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December 31, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ColecoVision.dk wishes you all a Happy New Year.

December 30, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Screenshots for following ColecoVision games is updated.
DKA, Gradius and Penguin Adventure.

December 25, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc Miron at Team Pixelboy has great news for ColecoVision.
Following new ColecoVision Games will be added to the site: Children of the Night, Wizard Of Wor and Utopia.
Utopia is based on the old Intellivision game of the same name.
Wizard Of Wor is a old and famous arcade game that will be programmed to ColecoVision from the scratch.
Good news is also that following ROMS is free and released from today: Wonder Boy, MopiRanger, Module Man and The Black Onyx.
Only CoolCV Emulator can run The Black Onyx game.
The bad news is that Eduardo Mello has left the game Gauntlet, "I found the port too complex and time-consuming."
Luc will try with another MSX expert, a Swedish guy called: "Dimmu".

December 20, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
A new website from Opcode Games is now a reality.
Today is it Eduardo's birthday, but it is also today the InterNet has 25 years anniversary.
So a re-release of Opcode Games' website could not be better.
4 things is presented for now, namely 3 ColecoVision games and the Super Game Module.
More to see here.

December 10, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Do you need a brand new power supply for your ADAM Family Computer System. ?
Ray at AtariAge will make a final 2nd run.
"It will close March 1st 2016 and will not be available again."
"Those interested should take advantage of this final opportunity."
Contact Ray Lopez here for more infomation.

December 09, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Opcode Games has now finished his special version of Gradius.
This ColecoVision version is based on the MSX version.
Eduardo says he will: "Fine tune the game, making changes and additions, and finally polishing the graphics."
"However all the graphics are being recreated to make it look more like the original arcade."
"Also, a number of small details missing in the MSX port are being added back."
Gradius is one of the three games Eduardo will publish in 2016.

November 30, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
CollectorVision Games Inc. has unveiled yet another game that is in development for our ColecoVision.
The name is: Sacred Tribe.
"You're an adventurer who has been travelling to South America seeking for treasures-"
"During one night, are you been captured and made prisoner by a Sacred Tribe."
"Your only way to escape is to collect at the very least 100 Diamonds so you'll be able to open the Sacred Door."
A bet for a release year could be in 2017.

November 28, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Watch this man, Juice 2839 aka Fred Kono because he's fast, very fast.
First time we heard from him in our ColecoVision space was his RGB/HDMI optimizer.
Then a ColecoVision Super Game Module clone which he subsequently sold for $ 300, and a second one sold quick after for $ 157,50.
Short after showed he, a combined ColecoVision PCB with his SGM clone built in.
And now, (hold tight on your chair), a speech synthesizer for his upcoming ColecoVision.
And this is only the beginning, Fred will mix the whole thing together and sell it as a Super Juicebox.
When this will happend, if ever, is not known at the moment.

November 27, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo at Opcode Games is working on several games for our ColecoVision.
At present, Eduardo has programmed 50% of the MSX version of Gradius, but the game will in no way be an accurate port.
"The SGM version will receive a complete makeover to make it look more like the arcade original."

November 22, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
A new ColecoVision site are currently under development.
The new site is named: ColecoVision North, and is a part from Jay Spearing's Colecovision Addiction and his Facebook and Twitter page.
ColecoVision North is not ready yet, but you can already see the frontpage here.

November 22, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo at Opcode Games says: "Penguin Adventure is 100% done, with SGM splash screen and all."
An intense beta testing of the ColecoVision game has already started.
Eduardo says also: The first 80 pre-orders get a special version of the game.
And for pre-ordering of Penguin Adventure for ColecoVision will start around late December together with the 2nd run of the SGM.

November 21, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
"Byte Knight" has big news for a Ultimate CV Flashback.
The CV Flashback is completely hacked.
"Byte Knight" will offer following for you: He need you CV Flashback.
Then will he mount a Raspberry 2 computer, a Ultimate PC Interface, USB wifi dongle and USB extension cable.
And finally a new Ultimate CVFB decal upgrade.
All this for $159 including shipping.
And what will you get: Beautiful HDMI output, Wifi connectivity, USB keyboard input, the CoolCV emulator developed by Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez.
The 60 games you've already purchased + the ability to add more games, and finally a EmulationStation front-end.
Do this sounds good to you, so please contact "Byte Knight" here.

November 21, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
juice2839 aka "fred kono" has now build the final layout and design PCB for his upcoming CV Juicebox.
Composite video is in the standard package together with the 9918 VDP.
Alternatively, you may purchase a daughter board for RGB output for easy mounting.
With this new ColecoVision board will there also be an opportunity to plug a PCB into the VDP socket for F18A into the socket for VGA output.
"fred kono" has another wish to his upcoming ColecoVision board: "I hope to offer a speech synthiser module, keyboard interface module and maybe a wireless controller module that plugs right to this pcb."
It would be nice to see if this new CV board will see the daylight in 2016 or 2017.

November 13, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
There is good news from Eduardo Mello at Opcode Games.
The last run this year with the the new Super Game Module is under development right now at this moment.
Eduardo has redesigned the SGM for better compatibility and will have a new prototype ready in december 2015.
Penguin Adventure (128kb.) is almost done, just need to "adding new stuff, exclusive to the CV version.".
This ColecoVision game will be ready around spring 2016 together with Lady Bug AE.
DKA AE will be released sometime in the mid-next year together with Gradius, and finally is the new Super Game Cartridge under development.

November 06, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
A new website from Opcode Games is begun from today.
Eduardo has returned to his former website from WordPress.
This is a modern return to Opcode Games, and looks more professional.
Four new games is added to the site at the moment, namely: "Penguin Adventure", "Lady Bug The Arcade Experience", "DKA The Arcade Experience" and finally: "Gradius".

November 05, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
juice2839 will built a new ColecoVision main board.
And this time has he contacted Harvey deKleine for a cooperation.
Harvey already has 5 years of experience in his work with a ColecoVision main board, and Juice2839 has just built an SGM clone.
And for the video Output: "It is actually going to have the option to plug in different, lets say Video cards or video daughter boards or an F18A."
And for the Controllers "The DB9 connnectors can be mounted anywhere because they are hooked to a ribbon cable that plugs onto the new CV pcb."
So our wish for a new ColecoVision will soon come true, because these two things will merge into a single board called: "CV Juicebox".

November 03, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
juice2839 also known as "fred kono" has made a clone of the Super Game Module.
Its working both with the extra RAM and the extra Sound.
Its big and clumsy and take up a lot of space.
There's nothing reported about getting the clone down in size or to put the clone in a production with sales purposes.
You can follow the thread here.

November 01, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc Miron at Team Pixeboy says: "I won't have time to get the next batch of Team Pixelboy releases ready in time for Christmas."
"I could split my Christmas release list and release only 4 or 5 games this Christmas and the rest in 2016, but I don't want to do that."
So 10 new ColecoVision games for Christmas 2015 is moved forward to February 2016.
There are 7 more new ColecoVision games to be launced for April 2016, they are moved forward to September 2016.

November 01, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Tobie at CollectorVision Games says that the 2 ColecoVision games: Light Grid Racing and Bomb Jack will be shipped next week from now.
"I should get all the boxes next week than I'll start shipping."

November 01, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo at Opcode Games has just clarified what will happen to Opcode games in the near future.
"We are restructuring Opcode Games to make it operate in a much more professional way."
"And for now we would like to share our tentative release schedule for the first half of 2016."
So for winter 2015/2016 is it the Super Game Module and the release of Penguin Adventure.
And around spring 2016 vill Lady Bug Arcade see the light of day.
Summer 2016 is the great shooter Gradius close to its release, a lot of action in graphics and sounds.
Eduardo plans to release DKA around same time as Gradius.

October 31, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
A new book will soon be a reality.
In 2016 will you be able to buy a brand new ColecoVision book.
The book is about the Coleco Industries from the early Lether company to Pools, Hockey games, electronic games, computers  and consoles to dolls.
The book will contains over 200 pages to fully display the illustrations and photographs.
If you wish to support the book release, please click here.

October 23, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Eduardo from Opcode Games is already a step forward with his upcoming ColecoVision game: Gradius.
Gradius is an real shooter with lots of action, Gradius is very nice detailed in graphics, and very colorful for your eyes.
Gradius requires the Super Game Module to work.
If we are lucky will Gradius be a reality sometime in mid-2016 together with Penguin Adventure and DKA.
But on the ohter hand says Eduardo also he wil launch its games around 30 years after the date they are originally made, ie 1980, 81, 82, 83...
Will instead be 2015, 16, 17, 18.
So DKA, Lady Bug or New Rally-X will be some of the first games Eduardo will release in 2016 if all goes well.

October 16, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Grips03 at AtariAge offering to help with the installation of F18A graphics card with VGA output on your ColecoVision.
Read more about this great offer here.

September 27, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Eduardo at Opcode Games is now back from Brazil, and as promissed earlier will he resume his last production of its SGM's.
Eduardo will use the last 3 months on his SGMs for ColecoVision.
There is about 150 SGMs ready for shipping within the next months.
Regarding the French SGM version, will this still, as planned be for a late November/December release this year.

September 25, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc at Team Pixelboy say now that he won't be able to deliver all his planned games in September as promissed.
" I really wanted to have all the order processing finished by the end of September, but it's just not going to happen. "

September 25, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
colecoworld.com is now off-line.
Martijn had a year ago created revival-studios.com and had not really updated colecoworld.com for several years.
Martijn will henceforth only concentrate on the new site.
The ColecoVision game "Shifted" is still delayed and there are no information about when this game will be ready for a release.

September 17, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
A French programmer called "Fred The Fred" has started to code his first experimental ColecoVision game.
The game is very text and caracter based game called "Cave".
You can follow the process here.

September 16, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
CollectorVision Games has now 2 ColecoVision games ready for sale.
This time, a very close Bomb Jack version, This game was already finished in March 2015.
The other ColecoVision game is a part of the game Tron Light Cycles.
This game is called Tron Grid Racing and is a totally different game from the original one.
You will not be bored with Tron Grid Racing, there is over 200 levels to play.
For ordering these games, contact: CollectorVision Games.

September 11, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc at Team Pixelboy is now ready with the 1st portion of games out of 4.
Following ColecoVision games there will be for sale this time is: Front Line; Standard Controller Edition, Boxxle, Spelunker, The Stone of Wisdom and Knightmare.
All games will be shipped in October 2015.

September 10, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
nanochess aka Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez has now finished his new ColecoVision game Mecha 9.
Mecha 9 is a continuation of the former Mecha 8 and filled with new features like: strange Time Slip, a lot of enemy bullets, intense action and cosmic debris.
Óscar say also that Mecha 9 has more detailed graphics, and deluxe SGM music background.
Mecha 9 is currently in beta test and will be for sale around late December 2015.

September 08, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Mr. Turtle is now ready for sale.
The the is about a little Turtle that searches for pearls in a dangerous world.
Want this ColecoVision game ? -please contact: Gerry Brophy

August 17, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Ralf at Retro-modding.de says now: "After our famous and worldwide unique repro Coleco Power Supply we now offer additional articles like:"

Coleco Champ Adapters.
They have about 10 refurbished which will be offered soon in their online store and on ebay.

Coleco Arcade Controllers.
Modded NES Controllers for ColecoVision, of course in Coleco design.
First batch is already sold, new one available soon.

Coleco Junior Controller.
In development. Finally similar to the original one, but shorter and with gamepad.

ColecoVision RGB Mod.
In development. Combined with stereo surround mod.
Ralf says: Best picture, even better than the stock RGB version.
First version will be delivered with a limited run of White consoles.
Available from mid-september 2015.

Online store: 0711spiele.de or ebay: 0711spiele_de

August 17, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Alekmaul the man behind the ColecoVision version of MazezaM says now that he has worked a lot on the game, rewrote lot's of things and the game is now finished.
That is very good news, very nice graphics and lots of colors.
MazezaM has also a password system which keeps track of how far you have come in your maze game.
Jean-Michel GIRAD just need to add the music which is important to catch your mood.
After all are finished and polished will the game be beta tested and Jean-Michel GIRAD will then publish MazezaM via CollectorVision Games.

August 17, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo says he have over 150 orders already for the 2nd run of the ColecoVision Super Game Module.
All those SGMs will be made in mid-September and ready for sale around October and November 2015.
And also from November to December 2015 will Eduardo take care of the last Modules for this year, namely the SGMs for the French CBS version.
Another novelty is that Eduardo from Opcode Games plans to deliver at least 3 new arcade ports for our ColecoVision in 2016.
2 names out of 3 are following: Lady Bug Arcade and DKA.
The last name will be released either in October or later.

August 08, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ColecoVision.dk have decided to expand the site's screen length.
So 1440 will be the minimum resolution and preferably higher.
The text is adjusted to 100%.
The date and the watch on the Index screen is removed.
ColecoVision.dk will optimize this for the rest of this year.

August 05, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
You can now see the very first ColecoVision screenshots for Mecha-9 by Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez.
There are two images available on Team Pixelboy's site.
Look here.

July 25, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Robee Blaster to our ColecoVision is almost completed,
The game has a very extensive option screen, and can handle up to 4 players, you just need to use one or two "Y" DB9 cables.
Alekmaul aka Jean-Michel GIRAD has also made a nice scoreboard screen, and a very nice tiles scrolling as a background.
Alekmaul has improved his game to look like a 3D game.
Hope Robee Blaster will end up contain some background music, or Robee Blaster will otherwise be a very quiet game.
Look for yourself here.

July 23, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Opcode Games has now joined Facebook.

July 19, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Mike Brent aka Tursi at Atariage has optimized the former TI-99/4A game: Super Space Acer with some nice background music.
Music is the half of a game, and take this space shooter up in another dimension.
The optimized version is for the ColecoVision version.
Whether the game will be released in CIB form is not known.

July 16, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
CollectorVision Games are now ready to take Pre-orders for 4 new ColecoVision games.
Starship Defence Force, So you want to be a knight, Digger and Zanac.
Zanac is slightly more expensive than the other games.
Zanac is a 128kb. SGM game that is made with the WaferCart a sequel from Opcode's MegaCart 1.
Order here.

July 16, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Fast, very fast.
CollectorVision Games had a special version of the ColecoVision game: Zanac.
It was coming with the U.S. box and two colored cartridge, Black and White, and a Black and White label.
Only 10 was produced, and all 10 ColecoVision games of Zanac was sold on 53 minutes.

July 15, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Team Pixelboy says that it goes well with the games scheduled for release this coming month September.
But is Luc says: "It's not 100% sure I'll be able to release Ghostbusters in September as planned."
Also the game Jewel Panic is delayed: "It will absolutely NOT be ready for September."
Jewel Panic will instead be for sale sometime in 2016.

July 06, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
July is the month Opcode Games promised to deliver the rest of the SGMs.
The 2nd batch say 200 units, or: " If I don't deliver the 2nd run by the end of July 2015, I will reimburse everyone who has already paid."
With that said will Eduardo therefore: "Apologize for the super long delay regarding the SGMs."
"People who ordered back in 2013 and 2014 will get progressive discounts on my 3 forthcoming games next year."

June 18, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Greg Off from Offbase.com has made new ColecoVision homebrew boxes for 18 games that didn’t have an Arcade cabinet on the cover.
The new ColecoVision boxes are following: Burgertime, Centipede, Congo Bongo, Defender, Dig Dug, Dragon’s Lair, Frogger, Gyruss, Joust, Pac-Man,
Pooyan, Popeye, Q*bert, Tapper, Spy Hunter, Star Wars, Super Cobra and Tutankham.
Interested, contact Toby at CollectorVision Games for more information.

June 12, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Do you need new ColecoVision labels for your CBS PAL cartridges. ?
If yes, then will Stephen Cameron at ColecoVision Addict made them for you.
Your labels will be 100% vectorized and the quality is in absolute topclass.
For additional information, please contact: Stephen Cameron.

June 07, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Jean-Philippe MEOLA at Atomic Fe says now that his new upcoming ColecoVision game: Knight 'n More not will be published via CollectorVision Games nor even Team Pixelboy.
The game will instead be published via another publisher, which not is specified further on the moment.

May 29, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Daniel Vik confirms to ColecoVision Addict that the forthcoming updated emulator BlueMSX will support the Super Game Module.
Good news is also the ability to customize screenshots and video resolutions.

May 26, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
A new ColecoVision site are just now taking shape.
ColecoVision Addict is very professional built and have a lot of details.
The man behind the site is Stephen Cameron aka Kamshaft.
Stephen is a graphic artist.
Visit the new site here.

May 24, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Is Retro Gaming you. ?
Then are you more than welcome to: Game On Expo in Mesa Convention Center, Arizona on August 28, 29, 30.
CollectorVision Games will be presented to the show in the form of John "Gamester81" Lester, Jean-François Dupuis, Russ Kumro and Toby.
More information here.

May 24, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Great ColecoVision News from CollectorVision Games.
In June or July 2015 will following 3 ColecoVision games be ready for pre-ordering: Digger, Starship Defence Force and So, You Want To Be A Knight .
And 1 more game is on the way, namely Zanac.
The first 3 games above: Digger, Starship Defence Force and So, You Want To Be A Knight is non SGM games.
But Zanac will need the Super Game Module.
The upcoming ColecoVision games later this year are following; Bomb Jack, Grid Light Cycles (Tron), Star Soldier, Kung fu Master, Sasa and Jump Land.

May 23, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Opcode Games says 2015 will be a transition year to 2016.
Their roadmap for 2015 is planned to following goals:
"Produce 200 regular SGMs."
"Produce 20 SECAM SGMs."
"Complete the work on the last 7 3rd party games."
"Clear out existing inventory of old games and prototypes."
"Complete the last work on the Super Game Cartridge."
"Resume the last work on 2 planned SGC arcade ports."
For 2016 is the goal another 3 arcade games, which all will include the new Super Game Cartridge.
Very promising.

May 23, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Ray at AtariAge says he opened up the first group for pre-orders of the Coleco ADAM Power Supply, and he will then close this first group towards the end of May 2015.
Ray also says that he not will continue past 2015, so if you want a new Coleco ADAM Power Supply, get it while you can.
You can order here.

May 09, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Team Pixelboy has presented no other than 23 new ColecoVision games.
All those ColecoVision games will not be for sale at once, but will be splitted up in groups.
The first 20 ColecoVision games is already named, but for 3 ColecoVision games is it still a secret.
For more information visit the Team Pixelboy site here.

May 07, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Fact is, that the PMC and SIC no longer is the best selling Colecovision homebrew games.
This is by far surpassed by DKA, with an advance booking of no less than 1,000 people.
2016 will be the magic year for Opcode Games and DKA.
For SGM is 900 units pre-ordered.
When the year 2015 is over, will Opcode Games have sold 500 SGMs out of the 900.

May 06, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Phil Boland has made a giant poster with the lineup from the previously released presskit from the 80's.
The size is: 20" x 30" or around 51cm. x 76cm.
" Feel free to share any other ColecoVision prints you might want to see in this size. "
If you want a copy of such a poster, please contact Phil Boland here.

May 03, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Opcode Games have a mission:
"In 2016, Opcode Games will become a publisher exclusively for arcade ports."
They will within 3 years (2016/17/18) produce no less than 9 arcade titles for ColecoVision.

May 02, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
RT12 Production says that there will be an overlay for their upcoming ColecoVision game Horse Racing by Fidelity Electronics.
Horse racing was a ColecoVision waporware from the early 80's.
Horse Racing was tried to be programming before in 2011, but "else" stopped suddenly and no one has seen or heard from "else" for years.

May 02, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo says: "DKA will be in everybody's hands by July 2016."
If this promise can hold, it is one of the biggest ColecoVision news this year.
Many people have been waiting for this promise for years.

May 02, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Did you know that.
Claus Bækkel says: "Monkey Arcademy Prototype was first created to the MSX and then converted to ColecoVision."
"Its also interesting to notice that the Prototype of Monkey Arcademy looks like the MSX version."
The released version of Monkey Arcademy for ColecoVision, have a different screen-layout.

May 01, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Opcode Games' site is offline and it's not possible to enter at the moment.
Eduardo Mello says he have decided to take the opportunity to transfer his domain.
-Should be back online again in a few days.

April 27, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
John Lester aka gamester81 has decided to make another run of his game.
The game has actually no name, it was called: "Gamester 81, The Video Game" first time it was out there.
Now will the name be: "Game on Expo".
The game is about Jonh itself, first is it Donkey Kong, next Space Invaders, and finally ends he in the world of Pac-Man.
You can get the game "on the new retro gaming convention in Phoenix later this year (August 28th), called Game On Expo."

April 26, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
You can now pre-order the ColecoVision game Bagman by Jean-Michel GIRARD
There is 2 box styles: a CBS and a US. version.
Actually there was a 3rd box, but it was sold out in under an hour.
Pre-order your copy of Bagman via CollectorVision Games here.

April 25, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Payton Byrd aka plbyrd has on its own initiative started a new ColecoVision / ADADM discussion forum on Google Groups.
"For those of us who like to keep up with our hobbies."
Google Groups Link.

April 25, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo Mello at Opcode Games says he is busy with a lot of third party stuff for CollectorVision Games and Team Pixelboy.
"Once that is done, will Opcode Games concentrate on porting classic arcade games only."
"My plans are to have 7 new arcade ports and 2 rereleases in the next 3 years."

April 25, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Paul Nurminen aka nurmix has those cables you always have needed.
Y-cables and DB9 extensions.
The Y-cable "allows connection of standard ColecoVision system controller with an additional compatible joystick."
$10 each, and length is around 18 inches.
And the Standard DB9 controller extension cables costs $6.50 each or two for $12, and 6 foot length.
You can contact nurmix at this e-mail.

April 24, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Stephen Cameron at Cameron Graphics has updated new ColecoVision labels.
This time: Brain Stainers, Tutankham and Aquattack.
See them at: AtariAge Officially ColecoVision Labels Thread or here.

April 19, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Kiwi aka Chris Derrig has decided to release 2 adventure games for ColecoVision.
The first one is a graphical text adventure.
"It is a menu based adventure where you have to solve some puzzles."
The other one is a "Dragon Quest like game where you explore the world and encounter monsters."
Both games are free to download, and will not be released as a CIB version.

April 10, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
CollectorVision Games has a box and a manual ready for the ColecoVision game: Digger.
As ColecoVision.dk see it, is Digger complete in box.
Digger played like Mr. Do! with some differences.

April 07, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc at Team Pixelboy has just announced the ColecoVision games as he will launch during his Team Pixelboy label before this year is gone.
Following ColecoVision games listed is: Boxxle, Spelunker, Stone Of Wisdom, Space Shuttle, Jewel Panic, Ghostbusters, Knightmare, Frontline SCE and Super Pac-Man.
But there is also: C-So!, Caos Begins, Majikazo, Mecha-9, Operation Wolf, Secret Of The Moai, Mappy, Rally-X and Gauntlet
The first batch of games will take action in September 2015 with following ColecoVision games:
Boxxle, Jewel Panic, Spelunker, The Stone of Wisdom, Ghostbusters, Knightmare and Front Line SCE.
More information about pre-orders will happen in May/June, 2015.

April 01, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
CollectorVision Games will soon be ready to take preorders for following 3 ColecoVision games:
"Starship Defence Force", "Bagman" and "So, You Want to Be a Knight".
The games has been beta-tested.

March 27, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo is back in the US. from a trip to his fiance in Brazil.
Eduardo says he will resume shipping modules around April/May 2015.
First the most of the pre-orders for the non Scart version, and a few months later the Scart version.
Eduardo says also: "In fact we have many big plans, but for now we are concentrating on fixing the SGM 2nd run mess..."

March 21, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
A new ColecoVision game is under its way.
Nicam Shilova aka Nicolas Campion has programmed a game called: "So, you want to be a Knight ?"
The game was based on his earlier protyped game: "Knight Quest."
Nicolas says: "This a short game which contains only 6 trials."
"However, it's a difficult game, and you have only a chance to succeed."
The game will be for sale through CollectorVision Games later this year.

March 16, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ColecoVision.dk has decided to close down the sister site: CVForum.dk
The decision was made on the basis of too little attention and several thousand fake spam members every single year.
The closure occurs later than the summer of 2015.

March 08, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Eduardo Mello from Opcode Games has activated his "Projects links".
DK Jr., Pengo, New Rally X and Gradius are some of the games you can expect for your ColecoVision and Super Game Module in the near future.
Following links not active yet: Penguin Adventure, Ghostbusters and Knightmare II.

March 06, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Martijn from Revival Studios says Shifted for ColecoVision soon will be available.
A bet could probably be around May / June, 2015.

February 28, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc at Team Pixelboy says:
"Eduardo at Opcode Games will sell all old supplies of the Opcode games he released in the past.
He still has lots of unused boxes and manuals for certain games, and he just wants to get rid of the stuff.
This has nothing to do with any upcoming games

February 24, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Would you like to be interested in an Intellivision Expansion Module for your Colecovision or Adam Computer. ?
If so, participate in this poll and discuss this issue with others here.

February 21, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
rey_1178 a member from AtariAge.com is now ready with a new and final revision of his ADAM power supply.
Read more about this great product, a must for any ADAM owners: AtariAge.com

February 20, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo at OpCode Games has just announced following about the Super Game Module:
"7 SGMs will ship by March 5th. And after that will Eduardo take a trip to Brazil.
When Eduardo returns to USA., will other "remaining 17 modules will ship in two months." (April/May 2015).
He also says: he will use the current Revision E: "to speed up manufacturing."
And after that will: "PAL SCART be dealt." (June/July 2015).

February 18, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
imstarryeyed at AtariAge.com offers to gather a group where you meet other like-minded.
You can play games and share experiences with various console games.
"I own a classic video game store in Corpus Christi Texas, and I just opened our party room connected to the store for families who want a retro party."
"We got like 17 classic arcade machines and 2 Mario pinball machines."
"I just added a 3d high def projector and redid the flooring."
"If anyone is interested in joining (all games are on free play) and starting and running a group and make new friends I can offer my store and party room."

February 10, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
The Pat Rat Shack is selling small funny bags with the ColecoVision logo printed on them.
You can chose your own color for your Zipper.
"These bags are great for storing your ColecoVision instruction manuals, controller overlays, pencils, makeup, or more."
Order here.

February 10, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Eduardo Mello's website, OpCode Games is up and running again.

February 08, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Eduardo Mello at OpCode Games has apparently removed all the content on its website.
Whether it's just temporary, or phasing out his website is unknown.
But I can, however, charts a hope, Eduardo has still his Index page.

February 03, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ValkerieSilk, a member from AtariAge has taken over the ColecoVisionZone website from Junior.

February 03, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Harvey deKleine has now succesfully tested his new scaled back version of his new ColecoVision replacement PCB.
"Both Controllers are working, also tested the Driving Controller on both inputs with the Burn Rubber game".
"It's working nicely, with the F18A and with non-functional Expansion slot".
"After that, I'll see if I can get the issues with the Expansion module fixed".

January 31, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Eduardo Mello from OpCode Games is back, but not really back.
Eduardo has personal issues and has lived a secluded life on several occasions.
On several occasions, he "promised" to manufacture and sell Expansion Modules and so-called Super Games for ColecoVision, a timetable on several occasions exceeded.
Eduardo says now: "if I don't deliver the 2nd run of Super Game Modules by the end of July 2015, I will reimburse everyone who has already paid".
Eduardo says also: "Pre-orders are also closed, any payments will be promptly returned. So let me try to fix this mess".

January 28, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Alekmoul aka Jean-Michel GIRARD works hard on the game, Bagman for our ColecoVision.
He says: "Last feature added, you can drop bags on guards when you are on a ladder, like the arcade version does".

January 27, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Youki aka Jean-Philippe MEOLA has now presented a working ColecoVision version of a game called: Knight and More.
Knight and More is a sequel to the game: Ghost 'n Zombies.
Youki says: "It is not question of Ghost'n Zombies 2, it's just a rework of the first Ghost 'n Zombies with a different name".
"Something what should potentially may be hypothetically come in 2015".

January 26, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
CollectorVision Games got an awesome news from none other than Nintendo.
"In fact, CollectorVision Games is now officially a Nintendo Developer, which mean, we're going to release games for their systems".

January 12, 2015.
Source: AtariAge.com
Another ColecoVision prototyped Controller is found.
So officially are there now 2 different versions in the world.
Yurkie aka Todd Scheele is now the owner of this little piece of Gold.
This Controller stands out from other prototypes found, The back is completely blank, and there's no: Made In.
The push buttons are in this edition Black in stead of Gray, and is only half the size.
This prototype also has the Speed Roller.
Speed Roller is only available on ptototyped Hand Controllers, but they are not working.
See more here.

January 01, 2015.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ColecoVision.dk will continue to optimize the retro design of the site.