Mindwalls in mid-April.
Another big news is CollectorVision also will release Donkey Kong 3.
"I finally managed to complete all graphics this weekend, including a bonus level."
Another one: "I finally managed to complete all graphics for: Spunky's Super Car from 2011, and bonus level here also".
CollectorVision also announces that Helifire and Lode Runner is on the way also in 2013.
More news like: a re-release of Zombie Near in a MegaCart version.
"Only 30 copies of Zombie Near will be available though."
And finally will Electric Adventures from Australia make his first debut game which also will be publish by CollectorVision.
It could be a multicart with following 3 mini games: Meteor Swarm - Birds Of Orion and Munch Mania, all with enhanced sound effects.

April 01. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc Miron at Team Pixelboy says he will release at least 7 games in December 25. 2013.
Following games planned is: Mecha-8, Battle of Hoth, Jewel Panic, TwinBee, Module Man, Buck Rogers Super Game, and The Black Onyx.
Luc also indicate that TwinBee will be the last opcode game sold through Team Pixelboy.
Luc mostly got out of contract publishing with OpCode games, so Eduardo will continue launch his own games under his own label.
"I believe it's a good thing that Eduardo will be releasing them himself, because then he will be able to use his new Super Game Cartridge PCB to implement game saves on the carts".

March 17. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Eduardo at OpCode Games says he will release at least 5 games under his own label this year.
Goonies, Knightmare, Donkey Kong Arcade, Ghostbusters and Penguin Adventure, all requires the Super Game Module.
And for Space Invaders Collection "10th. Anniversary Edition" says Eduardo: "Not sure if we will have time to rerelease it this year."

March 16. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Just to clarify a very important issue.
The upcoming Super Game Module from OpCode Games works both on the U.S. NTSC and the European PAL versions.
Another important issue is the French CBS Scart version.
When ordering a SGM for this version, please strongly specify that it is for a French ColecoVision Scart version.
The French ColecoVision Scart version has a different expansion port pinout for the Sound, and therefore requires a modified version.

February 27. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
CollectorVision says there will be 4 ColecoVision games for sale from March 2013.
1. Mario Brothers Final Edition Including Overlays, 2. Mindwalls a kind of a Breakout, 3. S.O.S. Caterpillar a construction game.
And finally the long awaited pinball game, Rollerball.
Rollerball requires the OpCode Super Game Module.

February 21. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Martijn from Revival Studios has another ColecoVision game in his mind.
The first game was Astrododge, and Shifted! will be the next, but also a 3rd. game will be released around summer 2013.
"Shifted! is an action puzzle game that requires quick thinking and quick responses."
Planned release March or April 2013.

February 10. 2013.
Source: Wikipedia.com
Did you know that:
Imagic which among other things gave us ColecoVision games like Nova Blast and Moonsweeper had up to 170 employees.
Many of the employees were former employees from Atari and Mattel.
Imagic was founded in California in 1981, and phased out in 1986.

February 04. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo at OpCode Games says that he is now ready to assemble over 200 Super Game Modules.
The circuit boards are 80% assembled in China.
Eduardo mount them in their associated boxes, and test each one before they are packed and ready for shipment.

February 01. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo at OpCode Games says, that he will have a least 2 games ready to be published under the OpCode label this year.
The first Super Game will be Donkey Kong Arcade, and the next Super Game will be the rerelease of Space Invaders Collection.
Space Invaders Collection 10th anniversary will with the new Super Game Module have a much better sound.
The marching will truely have a deeper bass.

January 26. 2013.
Source: Wikipedia.com
Did you know that:
Coleco Inc. paid back then Nintendo over $5 million in royalties for Coleco Industries rights to Donkey Kong video game.

January 21. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
The NTSC version of the Coleco Super Game Module is delayed until March 2013.
OpCode Games confirms that the reason is manuals and boxes.
About the European PAL CBS version will we probably have to wait until mid-2013.
And for the 2nd run of the Super Games Module is a good time around July 2013.

January 17. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
There is maybe a "new" game on the way for ColecoVision.
A member on AtariAge called msmeenk claims that he is about to reprogram a MSX game.
The game is Eggerland, and is a funny little labyrinth game.
Whether it will be released as a cartridge is not known, nor when.

January 10. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ColecoVision.dk has started a index of the ColecoVision Super Games that require the Super Game Module.

January 02. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
Nicam Shilova aka Nicolas Campion says: "Happy New Year 2013, and here is a free ColecoVision game to try."
The game is: Star Jump and you can get it free via download.

January 01. 2013.
Source: AtariAge.com
J-F at CollectorVision.com says: here in 2013 "Can you expect to see something ''special'' for the 5th Anniversary of CollectorVision."
And because "The ADAM computer was released in 1983, so its obvious that we will pay a tribute to this underated computer."
As mentioned in November 2012: The Caterpillar, The Cat Scheduled Oil Sampling ColecoVision game will get its release in 2013.
Also Mario Brothers will be rereleased soon too, but also the games like Monster Bash, RollerBall and Lode Runner.

January 01. 2013.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ColecoVision.dk will continue to optimize the site.