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January 01, 2020.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ColecoVision.dk is happy to be able to contribute pretty much all screenshots to CollectorVision Games's new batch of ColecoVision games.

January 01, 2020.
Source: AtariAge.com
Luc Miron at Team Pixelboy have good news:
A new game called Arabian, a 1983 game from Atari will be programmed for ColecoVision and Luc at Team Pixelboy decided to use the American Coleco arcade cabinet box style for this release.
Also the eight SG-1000 ports: GP World, Mikie, N-Sub, Sega Flipper, Sindbad Mystery, Star Jacker, Zaxxon II and Zoom 909 will all be released later this year.
If you will secure some of these games above, please contact Team Pixelboy.
The new games will probably be released in the fall of 2020.

January 01, 2020.
Source: ColecoVision.dk
ColecoVision.dk wish you all a Happy New Year.
Now in a new 1080 x 1920 format.
This new look will probably ends at 2021.