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December 24, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ColecoVision.dk says: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

December 23, 2019.
Source: AtariAge.com
You can begin to look forward to a new game for the new Phoenix Video Game System.
Super Gorf in retro style, but with a new 3D Space Ship.
This version will have 16 levels and the game will only work on the new Phoenix VGS.

December 20, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
You can now order the new CollectorVision Games membership for 2020.
The membership are ColecoVision related.
What is included in 2020 membership:
You will get a Personalized Membership Card.
Receive 1x complete in box ColecoVision Game Exclusive to the CollectorVision Games Club.
Get access to CollectorVision Games' new ROM vault that include all previously ROM files plus 17 newer added.
A Compact Disc of the Soundtrack from Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death.
The possibility to buy some older games that are out of stock.
$10 off coupon for your next 2020 purchase.
Last but not least, a chance to win a Phoenix VGS console.
Get your order here.

December 17, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
The 2 ColecoVision games L'abbaye Des Morts and Circus are both updated to ColecoVision.dk with new screenshots.

December 15, 2019.
Source: AtariAge.com
LucMiron at Team Pixelboy has once again chosen to postpone the launch a handfull of games for our ColecoVision / Phoenix VGS.
"Nothing will actually be ready in time for Christmas Day, I've been running into certain problems lately, and I haven't found much time."
So spring 2020 will be a good bet.

December 15, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
There will be a major update to the ColecoVision.dk site in 2020.
ColecoVision.dk will change resolution from 1440x900 to 1920x1080 16:9 FHD.
This will affect the way to watch the site.

December 11, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
CollectorVision Games can now presents a new ColecoVision game from Jean-Michel Girard.
The game is: L'Abbaye Des Morts and can be ordered here. Game details here.

November 21, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Eduardo at Opcode Games has started a fundraising for his new Nintedo like Controller designed by Ted Mayer.
The way you can support the project is about to buy an empty DKA box and an empty SGM Pro box.
Contact Eduardo here.

November 15, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
There are 2 new games from Eduardo Mello at Opcode Games.
An MSX version of Front Line and a version MSX version of Elevator Action.
Both converted games is for ColecoVision and requires either the Super Game Module or the Phoenix VGS to play.
Contact Opcode Game here.

October 09, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
There is now a new FAQ for the Phoenix Video Game System.
The FAQ is made by ColecoVision.dk and the source is from CollectorVision Games and AtariAge users.
Find it here.

September 08, 2019.
Source: AtariAge.com
A new game is on the way, namely: Exidy's Circus from 1977.
ColecoVision.dk looking forward to this game.
Maybe a release in spring 2020.

September 01, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Monster Bash will get released in 2020 exclusively for the Phoenix Console.
You'll need the Phoenix Video Game System to be able to play it.

August 16, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
There is an update for Phoenix Video Game System.
The update is a temporary version for the ColecoVision core.
Get Core01.phx on Phoenix compatible games section.

August 12, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
The release of the Phoenix Video Game System has just started.
Only the first batch, which means all from Early Access will be shipped first.
Non access buyers could be October 2019, which also will be the updated core version.

July 13, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
The Phoenix Video Game Section is updated with new screenshots.

July 04, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
The Phoenix Video Game System will soon be released.
"The official CollectorVision Phoenix Launch is going to happen this August 2019."
And new orders can be accepted.

June 13, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
The ColecoVision game Mindwalls, is now updated with the last 4 screenshots.

April 13, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
Phoenix Video Game System has now its own little section on ColecoVision.dk
Find it here.

April03, 2019.
Source: AtariAge.com
Vanguard for our ColecoVision is now a reality Chris Derrig is the programmer for this ColecoVision game.
"We're finally bringing Vanguard to the ColecoVision".
Pre-order now before it's too late.

February 09, 2019.
Source: AtariAge.com
All ColecoVision games from Opcode Games is now removed from AtariAge Store.

January 30, 2019.
Source: AtariAge.com
CollectorVision states the they will release the Canadian ColecoVision game: Energy Quiz by: Sydney Development Corporation.
Release, maybe sometime mid 2020.

January 18, 2019.
Source: AtariAge.com
Centuri's Challenger is not a vaporware anymore.
Chris Derrig has programmed a very good port for our ColecoVision.
Challenger will be released before Christmas 2019.

January 01, 2019.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
In retro-respect will ColecoVision.dk wish you all a Happy New Year.